McCain and Israel

He is the real thing.

Gary Fitleberg

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Why should strongly traditional Democratic Jews change and vote for the Republican John McCain? Because he is the best candidate, with a pro-Israel bias and a proven track record, with military experience and knowledge. In other words, he is the real thing. Not a bunch of buzz words like "change" and "hope". McCain has a solid
Even Barack Hussein Obama is beginning to realize the importance of the Jewish vote.
foundation and groundwork to build upon. He is the genuine real deal. Not a bunch of rhetoric, but solid substance.

According to the Jewish liberal newspaper (“progressive”) The Forward, there are nearly one million Jewish swing voters. These are primarily in six competitive states. As the 2008 election is well under way, so is the campaign for the Jewish vote.

Like it or not, even Barack Hussein Obama is beginning to realize the importance of the Jewish vote. He addressed AIPAC despite his proven track record and affiliations with a great number of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish individuals and their influence upon him financially, historically, politically, socially and spiritually.

Throughout his 25 years as a US Congressman and Senator, John McCain has clearly demonstrated a breadth and depth of support on critical issues; not only with his words, but with his actions. He is no newcomer to these issues, nor even to the Jewish state. Sen. McCain has visited Israel many times, dating back to his days as a Naval officer and as recently as March 2008.

Sen. McCain has consistently and publicly advocated for critical and necessary legislation, even when it was less popular.

Early in his political career, during 1985, Sen. McCain sponsored legislation urging Egypt to honor the Camp David Accords - Egypt’s historic peace agreement with Israel, in which Israel gave up land equivalent geographically to three times the total land mass of Israel in exchange for peace.

During 1987, he supported Senate Resolution 205, signed into law by President Reagan, which called for the overturn of the United Nation’s infamous proclamation equating “Zionism with Racism” sponsored by the Arab League of Nations.

During 1991, when Israel showed considerable restraint by not retaliating against Saddam Hussein as SCUD missiles rained down upon civilians under siege, Sen. McCain supported the resolution recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself and America’s promise to help Israel maintain its safety, security and freedom.

Sen. McCain also stood up to leaders and political pressure within his own political party to tie together loans and funding to Israel .

During 2000, Sen. McCain strongly advocated the renewal of the Iran-Syria Sanctions Act.

Sen. McCain enjoys an excellent relationship with many Israeli elected leaders and officials, including but not limited to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister (and former Prime Minister) Ehud Barak.

Sen. McCain understands and can discuss fluently the history of Israel ’s wars, the geography of the borders, and the moral values at the very core of the strategic alliance between the US and Israel.

But it is perhaps Sen. McCain’s grasp and great understanding of the serious threat of the spread of radical Islam that has made him such a staunch supporter and ally of Israel.

Sen. McCain clearly stands apart from his opponent Barack Hussein Obama. His clarity is evident in both actions and words. Responding to the rants and raves of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, McCain made his position clear: “I intend to make unmistakably clear to Iran, we will not permit a government that espouses the
Sen. McCain has visited Israel many times.
destruction of the State of Israel as its fondest wish and pledges undying enmity to the United States to possess the weapons to advance their malevolent ambitions.”

According to the former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT), “John McCain has proven that we can trust him to do what is right for the country, not only when it is easy, but when it is hard; to do what is necessary, not only when it is popular, but when it is not; and to tell us the truth, not only when it is easy to hear, but when it is not.... He will push all of us to work together to solve our biggest problems, and defeat our most dangerous enemies.”

Time and time again, McCain proves both with actions and words his strong support for Israel. And not just when it is convenient and politically correct to do so.

One can clearly see McCain’s proven track record shows he is the best candidate for America ’s Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States. McCain is the real deal for leadership in turbulent times. A true blue friend and staunch supporter of the American Jewish community and Israel.