Sticks, Stones and Words

I usually don't fill my articles with quotes. However, it is just such a slam-dunk to throw their words back at them.

Arlene Peck

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When I was a little kid, we had a nursery rhyme that said, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt us." Well, folks, the Muslim community has learned how to do both. Except their sticks and stones are stuck in the terrorist bombs that they are so prone to leaving at restaurants, nursery schools, discos and buses.

Their words are not only hurtful, but also fatal. What amazes me, though, is how the Arabs have no problem stating to anyone who will listen that their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel and the removal of whatever Jews are left from the Jewish state.

There are a few - very few - Arabs who are speaking out, and I fear for their safety. Walid Shoebat, for one, has been on my television show. He's a former terrorist who is now a supporter of Israel. He speaks to large audiences relative to those of progressive Egyptian intellectual Dr. Amr Isma'il, whose articles are regularly published on the secular Arab website and the progressive Arabic website

Let me share a few quotes (courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute [MEMRI]):

"Why do we talk by means of bullets and, hasten to make sweeping accusations of unbelief?

"Why can't we see things as the rest of the world sees them? Why do we always feel that someone is conspiring against us, and that he is the cause of our problems and our cultural and economic backwardness? ...Why are we not able to criticize ourselves and [why do] we view anyone who tries to do so as an enemy of the nation and of its principles, and other things of this kind that make some people afraid to think?


"Why are we the only nations in the world that still use religion, Islam, and the name of Allah in everything - in politics, economics, science, art, and literature. We kill in the name of Allah, blow up cars in the name of Allah, and slit throats in the name of Allah and Islam, and then we protest when others depict the Muslims as terrorists. We indiscriminately kill doctors who went to provide medical care to Afghans, and then we protest when the world describes these acts as acts of terror. We blow up embassies and trains [and consequently] children, women, and citizens with no connection to our cause are killed, and then we protest when the world describes these extremists, who view themselves as Muslims, as terrorists."

I could go on, but you get the idea. There is actually one Arab journalist questioning why no other religious group has made a career out of killing and terrorizing people. He's one. Two? Hey, there could even be ten at this point who are actually speaking out against the evil violence being done in the name of Islam. Ten out of 1.3 billion.

I find it interesting that Dr. Isma'il asks questions that he knows the answers to. Yet, how many people are out there listening to him? How many really don't want to hear about the evil that comes out of the hate spewed by leading Muslims? Truly, I hate to sound negative, but it frightens me. The view from here is pre-1938, and the Muslims have such an edge now that no matter what they say, the United Nations is going to gleefully meet and vote to condemn the state of Israel.

It is as though the Muslims have been given a 'pass' as a 'special' religious group, allowed to commit regular atrocities, such as beheading and cutting off hands and bombing anyone within range. And, folks, they can do it all in the name of Allah, but they truly believe Satan makes them do it - oh, and those nasty old Israelis.

I usually don't fill my articles with quotes. However, it is just such a slam-dunk to throw their words back at them.

It doesn't usually matter that no other religious group perpetrates their monstrous atrocities. Nobody ever questions how Muslims are the only ones out there who are doing their evil deeds just for the hell of it; it's sure not for defense of homeland or self-defense. It is the sheer pleasure of killing that motivates them.

I look at these savage figures on the nightly news, all covered with mask and dirty rags, making their videos and demands, and I think to myself, "You can cover up now, but one day you are going to have to deal with the results of your deeds - and you won't be able to cover up then."

Meanwhile, the world suffers. To my way of thinking, Islam has been so mutilated and corrupted that it no longer bears any resemblance to a religious entity. Islam today is a political solution that has no conception of what the word democracy means. Everything in their culture is based on submission. Which is strange, as they have taught their children Islamic supremacy from the very first days of childhood. Naturally, all the rest of the faiths must be destroyed.

What started out as a religion has broken down into a mutation that hasn't a clue about freedom of choice, religion, expression, equality between people regardless of their sex, color or religion. Farm animals are treated better than women in most Islamic countries, and they want to keep the status quo. The right to vote isn't even considered.

I could write books on how the Muslim culture is bent on the destruction of the West. Let there be no mistake, Muslim terrorists want us all, not just the residents in the Jewish State, dead.

Need I say more? Naw, they say it all. It's just a shame that the rest of the world could care less. Worse, refuses to even listen. Maybe the sight of what these animals are doing daily in Iraq is finally getting our attention. Now, we are seeing American boys being brought home in body bags, dead at the hands of the same savages who bomb the discos and buses in Israel.

I could write pages more, but you get the idea. It's so much more effective when I quote for you what the Arab progressives are saying. I just wish that more of you were listening.