Reflections on the Homosexual Parade

An outcry from the soul of the holy city itself.

Tzvi Fishman

Judaism לבן ריק
לבן ריק
The city of Jerusalem is up in arms over the homosexual parade scheduled to take place this week. This righteous uproar comes not only from the city's religious community, but it is an outcry from the soul of the holy city itself against the blasphemous parade that threatens to desecrate her holy streets.

In a previous article, I expressed my opinion that while homosexual parades in the Holy Land are abominations that should be outlawed, they should be seen as one more
What distinguishes sexual sin from other transgressions?
outbreak of the plague of immorality that Western "culture" has brought to our shores. We are made painfully aware of the problem when the homosexuals insist on publicly flaunting their sexual deviation through the streets of the holy city, but, in truth, the epidemic goes on all year 'round in its variant strains without drawing any media attention. I am talking about the brazen, immodest dress of Jewish women on the streets, the promiscuous singles nightlife of our cities, the smut of cable television in hundreds of thousands of homes, and the scourge of Internet pornography that is poisoning the minds, hearts, and souls of our nation's youth (and a great number of their parents) in such enormous proportions that absolutely no one knows what to do in order to vanquish the plague.

You can say that the problem in Israel is no worse than anywhere else, and this may be true, but this is the land of the Bible, and G-d expects more of the Jewish People than he does of other nations, especially in the Holy Land. The Zohar teaches that there is no behavior that angers the Holy One Blessed Be He as much as transgressing the sexual covenant (Vayikra 26:25). Throughout our history, our prophets and sages have warned us concerning the perils that immorality brings to the nation. This was the strategy employed by the wicked Bilaam to strike at the Jewish People when he sent the daughters of Midian to seduce the Israelites, saying, "The G-d of these people hates licentiousness." While only Zimri committed a public sin, 24,000 Jews died in the Divine plague that followed, merely for having taken Gentile women into their homes, ready to follow after their leader's example if he escaped from his debauchery without punishment.

For some time now, Kabbalists in the Holy Land have been telling students that the terrorist attacks on our streets, the Kassam rockets in the south, and the Katyushas in the north, have all come upon us because of the unholy breach of modesty in our Land. In a similar light, the Midrash teaches, "Wherever there is immorality, indiscriminate destruction comes into the world and kills the good with the wicked." (Bereshit Rabbah 26) Like a prophet of old, the elder Kabbalist Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi has been warning people, whenever and wherever he speaks, that the Holy One Blessed Be He is slow to anger about everything except for immorality.

What distinguishes sexual sin from other transgressions? It is because the manifestation of G-d is most directly revealed in the creation of life. In the act of procreation, man becomes G-d's partner. Thus, the marital union must be invested with supreme holiness and reverence. The forces involved contain the esoteric secrets of the universe. The Kabbalah teaches that semen, the holy life force of creation, contains all the letters of the Torah. This is why wasting it in any unsanctified manner is such a severe transgression. Therefore, the Almighty has bound us with a Covenant of sexual purity that obligates us to act with modesty and holy restraint, according to the guidelines of the Torah.

When the powerful forces connected with sexuality are separated from their true purpose of procreation and marital bliss, they can push people to terrible forms of degradation like homosexuality and sex out of wedlock. Engaging in sex purely for the purpose of personal pleasure shows a callous disregard for the preciousness of life, and for the holiness of
Sex purely for the purpose of personal pleasure shows a callous disregard for the preciousness of life.
the living souls that are wasted in the process. Homosexuality, in its essence, is anti-Creation, in defiance of G-d's plan for the world. Can offspring come from such perverted unions? What is the difference between their behavior and the behavior of mules? This is why homosexuality is an abomination hated by G-d. The same is true of sex out of wedlock, no matter how in vogue it may be in the West. This is what King David was saying, when he taught (Tehillim 32:9), "Don't be like the horse, nor the mule," the most lustful of animals, "that have no understanding" and behave in their couplings like beasts with no thought for the generation to come (Zohar, Vayikra 80A). And the solitary viewing of porn on the Internet, and the wasteful spilling of seed that results from it, has no connection with procreation at all.

Yes, it is fitting and proper that Jerusalem is up in arms against the desecration of her streets. But this protest is not enough. We must wake up to the danger not only of homosexual parades, but of the daily and equally pernicious outbreaks of immorality that have seemingly become an accepted part of our lives. For the Holy People in the Holy Land, this is an act of moral surrender that must be reversed.