Remember When 'Leadership' Meant Something?

Where are the protests, the massive marches?

Arlene Peck

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I've been told that when you get older, you begin to reminisce. That's what's happening to me. I look back and remember when there were real leaders in the USA and especially in Israel. Silly me, that was in the days when columnists were able to write using words that were longer than two or three syllables and knew that their readers were actually able to understand them. Now, we see mindless talking heads in the media and political pundits who look like fashion models deliver one sound bite after another.
We see mindless talking heads in the media.

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend of mine, a marvelous author and journalist, Jack Engelhard. Neither one of us has been in the mood lately to write the political columns we once happily pounded out on a weekly basis.

Sadly, Jack reminded me during a recent phone call about a conversation we had five or six years ago. With a heavy sigh, he said, "Remember when we thought people actually cared about what we wrote and that our writings could change the world?"

While I nodded my head, he continued, "But, here it is, all these years later, and Olmert is still here, Bush is still here."

Shortly after that, we ended our conversation. What else was there to say? Israel has a man in power with, what, a two, three percent approval rating? Yet, where is the protest? Where are the massive marches?

In the old days, I felt confident that out of 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, there were "moderate" ones who would march and say that the barbaric behavior that their co-religionists have shown us was not the way that they "really" felt? Except the Muslims do feel that way. Surely, there would be some who would want to take to the streets and carry placards saying, "Beheading is a savage act"; "We, as a culture don't agree with the barbaric conduct being shown to the world"; "Terrorist bombings against the innocent are not the way to go!" Forget the Million Man March. How about the fifty men? Women? A parade?

Doesn't matter. Now, I feel the same about the conduct that I see coming out of Israel. Nobody complains. Wait! I take that back! I was astounded to open up my Los Angeles Times last year and see the multitude in Israel who took to the streets to complain about a "gay parade." Maybe if people began to spread the rumor that Ehud Olmert was gay, then the Israeli population would rise en masse and demonstrate. He, and a few others who have taken the Jewish State down the road not to peace, but to hell, ought to be punished for treason.

Are they blind or is it easier to see from across the world that Israel is rendering herself superfluous? Is that what happens when you allow yourself to be led by unethical, ignorant, imbecilic, power-hungry egomaniacs, and don't care enough to take back your own country?

Worse, they have a situation that prevents them from doing so by laws of their own making. Israel is a democracy. Great, but what does it matter when they keep electing the same ten "leaders" over and over for decades. I think the election of Shimon Peres to the presidency was the last straw for me.
They keep electing the same ten "leaders" over and over for decades.

No. Actually, I think it was the total lack of interest and cooperation that I experienced from the Israel consulate stateside. Several months ago, in a moment of madness, I had a brain storm. I was tired of responding on radio shows when asked, "Who in Hollywood is supporting Israel?" and all I could say was, "Nobody." Since I have a well-known television celebrity talk show, I decided to gather others and start an organization called "Hollywood Stars Against Global Terrorism" and have them sign a petition supporting Israel.

I had a party to which I invited several industry people and celebrities. Everyone that I invited to my home came, except anyone from the Israeli consulate. Nobody attached to the consulate could find the time or exert the effort to come.

Worse, I had heard about a petition that was signed showing support for Israel when the war in Lebanon broke out. That could be a great nucleus. So, I called the consulate's office - once, twice, three times. Nothing. Finally, six months later, I received an envelope in the mail that contained the names. However, it was too little, too late.

Sadly, I, figured that if the people here who represent Israel were too busy or not interested in such an organization, then why bother?

Here? We complain, but that is also about it.

My neighborhood in Marina Del Rey has always been a lovely beach city, classy, upscale. Aw, but that was before Mr. George Bush and his "open door" and "guest worker" policies for those from across the border. Now, I feel as though I'm living in a Third World nation. Lately, when I open my door I find beer cans. My view, along with the ocean, is now filled with vagrants accosting those passing by.

So, in desperation, a few of us in the neighborhood began a recall petition against the councilmen who have brought this blight to our neighborhood in their push to make a residential neighborhood recreational. Within a couple of days, a thousand people signed the petition - over fifty wanted to come to a meeting to "do something." I went to the store and bought food for fifty and waited... and waited... and waited.... Six neighborhood residents showed up.

The rest - too busy. They wanted to, but, "Hey, just no time," etc. You get the idea. And folks, so did I. I gave up. I will no longer be a neighborhood activist. At this point in time, I just want to rent my condo to a Hare Krishna group or a very large Indian family that makes a lot of curry and let them have my once-beautiful neighborhood.

My neighborhood has let incompetent or corrupt councilmen and women take control. My country has done the same. Hopefully, by the time the upcoming elections roll around someone will take the helm and try to correct the quagmire we are now in.
My global neighborhood is at risk.

However, on a much more serious scale, what I once felt was my indestructible "neighborhood" of Israel is sliding into the same apathetic pit of "let somebody else worry about it."
Actually, I'm not just talking about locally, my neighborhood, my country and Israel. My global neighborhood is at risk and in a war with an Islamic culture that is hell-bent on destroying anyone who is not "them." This is a culture of death and destruction determined to rule the world. And we are all sitting on our hands watching the onslaught of darkness.

By the time the darkness overtakes us, it will be too late to protest.