Yelling at the Television

I yelled, "They support terrorism. Always have! Always will, Mr. President! Wake up." He didn't listen.

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I admit that I talk back to the television newscasters. Sometimes I will even rise from my chair, or leave the counter where I am chopping vegetables, to stand in front of the television screen and argue, correct and cajole. I have found that talking back and yelling at my television has precisely the same effect upon the news broadcast as sending letters, complaints, providing information or even talking directly to them.

No matter how much I care about it, the news remains the same and the newscasters steadfastly refuse to see what I can see so clearly. So, no matter how crazy I might look to my children and the cats, I continue to talk back to my television. At least it makes me feel better.

The other day, I was back at it. This time correcting all of the broadcasts that came out about the Palestinian election of Hamas. Across the board, the news media seemed genuinely surprised that the Palestinians had elected Hamas, even though it had been predicted for months. The most common thing I heard them say was, "How could the Palestinians elect a terrorist organization to run the country?"

My answer, yelled back in earnest, was: "They had a terrorist organization running the country for the past 20 years! Where have you been?"

I found myself yelling at President George Bush too. In his latest news conference, he seemed to suggest that the Palestinians had elected Hamas because they were "frustrated with the corruption" in the Fatah party. He didn't want to hold the people responsible for who they are and for what they stand (i.e., the violent destruction of Israel and all Jews). He seemed to suggest the Palestinian voters are ignorant saps who just wanted a nice group of young men to clean up the corruption of the Abbas government.

I yelled, "They support terrorism. Always have! Always will, Mr. President! Wake up."

He didn't listen.

Perhaps the Palestinian people yell at their televisions, too. Perhaps they also stand up and scream, "You ignorant Western journalists! We can't get this through to you! We hate Jews. We hate Israel! We hate you!"

They car bomb, and blow themselves up, and shoot people, and riot, and write nasty things on walls, but no one will listen to them, either. The news media refuses to see what is right in front of them and continues to report that the Palestinians are a "peace-loving" people, a "partner for peace."

So, as a last resort, they elected a second terrorist regime, even more brutal than Fatah, to make the point that they really, really, really mean it when they say that they want to destroy Israel, kill the Jews and wage war. But again, the news media, President Bush, and just about every Western apologist in the world are dead set on ignoring what the Arabs are saying, and substituting their own fantasy of "peace in the Middle East" instead.

So, we are back to President Bush telling us that the Quartet will meet to get the "Road Map" back in place as soon as possible. He refuses to believe that Hamas will hold to its charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel. Instead, he wishes to believe they will change in order to get money and support from the United States, and he seems to think that everything will be just fine.

I believe President Bush is right in that Hamas will change its charter - publicly, at least. This is for the sake of a hudna, a fake peace. It is a way to gain support, money and time, in order to build strength against an enemy. Just like Fatah before them, Hamas will eventually go on record as a "partner for peace" (in English) while funding terror and working to destroy Israel (in Arabic).

Soon, Hamas will gain the same acceptance afforded Fatah, will become "legitimate" in the eyes of the world, and will continue to be as dangerous and destructive to Israel as it ever was. Already, we have seen that the European Union is willing to put aside their hard-line attitude toward Hamas, and Bush has shown a similar lack of gumption in his last speech.

Meanwhile, Jews who believe this fantasy given to them by the world press, the president and Hamas will gleefully give away Israel's religious, cultural and physical being for the promised "peace" to come. We have already destroyed much of our strategic advantage by giving up Gaza - losing important seaports, control of borders, and an important buffer zone between our major cities and the terrorists. (Can you imagine how much better their aim will be when Kassams are launched in eastern Jerusalem?)

It feels like there is nothing I can do to save Judea, Samaria and half of Jerusalem - let alone Hevron - as the Israeli government, like a sheep to slaughter, follows the US and European lead down the road to "peace."

I just hope that everyone listens closely to all those Palestinians yelling at their televisions: "Peace will be achieved when the Jews are gone, and Israel is wiped from the map!" I know you didn't hear it from the coverage of the last Palestinian Authority election - even though that is what they were saying.