If You're Smart, You'll Thank Me

Now the entire free world is endangered by the wishful thinking that created the Oslo process and all of the worthless agreements signed since.

Arlene Peck

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It's taken a few years, countless deaths and immeasurable suffering, but mainstream America finally seems to have arrived at the logical conclusions necessary for survival.

One of the "barometers" of society, the popular media, which is accustomed to speaking in sound bites, is beginning to sound like "times, they are a-changing." Even the media pundits are choking on their own reports. It is disgusting the appeasement and politically correct garbage concerning the "religion of peace" they previously had us swallow. I'm delighted to see that the mainstream talk shows and other popular media, with Dr. Michael Savage leading the pack, are now shouting that we are in a war with Muslim culture. Callers to his show are mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore.

Our leadership, or lack thereof, is still talking about "bringing democracy" to such wonderful tourist spots of the world as Gaza and Iraq. When are they going to learn? Both Gaza and Iraq are populated by people mired in the 8th century civil, social and religious codes of a theocracy based on the Koran.

Given the way the primitive, Islamic savages interpreted Ehud Barak's retreat from Lebanon, bowing to their next demands will only encourage them further. They will simply view Israel as retreating once again. They will see this as an endorsement of terrorism; a way to get thing done. That the end truly does justify the means.

Unfortunately, few remember that over 60% of the population of Jordan identify themselves as Palestinian. In fact, Jordan was an arbitrary creation of the British government carved out of territory (in the 1920s) which had been set aside by the League of Nations and designated as a homeland for the Jews. Many of the so-called Arab refugees, and many Arabs living in Israel, arrived after the creation of Jordan. Logically, since 60% of Jordanians identify themselves as Palestinians, why should Israel have to cede territory to create another Palestinian state?

Speaking of relocation, what about all the Jews who were forced to emigrate from eastern Europe, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and every other Arab nation after the creation of Israel? Can they now go back and pick up where they left off?

Already, Iraq and Gaza have exploded into more violence and are even now gazing inward and engaging in their very own "ethnic cleansing". While I have difficulty seeing this as a bad thing, I am brought back to earth with the terrible knowledge of how many Israelis will die because of it.

Let me restate, in case you haven't read some of my previous columns: This is a culture that is incapable of embracing democracy, because the majority of the people have no clue what that word means. And then there are those who just don't want it. Any agreement that is forced upon them, such as free elections, will only serve as a means to vote the really bad guys into power. I have said ad nauseam that we face a culture that reveres death. Well, damn it, let's give it to them. Because, folks, like a cancer, this is something that cannot be loved or hugged out. This culture of Islamic fundamentalism that is on the march - and likely from a mosque near you - only understands power. They are raised to be submissive. Power represents what is acceptable.

I watch them on television. Hundreds of thousands in the Muslim world, marching and beating themselves with chains and cutting themselves with knives and swords in self-flagellation. To my way of thinking, this doesn't show their "culture" in the best of light to begin with. But these wonderful displays are just the warm up routines before they cut loose and do what they do best - Kill! Bomb! Who can seriously doubt that such mobs, whipped into a frenzy as shown on TV, will not murder and behead everyone in their path? In an evil culture, violence is, unfortunately, all they understand. There are fanatical murderers who want to kill us, and for no other reason than that we will not bow to their religious ideology.

This must not be allowed. It's no longer just Israel we are speaking about. It's the European Union, the United States and many other places that have come to see this unparalleled fanaticism. Even Russia is beginning to worry. They are burning down churches and temples around the world, at every opportunity.

How many more scenes of carnage must we witness? How long must we count the cost of their bombs in restaurants and shopping malls before we slam on the brakes and destroy them and their culture? Look at how they are now bombing their own mosques in order to make their message known. The next time - and unfortunately, there is always a next time with these Islamic murderers - they attack our country we must show them the only "democracy" they understand - that which comes from our collective military might and their total defeat.

Bombs in Israel's restaurants, schools and bus stops? Instead of George Bush and company or the European Union demanding that Israel release Arab prisoners as a show of good faith, a few well-placed bombs dropped on the heads of the imams who lead them might get their attention. We must do whatever it takes to win and not to appease. That might mean targeted assassinations of their religious leaders, fanatics, preaching violence at every opportunity.

It's appalling that a global terrorists group like Hamas is elected into power with the blessing of former President Jimmy Carter. It is even worse to watch the Russian government invite these terrorists to tea, as a way of rewarding and recognizing them, encouraging them in the guise of "democracy". But what we are seeing is not democracy, it is craziness. The basic philosophy of their democracy is "one man, one vote, one time."

Hamas and their blood brothers don't pretend that they have any plans to renounce violence, or even recognize Israel. Why should they moderate their positions? They are getting financial aid and recognition without making any concessions to Russia or anyone else. It's probably time for the Saudis to give another fund-raiser telethon to come up with more millions to turn over to the families of the suicide/homicide bombers. Remember that, folks? Or maybe not. We have short memories. If we had longer memories, this whole "Port-gate" situation wouldn't even have become an issue.

All the peace talks and land giveaways that Israel has been forced into have done nothing to advance peace. The enemy laughs at the naivete of the West and our way of thinking. To this group, agreements are only meant to be broken - after they've garnered enough strength to achieve their goals.

Israel has been forced into far too many insane accords and agreements. None of this has worked. Not once, not ever. Now the entire free world is endangered by the wishful thinking that created the Oslo process and all of the worthless agreements signed since. The terrorists never changed their stripes; they never lived up to any of the agreements they signed (although, they kept promising to do so). Now, the current PA leaders make no secret of their intent: destroy Israel and subjugate the entire world.

Hello, world. Wake up, America, before it's too late. Because, truth be told, we haven't ever had a war like this since maybe the Crusades. Listen. They are telling us what they want to do to us. Let's shut our borders and open our mouths - real wide.