Arafat, In His Own Words

Is Yasser Arafat deserving of a Nobel Peace prize? Is Arafat a man of his word? Or is Arafat "Chairman of Terror" and mastermind of mass murder and mayhem?

Gary Fitleberg

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Is Yasser Arafat deserving of a Nobel Peace prize? Is Arafat a man of his word? Or is Arafat "Chairman of Terror" and mastermind of mass murder and mayhem?

Arafat should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize because he makes a mockery of the meaning of peace.

Arafat has never ever kept one word of his. In other words: How does one know when he is lying? When his lips are moving, or quivering.

In his latest, greatest effort of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence, Arafat calls upon his people to "terrorize your enemy" as he bitterly marked the 56th anniversary of the Nakba - the Catastrophe, as Arabs call the creation of the State of Israel.

Arafat, ruler of the Arab "Palestinians" and chairman of the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization, is supposed to be a man of peace. A moderate. With moderates like Arafat, one does not need extremist, fanatical fundamentalists.

In a speech broadcast live on PLO-controlled Arab "Palestinian" television, Arafat repeatedly called on his people to be steadfast in their struggle against the Israeli occupation, but also said he is ready for peace.

"Our nation is patient and determined," he said, "[and] sacrificed its body to defend itself, which was laid bare by the Nakba carried out by international, Zionist and imperialist powers, which didn't have the right to allow [the creation of Israel], for those who didn't have the right [the Zionists].

"Acts of sacrifice, determination and revolution have sent a message to the world that Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinian nation and it has no other, and it will not accept an alternative to its homeland," said Arafat.

"The warriors of jihad [holy war] have erased the memory of the Nakba and compelled the international community and Israel to discuss the Palestinian issue," the PA chairman went on.

"We have proved that the Nakba, which caused harm to millions of Palestinian refugees, is not a fate that we cannot fight, and we proved that through stubbornness it is possible to battle for this homeland and the holy places, and return to them. The aggression of the Israeli occupation is pitted against the force of history."

Arafat ended the speech with a quote from the Koran: "Find what strength you have to terrorize your enemy and the enemy of God," he said. The phrase in the Koran refers to Muslims' wars against pagans. It is followed by a phrase saying, "If they want peace, then let's have peace."

Israel has long accused Arafat of sponsoring terrorism and he has been confined to his compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah for more than two years. Last September, the Israeli government decided to remove the Palestinian leader "in the way, time and manner which will be determined."

Why the world rewards Arafat, one of the smartest criminals in history, with diplomatic immunity, "humanitarian aid" money, and political protection is a wonder. Arafat should be publicly put on trial by the International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands, for his crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing genocide, rather than receive a Nobel Peace prize.