Jordan and the "Right of Return"

Jordan urged Israel to accept a "right of return" for Arab "Palestinian" refugees.

Gary Fitleberg

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Jordan urged Israel to accept a "right of return" for Arab "Palestinian" refugees.

"We differentiate between recognizing the right of return and implementing the right of return," Ma'aruf Bakhit, the new Jordanian ambassador to Israel, told the Jerusalem Post.

According to the Post, Bakhit is an expert on the "right of return" and on action on behalf of his Arab brethren and cousins."But the implementation of the right of return is something different and it is up to the parties concerned," he said.

Palestinians demand that hundreds of thousands of Arabs who fled the 1948 war when Israel was created - and millions of their descendants - be granted a right to return to Israel. Israel, which sees the demand as a ruse to destroy the Jewish state demographically, says they should be resettled in a future Palestinian state. Jordan, which was created in 1922 out of land designated for the Jewish national home in British-ruled Palestine, is home to many refugees who fled the ancient Biblical and modern disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, which belong to Israel and the Jewish people Biblically, historically, legally, morally and rightfully.

Biblically, G-d gave the Children of Israel the "Holy Land" or "Promised Land", also called the Land of Israel, to the Children of Israel in an eternal covenant that can never ever be broken.

The Children of Israel were also known as Hebrews, Israelites, Jews (from the tribe of Judah and area of Judea) and "Palestinians", long before there were any Arabs living there.

Historically, these disputed territories have never ever been an independent Arab "Palestine" nation or "Palestinian" people. Most of the Arab population became "refugees" from their own homelands of neighboring Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They were economic and political refugees and sought better opportunity in Jewish Palestine during the 1920s. Contrary to lies, myths and propaganda, these Arabs did not live in Palestine for generations and generations.

The Balfour Declaration set aside the whole portion of Palestine for the modern Jewish homeland, returning the "Holy Land" to its rightful owners. The British reneged and gave away most of the land, and created a fictitious Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, formerly Transjordan. The British Mandatory rulers gave away this land as a political concession. Arab "Palestine" was to be Jordan, not Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Refusing a later partition of the remaining land, the Arabs all launched an war to annihilate the only Jewish state. It was then that they conquered illegally Gaza, Judea and Samaria. The Arab leaders told the local Arabs to leave their homes, that they could return once the Jews were "removed". Those faithful to their Arab brethren and cousins diligently obeyed.

Egypt and Jordan then "occupied" these disputed territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria for nineteen years, from 1948-1967.

Arab nations again attempted to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people in 1967. It was an attack to eliminate the only Jewish state amongst 22 Arab/Islamist corrupt dictatorships, human rights violators, ruthless repressive regimes, state supporters of terrorism and tyrannies that comprise the very bad neighborhood known as the medieval Middle East. The only beacon of democracy and freedom is Israel.

According to international law, when an aggressor attacks another and loses land it becomes legally the property of the aggrieved not the aggressor. Legally, the lands conquered by Israel in 1967 - Judea, Samaria and Gaza - belong to Israel.

Arafat and his band of corrupt thieves also tried to liberate and take over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in a bloody coup attempt called "Black September". More Arab "Palestinians" died during this revolt than since that time trying to terrorize Jews into leaving their rightful home.

If the king of Jordan doesn't want to give his Arab brethren and cousins their "right of return" to their natural, original homeland, then why should Israel do so? I wonder why Jordan, Israel's so-called "peace partner" pushes a "right of return" for Israel.

Jordan was also the chief proponent behind The Hague's International Court of Justice (or Injustice, as the case may be) ruling against Israel's right as a sovereign state to defend and protect its citizens by building a security barrier against terrorism. Jordan did not want its Arab "Palestinian" brethren and cousins to return back "home" once the barrier was up.

Morally, the mixed up majority of the world should favor peaceful people and rightful owners, not a fictitious band of Arab thieves masquerading as "Palestinians" with a right to "Palestine."

Arab nations expelled almost one million Jews from places like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Morrocco and Yemen, yet no one brings attention to this "Forgotten Exodus" in all of the so-called peace plan negotiations. What about their "right of return" and reparations? How about an even exchange? Israel took in its brethren and cousins. Why can't the oil-rich nations do the same for their brethren and cousins. Jews expelled forcibly from Arab lands and their descendants today comprise approximately one-half of the population of Israel.

Any way you look at this Arab-Israeli conflict, the reality and truth is that the "Holy Land" or "Promised Land" belongs to Israel and the Jewish people Biblically, historically, legally, morally and rightfully. Especially for those who believe honesty is always the best policy.