Mazen the "Moderate"

Mahmoud Abbas - or, as he is more affectionately known, Abu Mazen - has been declared a "moderate" by those who wish to whitewash his past career of murder and mayhem. But ABBAS might stand for Arafat in a Brooks Brothers Altered Suit.

Gary Fitleberg

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Mahmoud Abbas - or, as he is more affectionately known, Abu Mazen - has been declared a "moderate" by those who wish to whitewash his past career of murder and mayhem. But ABBAS might stand for Arafat in a Brooks Brothers Altered Suit. In reality and truth, this monster is nothing more or less than Arafat's partner and coconspirator in crime for over forty years in the Fatah-controlled and dominated terror organization , the Palestinian Authority or Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO).

That's the very same "moderate" terrorist organization that has subsidiaries of terror such as the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and so-called "security forces" like Force 17 or Tanzim, which work side-by-side with the more evil, "extremist", fanatical, fundamentalist sister groups such as Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad.

Abbas is the author of a book denying the Holocaust entitled The Other Side: The Secret Relations Between Nazism and the Leadership of the Zionist Movement, published in 1984 and based on his Ph.D. dissertation. Dr. Death or "Chairman of Terror", as the case may be, today he writes a new chapter in the Arab "Palestinian" Holocaust of the Israeli and Jewish people. It is a chapter he will claim is written because of the "Zionist enemy", as he has said calld Israel soon after his so-called "democratic" election.

Abbas' career includes such noteworthy accomplishments as being Chief of the PLO and financially sponsoring the Munich Olympic Massacre of eleven Israeli athletes; blood on his hands during games dedicated to fair play.

Is Abbas a "moderate" or peace partner? Can a leopard change its spots? From terrorist to politician and "president"?

Abbas sounds no better today than he did yesterday.

Abbas on Arafat:

"It is our duty to implement the principles of Yasser Arafat" - Ha'aretz, 1/3/2005

Abbas on Israel:

"The Zionist enemy...." - Associated Press 1/4/2005

Abbas on Homicide Bombers:

"Allah loves the martyr...." - Wall Street Journal 1/5/2005

Abbas on Terrorists:

"These are the heroes that are fighting for freedom...." - Ha'aretz 1/3/2005

"Israel calls them murderers, we call them strugglers." - Jerusalem Post 12/25/2004

Abbas on the Future:

"The small jihad is over and the big jihad has begun." - Jerusalem Post 1/11/2005

Does that sound like a "moderate" or a "peace partner" to you? Do you believe Abbas honestly wants peace?

Mahmoud Abbas, "Chairman of Terror" of the PA/PLO, must publicly retract his Holocaust denial and apologize, as well as fulfill prior commitments under the eleven-year-old Oslo Accords and the Middle East proposed peace plan known as the "Road Map", sponsored by the "Quartet" to dismantle and disarm terror groups, close bomb factories, arrest terrorists and end incitement against Israel.

Far from being the great hope for peace in the Middle East, Abbas looks more like Arafat with a better barber and a stylish, tailored, silk suit. After all, he was Arafat's top deputy for 40 years, as well as beneficiary from all of the international "humanitarian aid" money earmarked to help the people that the PLO leaders cleverly diverted to their personal pockets and to fund terrorism.

We would never ever consider accepting Osama Bin-Laden or Saddam Hussein's deputies as the successors, as well as financially sponsoring their terrorist organizations. Why so with Abbas and the PLO?

Let's not make the same mistakes President William Jefferson Clinton made with Arafat. It was give, give, give - a billion dollars - with no accountability and nothing in return. As Arafat and Abbas have done for years, they laugh all the way to the bank - the "West Bank" - with stolen humanitarian aid money from the international community; money that that aids and abets mass murder and mayhem by means of charitable contributions.

Mr. George W. Bush best not give Holocaust denier and PA/PLO "Chairman of Terror", Mr. "Moderate", $350 million dollars of the US taxpayer's money to support terrorism.

President Bush has properly asserted in the past that "we will not deal with Palestinian leaders compromised by terror." Sadly, Mr. Abbas is all that and much more.

Abbas was co-founder of Fatah and the PLO. He was a mastermind of the Munich and Ma'alot massacres. To add insult to injury, the "moderate" peace partner is a Holocaust denier who wrote that the number of Jews murdered in World War II was "only a few hundred thousand." The same "moderate" Abbas made the claim that there may never have been gas chambers. The same Abbas stated, "Zionists led a campaign of incitement against Jews to expand their mass extermination." (But substitute the words "Arafat", "Abbas" or "Arabs" for "Zionists" in the last statement for an accurate, honest, realistic and truthful accounting of history.)

No US funds should be given to the PA/PLO until Abbas, et. al., clean up their act completely and honestly. Accountability should be America's top priority.

All Arab "Palestinian" institutions that support terrorism must be dismantled accordingly. All of the "moderate" PA/PLO-controlled and dominated education system of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence must be eliminated now.

Both President Bush and Congress must not project a mixed message in the Middle East regarding sponsorship of terrorism. Let Abbas fulfill all of his obligations, first and foremost. Let's go by the book.