United Nations Against Israel

It's time the media and the world face the facts, set the record straight and tell the truth.

Gary Fitleberg

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It's time the media and the world face the facts, set the record straight and tell the truth. United Nations corruption favors and includes an anti-Israel bias. This is why I propose renaming the morally and politically bankrupt organization a more accurate and honest moniker. Let's call it what it is. The United Nations Against Israel (U.N.A.I).

The U.N.A.I is an international forum dedicated to Israel-bashing and Israel-smashing.

Various and sundry branches of the United Nations Against Israel have consistently and continually endorsed Arab "Palestinian" attacks against Israel (or in U.N.A.I terminology, the use of "available means, including armed struggle" against "foreign occupation"), and use this international organization to perpetuate the political propaganda ploy of a fictitious Arab nation of "Palestine" and a "Palestinian" people. The ultimate collective message pervading the U.N.A.I. is: Arabs are good and Israel is bad.

Arab "Palestinian" babies and children are taught hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence from birth through the cradle, through those terrible awkward teenage years, through adulthood. All are encouraged in ethnic cleansing and genocide, as they are completely brainwashed and indoctrinated through the state-sponsored Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO) camps, media, public school education and religious institutions. Terrorism is all that is taught.

The ultimate objective is Israel's annihilation and the mass murder of and mayhem among the non-Muslim population in the entire Middle East. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The U.N.A.I.'s main agenda and focus is to serve as a forum for that objective, subjecting Israel - the only Jewish nation-state in the entire world - to abuse, bias, denigration, harassment and villainous vilification like no other nation. An active campaign for Israel's annihilation by the Arab/Islamist world.

Yet, news media reports of anti-Israel or anti-Jewish actions by the U.N.A.I. as an objective moral arbiter go completely unnoticed and unreported in what is a mockery of any sense of morality in journalism.

The U.N.A.I. has used its World Court of Opinion, The Hague, or the International Court of Justice (or Injustice, as the case may be) to rule against Israel's right as a sovereign nation state to defend its citizens by building a security barrier against terrorism. Ironically and moronically, the cause for the construction - terrorism and terrorists - did not and will not stand trial. Wonder why? So do I.

The U.N.A.I. serves as an alleged "impartial" mediator, representative and member of the so-called "Quartet", which sponsors the Middle East peace plan known as the "Road Map". But it can not hide its true objective in taking this role.

What follows are just a few facts about the U.N.A.I. that you will not see published anywhere in the modern mainstream media. It is one of the largest cover-ups and whitewashing of the morally and politically bankrupt and corrupt - but well-greased and well-oiled - organization, which is controlled by the Arab-Islamist League.

Saddam Hussein was not alone in buying influence in the U.N.A.I., where corruption extends far beyond the Iraq oil-for-food scam. Arab/Islamist nation states have used their oil wealth, and the threat of withholding oil, to guarantee an automatic anti-Israel majority.

The U.N.A.I. General Assembly, dominated by Arab/Islamist states, most of whose media, mosques and schools publicly promote Jew-hatred, repeatedly passes one-sided, anti-Israel (and anti-American) resolutions, while blocking criticism of Arab actions against Israel and Jews internationally, including, but not limited to, the bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing, genocide, homicide bombing, mass murder and mayhem.

The U.N.A.I. General Assembly has repeatedly and regularly convened special emergency sessions dedicated to the farcical condemnation of the Jewish State of Israel, but has never, ever held even one session about Sudan's genocide, the Rwandan massacres, Indonesian crimes in East Timor, Iraqi slaughter of Kurds, ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia or even Vietnamese mass murder of ethnic Chinese. In fact, Sudan has always been under and enjoyed "protection" of the organization by these Arab/Islamist nation states, despite the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Christians and all other non-Arab Muslims underway in that state.

The Security Council has seen the likes of one of the top state supporters of terrorism, Syria, sit as its chair. It has had a cast of characters, including rogue nations, who support the objective of scapegoating the little nation of Israel with dangerous, explosive, venomous lies, myths and propaganda. A sad, shameful, terrible tragedy, yet true.

The U.N.A.I's Commission on Human Rights, a misnomer, is yet another fine example of the prejudice that exists against Israel. Libya, another corrupt dictatorship, human rights violator, ruthless repressive regime, state supporter of terrorism and tyranny formerly served as its chair. Only one nation is singled out. There is an agenda of bias on this committee, designed to wage a political vendetta and propaganda war against Israel.

Israel is the only country subject to hostility by a specific standing committee - the "Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Population of the Occupied Territories.

An absolute mockery of morality, reality and truth.

And last, but definitely not least, is UNRWA.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for "Palestinian" refugees is the only U.N.A.I. agency completely dedicated to a specific group of refugees, the Arab "Palestinians" - most of whom are settlers and squatters transplanted from neighboring Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They arrived in the ancient Biblical (and modern "disputed") territories, rightfully belonging to Israel, as a result of economic necessity and political persecution during and since the 1920s, or during the "occupation" by Egypt and Jordan for nineteen years, from 1948-1967.

For more than half a century, UNRWA has perpetuated the problem and used the plight of so-called "Palestinians" (actually, Arabs by any other name...) against Israel, and has thus opposed any permanent settlement of the Arab "Palestinians" in their present areas of residence. UNRWA instead supports Arab demands that their refugee status continue until Israel allows them residence within its borders, as part of the master plan for Israel's destruction by demographics. Wonder why? So do I.

The master plan incorporates destruction by demographics, as well as murder and mayhem to reduce the non-Muslim population one by one. The plan is also known as the "piece by piece", or "stage by stage" plan. Taking over the entire ancient Biblical "Holy Land" or "Promised Land", given by G-d to the Children of Israel in an eternal covenant, is part and parcel of the so-called Arab/Islamist "peace" plan.

UNRWA Chief Peter Hansen openly states for the record that Hamas members are on UNRWA's payroll. The United States of America and the European Union both designate Hamas a terrorist organization ? an extremist fanatical fundamentalist group (unlike the mainstream and much more "moderate" murderers of the PA/PLO). UNRWA employees have used official U.N.A.I. ambulances and vehicles, as well as travel documents, to transport terrorists and weapons. UNRWA camps harbor terrorists who manufacture and produce bombs and bombers, providing recruitment and training, as well as serving as storehouses of weapons of human destruction.

UNRWA gives a whole new meaning to the Geneva Convention.

These are only a few facts and examples of the horrible history of treachery and organized crime propagated against the only Jewish state, Israel.

The Arab-Israeli conflict, or Goliath vs. David, is the only global conflict in which one side's position ? the Arab side ? is the only story told. The propaganda is advanced through direct U.N.A.I. funding and support. U.N.A.I. Secretariat and General Assembly branches spend millions of dollars a year to advocate a pro-Arab "Palestinian" political position; an agenda of bias through conferences, exhibits, films, publications and resolutions that consistently delegitimize the State of Israel.

Enough is enough. End the existence of the United Nations Against Israel. Once and for all.