Airing Our Dirty Laundry

I'm writing columns about how there are children in Israel going hungry and the economy is in difficult times, and the powers that be want to pick up the tab for the buildings that were demolished in Rafah?

Arlene Peck

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I wonder, do the Jewish liberal politicians - who most times, I find to be self-serving and self-haters - have any idea of the damage that they do to Israel or the Jewish people when they utter their garbage? Our enemies take comfort from a simple uttering by a Tommy Lapid about how the behavior of the Israel army reminded him of what his Holocaust survivor mother endured. That stupid comment made headlines around the world. Did the man mean the damage that he did? I don't know, but it was done.

In the same way, a few renegade soldiers were remiss in their sick treatment of enemy soldiers in the Abu Ghraib prison. The damage to the vast United States armed forces has been done. Did they mean it? Or were they just guys and gals who wanted to have fun and "photo-ops" with the prisoners of war under their jurisdiction?

Who knows? Who cares? The damage has been done. The liberal and enemy press took hold of those pictures and it's going to cost us dearly.

Why do I mention this?

Well, for starters, it has come to my attention that Prime Minister Sharon, in his apparently senile years, has proposed the idea of compensation to hundreds of Palestinians whose homes were demolished during the widening of the death road, the Philadelphia Corridor. Who, in heavens name, does he plan on paying the 'reimbursements' for damages done?

As far as I'm concerned, these same displaced homeowners/terrorists have cost enough, making it necessary to erect a wall to keep them out of Israel.

I'm writing columns about how there are children in Israel going hungry and the economy is in difficult times, and the powers that be want to pick up the tab for the buildings that were demolished in Rafah? Yet, the Los Angeles Times, incredibly, wrote an editorial that the reins of the turnover (that apparently is a done deal) should be turned over to Egypt.

Excuse me?

Wasn't one of the primary reasons for the incursion into Gaza to seek and destroy the tunnels that were coming in from Egypt and bringing weapons to be used against Israel?

I interviewed a mother who was one of the victims of Arab terrorism, specifically, Gazan terrorism. She decried how she didn't have money to pay her babysitters to watch her other three children while she stayed at the hospital to take care of her injured daughter. The Prime Minister wants to pick up the tab? Who is going to compensate for all the damages these savages have caused? Have all the bills for the thousands and thousands of wounded and maimed they've caused been settled? Is Yasser Arafat and Company, the EU or the UN going to send their checks to repay Israel for the continuing surgical operations, the medical supplies and disability of those who will never function normally again?

I suppose the expenses of all those hotels, discotheques, bus companies, malls and military vehicles that have continuously been destroyed by the savages have been covered. Surely, the bills for all of those have all been taken care of by the EU and the United Nations. Generous donations from the Red Cross took care of the victims of Arab terrorism, just like after 9/11.

No? Then why are Sharon and company making comments to the biased press, who hate them anyway, about plans for Rafah compensation?

Do the Israelis have any idea how detrimental it is when prominent leaders or members of the IDF make stupid public statements?

The Los Angeles Times is one of the more rabid anti-Israel papers in the nation. Have you any idea how delighted they were to print a huge column written by Uri Dromi, who is now the director of international outreach at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem? I knew him when he was the Director of the Press Office in Israel and thought him a terrific guy. I believe he even made it possible once for me to enter Gaza with a press pass to report on what I found at the time.

This was before the intafada, but it was getting dangerous at that time. I saw firsthand what a cesspool it was of bored and violent people. Even then. I remember thinking I had never seen such hate-filled and old eyes on children. And they didn't even know that I was Jewish.

Mr. Dromi, I am sure, is well aware of the situation and the mentality of the crazed savages who roam the streets of Gaza. So I was a little surprised and dismayed to read that he thinks, like our President Bush, that we must win the hearts and minds of the enemy. Folks, the people who thrive on death and destruction don't have hearts or rational minds to be won.

They are out to kill us - both the Saturday and the Sunday people. Yet, according to Mr. Dromi, "Israel should do its utmost to heal the wounds of this recent, bitter episode. Compensating those people whose homes were demolished is a good first step toward that goal."

Outrageous comment, and more so because he should be talking about compensation for the carnage caused by the Arab terrorists, about the victims of Arab terrorism.

Dromi continued speaking about the love they will feel for Israel for withdrawing from Gaza and what Israel should do to heal their wounds: "Instead of deepening their animosity toward Israel, and instead of demolishing the settlements once they are evacuated, Israel should generously hand them over to Palestinians who desperately need better housing."

As though it were already a 'done deal', he continues, "This move would neither diminish the strength of Israel nor harm its security. On the contrary, it would prove that Israel is not only mighty but also magnanimous: not running away but pulling out in a thoughtful, positive way."

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I truly believe that for issues as important as what Sharon, Dromi and the Los Angeles Times have decided, I believe that there should be a referendum of the entire people as to how they feel on issues such as this. It is not up to one man, or outside countries that don't have the Jewish homeland in their minds or hearts.

However, while all this is going on, it might be wise to put a muzzle on the usual suspects - Tommy, Peres and now Uri Dromi - before giving their press conferences to Israel's enemies and not write extensive columns to any newspapers who gleefully use their words against them. They want to show their sensitivity and do something 'touchie-feelie'? Tell them to go hug a tree.

My momma, Queen Mollie, used to tell me to keep my skirts clean and don't ever wash my dirty laundry in public. Now, I understand what she meant.