It is Never Going to Be Enough!

The bottom line is that all the press statements from Arab leaders and much of the world press are constantly declaring, ?This is not Enough? and it is only the beginning. It's never going to be enough, until they have the entire country of Israel under Muslim control.

Arlene Peck

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Living here in Los Angeles, in the very heart of the entertainment industry and having a celebrity television talk show, I have become used to the excessive behaviour that passes for normal! I know women who are plastic surgery freaks. They seem to be always going back to a better surgeon for yet another nip and tuck.

The same priorities consume the crowd at the gym. They pump iron for hours, live on lettuce and are always striving to lose that delusional last five pounds!

That, folks, is exactly the attitude of the Arab world when it comes to any and all concessions by Israel. It never will be enough! The Arab world has a plan for Israel and the rest of the world, and all the ?nips and tucks? the so-called Palestinian state receives by way of concessions cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Their plan, of course, is Israel's destruction, world domination and submission of any and all religions to theirs!

Editorials in the rabidly anti-Semitic Los Angeles Times already state, ?Israel Leaves but Gaza is Hardly Free!" and articles decry, ? isolated they [Arabs] are in Gaza now, from the outside world, (not to mention the West Bank and Jerusalem) and as subject to Israeli domination as before?. Other propaganda promotes the dreaded concept of collective punishment: ?Nearly half of all Palestinians live below the poverty line of $2 a day. The World Bank?s assessment of the cause of this dramatic deterioration in Palestinian living standards is unequivocal.?

Following the Times' impeccable logic, the fault lies with Israel, the eternal suspect that has caused suffering to the Palestinians by limiting the work force entering Israel to keep out terrorists who sabotage everything in sight and blow up themselves and countless civilians to pieces.

According to the Times, ?The Precipitator of this economic crisis has been ?closure?, a multifaceted system of restrictions on the movement of the Palestinian people and goods, which the government of Israel argues is essential to protect Israelis in Israel and the settlements.?

Well, yeah, it does tend to keep down the savage barbaric actions of their Arab neighbors who are giving that same 7th century lifestyle to the rest of the world, which, incidentally, doesn't seem to like it on their home grounds but found it OK on Jewish soil.

Could I just ask, where does it say that Israel is legally obligated to conduct business with a known enemy? Jews aren't even allowed in most Arab countries, yet the United Nations meets regularly to censure Israel for "collective punishment" for not hiring these terrorists and bringing them into Israel. What in the world is this about creating employment opportunities for people who want you dead and are at war with you?

Could it be that the Jewish state really doesn?t have responsibility for seeing that Arab living standards are raised and maintained? Maybe someone should have a serious talk with Yasser Arafat's wife Suha, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies and convince them to open up the secret Swiss vaults, take out some of the 8-11 BILLION dollars still hidden from the US, EU and United Nations "donors" and do something constructive towards aiding the plight of their own people. These donations have come from everyone except from Suha's purse and the Palestinians' own wealthy Arab brothers, who have decried the deplorable refugee camps they placed them in but continue to do nothing about them except urge more killing.

The Arabs show none of the same compassion they force on the rest of the world. Recall last year's tsunami? Who gave the least? The Muslims nations, particularly the Arab ones! Who needed money the most? Other Muslims! Who gave first? Israel.

Palestine does not need any more rocket manufacturing plants. It needs sewage and water treatment plants. They don't need any more schools but just need to clean up the ones they have. They need hospitals to improve the lives of their people rather than have the Israelis fix up the broken bodies.

The L.A Times further states, ?The Separation Barrier prevents the free flow of Palestinian economic transactions; they raise the cost of doing business and disrupt the predictability needed for orderly economic life.?

Well, gol-ley, do you think that somewhere we just might want to mention that this "separation fence" also keeps the residents of Israel (both Jewish and Arab) a lot safer than before?

The bottom line is that all the press statements from Arab leaders and much of the world press are constantly declaring, ?This is not Enough? and it is only the beginning. Dr. Condoleezza Rice says how nice the Israeli gesture was, but it is just not enough. Well, yeah, it's never going to be enough, until they have the entire country of Israel under Muslim control and things are back the way they were when Jerusalem was under Arab control way back when. They liked it when they were able to use the marble headstones from Jewish cemeteries to pave their roads and line the toilets of their new hotels, as the Intercontinental Hotel once did.

The people who consider this acceptable behaviour have the weight of the world?s press behind them, screaming, ?Now the West Bank, now your ancient Capital, the Holy of Holies?. Of course, that would satisfy them?.wouldn?t it?

I remember visiting Israel before 1967 and not being able to visit the Jewish holy places. Oh, ?The Wall? was still there but under Jordanian control and, what a surprise, Jews were not allowed in! Now, their cry is Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital!

One of the more recent L.A. Times headlines informed its shocked readers, "Israel says it will annex Palestinian Land!" Could they have been talking about the homes belonging to the residents of the settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim, which is only a rifle shot away Jerusalem?

Has anyone ever looked at a map of the surrounding 22 Arab nations, which, between them, possess vast tracts, literally millions of acres, of uninhabited land and enormous wealth-generating deposits of oil? Is anyone else unable to refrain from bursting out in hysterical laughter when they see that Palestinian leaders are now calling emergency meetings over the "seizure of 22 acres in the village of A-tur, where Israeli homes are to be built? in their own land and country!

Where is the Palestinian strategic plan for evacuating the Israelis they displace? There is one, isn?t there? Of course there is. The PA has shown how sacred it considers even one Jewish life. Mass extermination and burial is the PA plan for Israel. It is deja vu all over again.

I wonder, has the word "thank you" ever been in the vocabulary of this "peaceful culture"? I?ve never heard it uttered once where Israel is concerned. Now, as the Arabs are getting ready to move into the fertile oasis that the Jews' passion carved out of barren land over the past generations, Saeb Erekat, their chief negotiator, is already criticizing how the Arabs "are looking for hope and peace, but the step (the annex of 22 acres), this disastrous decision, undermines any attempt to resume meaningful negotiations." That sounds to me like an excuse to justify the violent terrorism that is surely on the way.

The ball is in their court. It?s their choice. They can get cooking and actually set up a democratic government to build roads, infrastructure, and factories. They can tear down those wretched refugee camps they've been milking for PR purposes and even print their own stamps. They certainly have the money for it. However, want to make a bet on how long it's going to be before we see them rampaging through the streets, cheering their black-hooded Hamas terrorists in lock-step?

I could be wrong and really, really, really want to be wrong, I really want my Israeli brothers and sisters to finally be at peace with their new neighbor. Having said that and hoping it will happen, I doubt it will come to pass.

Killing and death are more important to these Arabs than living and life. I?m all for giving them the death they revere.