No Alternative

There is no alternative. I'll have to get a bug repellant. There is no way that I can live in peaceful coexistence with creatures programmed to relentless attacks upon my person, just as we cannot live in peaceful coexistence with a people programmed to relentless terrorist attacks.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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Last night, I was under attack. A mosquito buzzed around my head and relentlessly attacked every exposed part of my body. Trying to eliminate the one mosquito plaguing me is as ineffective as the targeted elimination of those individual terrorists that carried out numerous genocide bombings. Selling my house and moving down the street in the hope that there will be fewer mosquitoes is as ineffective as the "Disengagement Plan."

There is no alternative. I'll have to get a bug repellant. There is no way that I can live in peaceful coexistence with creatures programmed to relentless attacks upon my person, just as we cannot live in peaceful coexistence with a people programmed to relentless terrorist attacks.

How many dead Jews does it take to face the fact that no peace treaty with the Palestinians is viable? We tried the Madrid Conference, the Oslo Agreement, the Camp David Accords, the Burns Plan, the Powell Plan, the Saudi plan, the Mitchell Plan, the Oslo II Agreement, the Geneva Plan, the Tenet Plan and now the Roadmap. In fact, it was the second Camp David peace proposal that triggered the current "intifada", in which over a thousand Jews were killed throughout the length and breadth of the Holy Land.

Not only does the current Israeli government idiotically comply with the Roadmap despite consistent Palestinian violation, but even worse, it now plans to impose a one-sided peace by withdrawing from Gaza and parts of Samaria. The proposals to create a Palestinian state in Gaza and speckles of Judea and Samaria are patently absurd. A country composed of city-states went out with ancient Greece.

In order to ram through this "disengagement plan", Sharon is expeditiously realigning the government with the Labor and religious parties. The victims of this expulsion plan succeeded in persuading the Likud party in house-to-house visits and 70% voted against the plan. If Sharon is not bound by the clear directive of his own party, then a million-signature petition and the 200,000-person human chain from Gaza to Jerusalem are impotent publicity stunts.

The bald-faced fact is that the Jews never relinquished legal ownership of the Holy Land, but were invaded and exiled. Yet, they were forced to buy property that was legally theirs. For the past 100 years, Jews around the world donated money to the Jewish National Fund to purchase land from Arabs and Turks in order to create a Jewish state. Jews purchased land on both sides of the Jordan River, but the Arab legion attacked the fledgling State of Israel and the Jews lost property they paid for.

Instead of buying it piecemeal, the Jews should now buy all of it. The Palestinian Authority is recognized by the world as the only legitimate representative of the so-called Palestinian people, but the Palestinian Authority is on the verge of collapse. There is now a narrow window of opportunity. The government of Israel could easily purchase from the PA all portions of Biblical Israel. The valley to the South of Beer-Sheba is the Biblical border. That includes all of Samaria, almost all of Judea and most of Gaza.

A government purchasing these regions has valid precedents upon which to rely. No jurist disputes the validity of the United States' ownership of Alaska and the central states of the United States. The US purchased Alaska from Russia for seven and a half million dollars and purchased over two million square miles of prime farmland from France, known as the Louisiana Purchase, for ten million dollars. By current international law, Alaska did not belong to Russia and the central United States did not belong to France. Nor did the thirteen colonies belong to England. They were all occupied territory obtained by invasion. Nearly the only territory of which the United States has valid ownership is a small part of Brooklyn called Canarsie, purchased from the Canarsie Indians.

The so-called Palestinians can elect to take the money and run, finding greener pastures elsewhere. Or they may purchase a contiguous region of the southern Negev and a portion of Jordan. Its close proximity to Saudi Arabia makes cheap petroleum readily accessible. They may elect to hire Israel to build modern cities and infrastructure for all utilities so that the so-called Palestinians could be self-sufficient. The three million so-called Palestinians would move to this region or emigrate elsewhere. The northern Negev would provide an adequate buffer zone.

This is no more bizarre than Theodor Herzl's plan. Herzl attempted to purchase Palestine (including what is now Jordan). "He wrote in his, 'Address To The Rothschilds' in 1895: 'This simple old idea is the Exodus from Egypt.' He said to Baron Maurice de Hirsch in 1895, 'I will say to the German Kaiser: "Let us go forth..."' Herzl traveled to Constantinople in June of 1896. The Sultan at the time owed Turkey's creditors the incredible sum of 106 million pounds. Herzl let it be known that if the Jews were given Palestine as an independent state, they would undertake the regulation and normalization of Turkish finances and liberate the country from foreign control." (From "Moses And Herzl, Striking Parallels" by David Golinkin, Jerusalem Post, July 14, 2004)

As leaders like Herzl are long gone, I have taken the initiative and, through a Palestinian Authority minister, offered them six hundred million dollars for the so-called West Bank and Gaza. They did not say no. The Israeli government can acquire all of Biblical Israel. If the Israeli government or the Jewish National Fund refuses to rise to the challenge, then we must incorporate another entity that will. For world peace to reign, the entire Holy Land must be inhabited by Jews.

We must complete the transfer of populations that began 60 years ago. Every Jew should become a citizen of Israel. The Law of Return should be changed so that permanent residency is not required. Every Jew worldwide should have a second home in Israel. Gentiles must help the Jews acquire all of Biblical Israel and facilitate the emigration of the local Gentile population.

It is not just the Jews that are under attack by Israel's enemies, but the Gentiles' churches, financial institutions and entertainment centers, as well. If the Gentiles of the world want to usher in an era of world peace, they must not only open their borders to absorb the mere three million so-called Palestinians, but subsidize their emigration. Furthermore, each Jew has the personal religious obligation to redeem the land, acre by acre. Jewish ownership of every square inch of the Holy Land is a Biblical mandate. Arabs are now prepared to sell it piece by piece and the Jews have an obligation to buy it.

There is no alternative.