Farewell: PM Sharon's Letter

This letter is being sent to you a mere few minutes after the cabinet has accepted and voted on my expulsion demands. The democratically elected, fascist-run Government of Israel has triumphed once again. As such, you have become expendable.

Isaac Kohn,

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"Downsized Cabinet Approves PM Sharon's Withdrawal/Expulsion Plan 14-7" -- IsraelNN.com news service, 20:59 June 06/14 Sivan 5764

Dear mitnachel (settler),

This letter is being sent to you a mere few minutes after the cabinet has accepted and voted on my expulsion demands. The democratically elected, fascist-run Government of Israel has triumphed once again. As such, you have become expendable.

I will not mince words. Today is an extremely happy day in my life. As you must be aware from the headline above, the die was cast in favor of ignoring the previous vote against your expulsion from your home. I worked very hard in order to ram my expulsion plan down the throats of my cabinet members. Those who protested have been shown the door and those straddling the fence, in fear of losing their ministerial chairs, have finally realized that keeping their positions with all the side benefits and political trimmings is more important than any silly morals they held on to. Not for naught am I known as the 'bulldozer'. My ability to outmaneuver the enemy in the field of battle has proven its worth in my ability to do the same to those I consider enemies of my ethnic-cleansing mission.

No, I do not refer to the terrorists who are exacting their pound of Jewish flesh and gallons of blood. No, I do not refer to the self-hating members of Meretz or Shinui or Peace Now. No, I do not refer to Egypt's double-crossing Hosni Mubarak, nor do I refer to those in the media who have vilified and crucified me throughout my military and political career. No! When I say that I outmaneuvered the enemy, I mean you and the rest of the settlers, who are illegally occupying sacred Arab lands which we, Jews, stole from them through armed force. I outmaneuvered your stubborn tactics and idiotic claim to these lands. Sorry, but let this letter serve as a reminder that your occupation of the land must end.

Dear mitnachel,

The Arabs have long insisted that the settlements are the obstacles to peace in our region. The world has long concurred. And recently, I have come to the conclusion that they are right. Our history, unfortunately, is replete with examples of Jewish obstinacy in demanding what is not ours. In fact, the establishment of the State of Israel was contrary to the will of our neighbors, who demanded, correctly, that Jews find another area in the world in order to establish their home. The Arabs have settled these desolate lands many centuries ago. They built and prospered and the land became a shining example of how to revive desolation and turn it into an oasis of modernity and prosperity. The Jews had no business intruding on this pastoral serenity. Accepting Herzl's proposal of establishing our state in Uganda would have avoided all of the bitter wars and the thousands of unnecessary casualties.

Dear settler,

I refuse to allow the Arab terror to continue in its stranglehold. I refuse to wait forever to find a 'peace partner' on the other side. I have made the decision to severely punish the terrorists by outmaneuvering them, too. They will not force us out of even an inch of land. They will not succeed in dislodging us from even one settlement, one outpost. We will evacuate, expel and dislodge the Jews in the Gaza settlements based on our own initiative, our own decision and our own terms. Terror will not win the day. Gaza will be emptied of her Jews so that the Arabs understand once and for all that the terror they unleashed did not advance their agenda even one inch. It was we, the Israeli Government, who chose the time and circumstances of evacuating the lands in contention. We were not going to be forced out. We grabbed the initiative to dislodge and expel ourselves without help. The Arabs must know that the lack of serious negotiations will not deter us from surrendering to their demands, albeit, on our own time and schedule. Better late than never.

Dear mitnachel,

I am determined. Never before in my career have I shown as much determination as I do now. My promise to the Palestinian people must be kept. My resolution to establish a viable and prosperous Palestinian state will be carried out. To resist and fight the forces of terror is proving too much for an aging warrior such as I.

Promises made to the US must be kept, for who is more powerful in this universe than President Bush? Other than this superpower, there is no one else we can rely on to fight our battles.

And as battle-fatigue seeps through my tired veins, I must do all in my power so that the legacy I leave behind does not include a litany of failures on the road to peace. Nor do I want the pall of personal monetary misdeeds to cloud an otherwise illustrious career.

Dear settler,

I do not apologize. No, I do not apologize for turning my back on a lifelong mission. No, I do not apologize for the ethnic cleansing I am determined to carry out against you and the rest of your compatriots. No. I do not apologize for my plan to uproot and expel thousands of Jews from their flourishing communities. I do not apologize for my plans to destroy and obliterate forty years of building and planting. This goal must and will be carried out, come what may. I do not apologize, dear settler, for misleading you for so many years, for not being true to you, for hiding behind a facade, for wearing a mask. I do not apologize, never will apologize, to the thousands who gave their lives so that these lands, the lands you claim (not I) was given to you (not to me) by G-d, your G-d, not mine.

Dear mitnachel,

In large part, you are to blame for the predicament in which you find yourself. You believed and followed me blindly all these years. I blame you for your zeal, for your belief in an ancient, archaic, outmoded and irrelevant promise by an old G-d whom I have long discarded and defied. I blame you for being old-fashioned and unbending in your determination to resettle the lands you continue to claim as an inheritance you received from your (yours, not mine) forefathers. I blame you for not paying attention to the warnings spoken by men of integrity, such as Meir Kahane, who warned you that a time will come when, I, Ariel Sharon, hero of Israel's wars will don Benedict Arnold's mantle and become a traitor to all that you (not I) consider sacrosanct. You laughed and ridiculed the notion, the impossibility of such a far-fetched and ridiculous thought. How foolish, you thought. Ban the notion that I, Sharon, shall attempt (and succeed?) to rule through dictatorial powers. How silly of you!

How ironic, isn't it, that today, June 6th, marks the anniversary of Israel's unprovoked aggression against her neighbors. All this could have been avoided!

I must end this letter. I suggest you begin to pack up and rethink your plans in order to expeditiously evacuate and move elsewhere.

And, please, do not include Tel Aviv in your plans. Tel Aviv may be next.

Sincerely yours,

Ariel Sharon
Prime Minister, Israel