I Am Not a Liberal, But...

I have no patience for George Bush.

Arlene Peck

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I've been told I have a lot of good qualities. However, patience and humility aren't two of them. Lately, I've been working on humility. I don't think, though, that I'm doing too well on patience when it comes to George Bush and our lack of leadership.

Recently, I returned from Dallas, Texas, where I had been invited as a 'celebrity judge' in a city-wide kosher cook-off. I found the people to be hospitable and downright charming. Their lack of comprehension, when it came to their homegrown United States president
In Iraq, democracy means, "This week there will be no beheading."
and his leadership skills, was alarming. Those people have no idea that George Bush, in my humble (see, working on it!) opinion, is an idiot. And he will probably go down in history in a tie with Jimmy Carter as the worst president our country has ever had.

I know, I know, it's not nice to wake up with the feeling that "when in doubt, bash Bush." Hey, I even voted for the man, because John Kerry's wife and her Palestinian charities and donations to the enemy scared the beejeeses out of me. But George W. makes it so easy. It has been almost a decade of blunder after blunder. Or was that scandal after incompetence? The latest, the Attorney General scandal, will, I believe, become his Watergate. That said, maybe if he started appointing capable individuals to positions of leadership, instead of friends or cronies, something better could be accomplished.

What is so frightening to me is that I feel smarter than what presents as the leadership in this country. This is something that I never wanted or expected. I know that we are in a war, a long war of terrorism. That is a given. Yet, the botched occupation of Iraq has been a blunder from the fall of good old Saddam Hussein. Enough! Bush should either go in and destroy these terrorists, hard and fast, or get the hell out. And, folks, let me mention that I was, not so long ago, a Republican. I am by no means a "liberal," yet my vote next time may well go to the Democratic camp.

That is, unless Rudy Giuliani gets the Republican nomination. I know that the enemy is not only in Iraq, but world-wide. We are in a cultural war with a barbaric enemy who is totally focused on killing us. I believe that we, as a nation, have become so 'dumbed down' by our education system that it may be too late to grasp the dangers facing us.

This failure to understand may very well pull Israel down along with our misguided plans for "world peace." Unfortunately, our intellectually challenged President still refers to Islam as a "religion of peace," despite all evidence to the contrary. The Muslims cannot be hugged. This is a culture that only recognizes the concept of power. They revere death? Let’s give it to them, if that’s what they want. (We can even promise them a seventy-two-year-old virgin.)

Somehow, though, since I live in "La-La Land," I have been labeled a "liberal" because I feel that Bush has gotten us in the Brier Patch of Uncle Remus. We are smack-dab in the middle of a civil war in Iraq, a country that couldn't care less about democracy. To its illiterate and barbaric crowd, democracy means, "This week there will be no beheading." They seem to have no intention of defending themselves and standing up for their own country. At least, not while they have our taxpayers footing the bill. I never bargained for an open-ended civil war; instead, Iraq's own people should be defending their country. Yet, their myopic vision of their own particular Islamic sect is a lot stronger than any desire they would ever have for democracy. Now it is the Iraqis vs. Iraqis - and we don’t belong in the middle.

But I live in Southern California, and the enemy is pouring through our open borders hourly, our jails and social services are filled to the max. We are turning into a third-world country and, at the moment, I'm extremely interested in protecting our citizens from outside invaders who are being allowed to enter the US at an astounding rate.

I know that we have an enemy who must be destroyed. I just happen to think that our misplaced "leadership" has not only put our economy, environment, social services and laws, justice system, social security, etc., in jeopardy, but also our armed forces. If we had to go into someplace, it should have been Syria and Iran, after they were named two of the three members of the Axis of Evil, and actually bragged about their WMDs.

More than most, I believe that we are facing an enemy that is hell-bent on destroying us. Theirs is a culture stuck in the 8th century. They are primitive, cunning and evil to the core. And the enemy may very well hurt us again unless we do some hurting of our own - and real fast.

They have all the patience in the world. That's also why I think that the way we have been fighting them has been wrong. Our soldiers are trained as fighting men and women; then,
The enemy may very well hurt us again unless we do some hurting of our own.
they are sent to the other side of the world and most of the time they never even see the enemy. Rather, they are facing shadowy terrorists who come of their holes like roaches and detonate their bombs and IEDs. They don't know how to read and write, but they are experts at making bombs. (That's what their universities teach: Bomb Making 101.)

We're in a war alright, but it's a different kind of war, one that we've never faced before; and the enemy isn't only in Iraq, but all over the Muslim world and in our own backyards, as well.

I can't believe how complacent we are, sitting back and watching our laws and traditions being used against us by the likes of CAIR, with ACLU encouragement and our own inertia. I remember a few years ago, when I snuck into a local mosque and heard leading members speak about how the next plan was to "encourage" their children to enter three fields of academic study: education, politics and media. And now, we have the likes of Barak Obama running for President. His early background in a Wahabee Islamic school doesn't seem to be fazing anyone.

The liberal Hollywood Jews, such as Spielberg and Geffen, are throwing fundraisers for Obama. And I'm noticing our evening news stories and articles in our local papers being reported by Muslims with an agenda.

Interestingly enough, I recently hired a young computer guy to help me straighten up a mess I had made. Nice kid and American-born. However, he is an Arab and, during our time together, he told me that he was against the Israeli "occupation." As it turned out, his father has been a professor at Columbia for the past twenty-five years and Arab-Israel studies was his topic of expertise. Now, this son wants to finish at the university and become a high-school teacher; obviously to further his early family indoctrination in our American schools. This is the enemy we are facing.

And it's frightening.