Gandhi's Grandson & Gaza

Maybe the lies and propaganda will end. Maybe. Let's see Arafat smoke a peace pipe.

Gary Fitleberg

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Here is a new one. Imagine Yasser Arafat, "Chairman of Terror" and mastermind of murder and mayhem, giving up his evil ways by renouncing his campaign of ethnic genocide cleansing, hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence. Imagine Arafat sitting down in a peaceful unarmed struggle. Maybe he'll even show us he can go on a hunger strike rather than brainwashing children to murder innocent human beings as well as themselves. Maybe the lies and propaganda will end. Maybe. Let's see Arafat smoke a peace pipe.

Gandhi's grandson advocates an Arab "Palestinian" peaceful campaign.

The grandson of former Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, Arun Gandhi, is to kick off an Arab "Palestinian" campaign for an unarmed, popular struggle against the Israeli so-called "occupation" of its ancient Biblical and modern "disputed territories" of Gaza, Judea and Samaria (wrongly called "West Bank" by most of the world today).

The campaign is being organized by a group of Arab "Palestinian" social and political activists in Ramallah. The group was formed after a ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague against the Israeli security barrier and separation fence against terrorism. The group's members are anti-fence activists, members of non-governmental organizations for water and agriculture development and central Fatah activists, headed by minister without portfolio and Fatah activist Kadura Fares.

Gandhi, head of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in the United States, will be the star speaker in three mass rallies planned in Ramallah, Abu Dis and Bethlehem on August 26. Gandhi said he intends "to promote the philosophy of nonviolence, the approach that nonviolence is the only venue that can solve our problems."

The Ramallah group resumed it ties with the misguided, misinformed, misnamed "Palestinians for Peace and Democracy" in the US, and reportedly consists of 400 volunteers. The group's leader, Mohammed Al-Atar, said they felt "an urgency to find another way to resist occupation."

The link between Al-Atar and the Ramallah group was Terry Boulata of eastern Jerusalem, the principal of a private school in Abu Dis and a major anti-fence activist. The fence separates her home from her place of work and from her husband's family. Boulata said the Hague decision and Israel's High Court ruling to change the fence route strengthens the position of the proponents of an unarmed struggle. Like Al-Atar, she said: "The struggle is our right, but we must be creative."

Creative? How about creating an end to the terrorism that necessitated the security barrier and separation barrier in the first place? How about creating an end to all the lies, myths and perpetual political propaganda ploys, such as the deceitful and fraudulent Arab "Palestine" nation and "Palestinian" people? No one is more creative than an Arab Islamist.

The two then invited Gandhi in order to learn creative ways of fighting against the so-called "occupation" by Israel, which in reality is an "occupation" by the Arab League of its own brethren and cousins, with Arafat and his "Palestinian Authority" as the instrument of occupation.

In a telephone call from the United States, Gandhi said he is coming both to learn and to teach his philosophy. "I understand that many bad things happened 55 years ago, but the attempt to get justice by revenge accomplishes nothing," he said. He said he learned that from his grandfather when he was just a boy and thought of revenge in retaliation for the apartheid and humiliation he felt in South Africa, where he was born in 1934. Gandhi said his father spent 15 years in jail because he refused to obey the apartheid laws.

Clearly, Gandhi has a lot to learn and a lot to teach. Only the Arabs can be blamed for the creation of their own problems, if one is to admit the facts and historical truth. Gandhi may want to learn a little history before he teaches others, in the interest of accuracy, honesty and morality.

One can not compare or equate apartheid against the Blacks with Zionism or the Jews' "right of return" to their ancient, Biblical, G-d-given Holy Land or Promised Land. The Almighty is the only one that will never ever break a promise and His covenant, documented in the best selling book, the Bible, is an eternal one.

One will also point out that it was the Jews of South Africa who were instrumental in changing the apartheid conditions of the Blacks, just as they marched in America with Martin Luther King, Jr. The world should heed the wisdom of the late, great Martin Luther King, who wisely pointed out that there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

It is not difficult to tell how the Arab "Palestinians" will relate to Gandhi's tendency to explain violent conflicts by reducing them to private, inter-personal relations. Another vehicle for the Arab League myths and perpetuation of the political propaganda ploy of an independent Arab "Palestine" nation and "Palestinian" people? You betcha. You can always count on Arab Islamist lies, myths and propaganda.

It is one of their best and most successful accomplishments; in addition to a bloody campaign of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence.

"I've dedicated my life to explain to people how damaging prejudices can be, and how to form better relations. That is the basis of non-violence. Relations must be based on love, understanding and honor, not on negative foundations," Gandhi stated.

"I will tell the Palestinians that it is their responsibility to change. If the Israelis do not want to listen, it does not mean we cannot act."

Gandhi is right. The Arab "Palestinians" need to change and it is their responsibility. The sooner, the better, if they want to join civilization and the rest of the world.

As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." I support the small step towards a peaceful unarmed struggle, in which political issues are resolved through negotiation rather than by terrorism.