What's Done is Done

Surely the Arabs, who, thanks to Sharon's largesse, have inherited lovely Israeli seaside resorts, can make their new "state" the same kind of place tourists would want to come and vacation. Maybe a Hyatt or two? Could be? Might be? Wanna' know what I think?

Arlene Peck

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I watched with incredible sadness as the Jewish residents of Gaza - after decades of inspirational hard work, building something from nothing - were removed from their homes, all for a peace that has no partner. I listened to the usual suspects, such as Pat Buchanan and his ilk, haters of all things Jewish, and the pundits who have never visited the region, spew their ignorance by claiming, "Now that the Jews have left, there will be peace." However, in my heart, I know that this is not the beginning of peace. I hope I am wrong, but I don't think so.

Now that the Palestinians have taken over the seaside towns of Gaza, I would like to think that they are going to conduct themselves in a way they never have before. Schools will spring up, in which text books that don't spew hate against Israel, Jews and the West will be on the syllabus. Hospitals will be built. Those disgusting refugee camps - which their Arab brothers, aided by their good friends at the United Nations, have forced them to live in for decades - will be torn down. I can also hope some of the billions of tax dollars we have spent in aid will be used for something other than Suha Arafat's Paris shopping trips. I can also hope that some of the Palestinian 'leaders' don't run off with everything and hide the loot in off-shore bank accounts.

After all, the Arab mantra all this time has been, "A Palestinian refugee never moves out of his camp except to return home"; i.e., to Israel. As of this disengagement, that excuse will no longer be available. Nor will a lack of money for infrastructure, the all important electricity networks, water supply, sanitation systems, roads, etc., be an excuse the Palestinian Authority can use, due to the generous bounty of yet more billions from the US, Japan, the European Union and others - seemingly everyone but their fellow Arabs.

Hey, the Jews came and, within an impossibly short time, created beautiful parks, greenhouses, synagogues, schools and even shopping malls, with air conditioning. I remember when I first saw that little strip of land called Eilat and I am still amazed at what the creative minds of the Israelis did with that. They made it an oasis of sun and fun, where tourists flock from all over.

Surely the Arabs, who, thanks to Sharon's largesse, have inherited lovely Israeli seaside resorts, can make their new "state" the same kind of place tourists would want to come and vacation. Maybe a Hyatt or two? Could be? Might be? Naw, I don't think so. Wanna' know what I think? I believe, within a very short time, the world will be witness to a massive escalation of the type of savagery that this dysfunctional culture excels in. The "victory speeches" of their leaders can hardly leave anyone in any doubt of their intentions, after all.

I agree with the opinion expressed by Dr. Daniel Pipes in a recent column, "By forcibly removing thousands of his own citizens, Sharon has established an important precedent and one wonders how he, or future Israeli leaders, can defy demands for 'disengagement', perhaps under US or international pressure." (August 18, 2005) By becoming George Bush's lapdog, Ariel Sharon has set the stage for future withdrawals, which they (the PLO/PA, the US, the EU and others) are already demanding. The bodies were not even out of the graveyards nor the Torahs removed from the synagogues in Gaza when Dr. Condoleezza 'No to the Jews' Rice was giving her 'this is only the beginning' comments to the world press. That, I believe, is going to come back and bite her in the tush, and I sure hope it does. She and her Arabist colleagues seem to think that video grabs of them walking into caves, clutching their Wharton and Harvard diplomas, wearing St. John and Burberry suits, and looking like they're actually enjoying sharing sumptuous meals of road kill with a warlord will convince a thinking world that this is all they need - negotiations. My, my, how's that for well thought out diplomacy, negotiations on foreign policy with savages who have never had a high school education. Somehow, they just can't get it through their incredibly thick heads that the Islamic fundamentalists, who are out to destroy the world as we all know it, don't listen to "peace negotiations". Bombing and mutilation, abusing their women, violating little boys and running in crazed mobs shouting "Jihad! Allahu akbar!" - that's all they know.

More, fundamentally, power is all that interests the Islamists, unfettered power, that will allow the unchallenged spread of the word of Islam, the uncompromised institution of Sharia and the re-establishment of an Islamic caliphate. I saw that personally when I was covering the war in Beirut, in June of 1982, as a guest of the IDF. As soon as nightfall came, the Islamic fundamentalists were back behind the trees, waiting to ambush and throw their bombs at anyone and everyone who happened to drive by. They must demonstrate their barbarism at every turn.

"Aw," you might be thinking, "that was then. It's different now." Wanna' bet? By jumping when George Bush snapped his fingers and not asking for anything in return, Ariel Sharon opened a Pandora's box. Our leaders in Washington have an annoying way of moving in when that happens. Sharon has left Israel open to interference not just by the United States, but by the United Nations, the EU and anyone else who thinks they have a 'better plan'. The double standard that applies to Israel be damned.

Infinitely worse, Sharon has exposed Israel to an unthinkable possibility; that any country, anywhere, can do the same with its Jews, just as the Arab nations did years ago, with nary a complaint from anyone, let alone the UN or the US. Doesn't matter. What matters is that all of those world leaders who are now shouting the praises of Ariel Sharon will soon be questioning the sense of letting the barbaric residents, flooding out of their self-imposed refugee camps, gain control of whatever is left of their leadership and the damned Jews. And I think they'll be a teensy bit sorry that they've created a terror state. Mahmoud Abbas can take the millions (he isn't as smart as some others) he stashed away and enjoy Paris with Suha Arafat, his mentor's beloved.

Judging from my emails, and the radio talk shows, one by-product of all of this is that Israel hasn't had such a public relations bonanza since David beat Goliath during the Six Day War. Even from as far away as Australia, there seems to be a huge understanding of "what this has cost the Jews". Even those people down under, whom I have always thought to be isolated, are focusing on the dignity of the people of Israel. Combine this emotion with the anger they're feeling about the Islamic plans to "do unto them" what has already been done, or soon will be done, to a long list of countries such as Holland, England, Belgium, Sudan and others who welcomed them. The Aussies are 'getting it'. Christians everywhere have to come to grips with the knowledge that the Islamic plan is to take on the Sunday people when they are through with the Saturday people.

We, all of us, are in a war, a worldwide war; one which has been going on for decades, like it or not. Gaza, as horrific as it has been, is just a preview of what is to come, thanks to Sharon, Condi and Dubya. By all means, let's appease genocidal terrorists and hope they won't take advantage of our societies. Who do they think they are kidding? Let the conversions, subjugation and killings begin.