Gaza: Surrender or Withdrawal?

Arab so-called "Palestinians" claim they want statehood, through withdrawal by the Israelis from the so-called "occupied territories", or "Palestinian territories" (which in fact are "disputed territories"), of Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Gary Fitleberg

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Arab so-called "Palestinians" claim they want statehood, through withdrawal by the Israelis from the so-called "occupied territories", or "Palestinian territories" (which in fact are "disputed territories"), of Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

These "disputed territories" were annexed illegally when the Arab nations all attacked Israel after it achieved its independence in 1948 and the modern state of Israel was created. Israel lost its territories, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, to its Arab neighbors Egypt and Jordan. They then "occupied" the territories for nineteen years, from 1948-1967, until Israel re-conquered its territories in another Arab aggressive war. According to international law, when an aggressor attacks and loses land, it becomes rightfully belonging to the aggrieved party. So, although Israel won back its "disputed territories" fair and square in a defensive war, it is willing to trade "land for peace", as it did with both Egypt and Jordan successfully.

The fact of the matter is that the land is biblically, historically, legally and morally Israel's.

The fact of the matter is that there never ever was an independent nation called "Palestine" or people known as "Palestinians", unless you are referring to those people previously known as Hebrews, Israelites, Jews (from the tribe of Judah, who lived in the region of Judea) - now called Israelis. In other words, Arab "Palestine" or "Palestinians" is a lie, a myth; it is propaganda perpetuated by the Arab League of Nations as a political ploy to lay claim and conquer the whole Middle East region and to annihilate all Jews in a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

The fact of the matter is that Judea and Samaria, the so-called "West Bank", is the ancient Biblical birthplace and cradle of Judaism, the precursor to Christianity and Islam. There is no "West Bank" prior to 1948, so this is a modern political invention. Check any Holy Book. Check the Old Testament (Five Books of Moses). Check any New Testament. Check the Holy Koran. Find me one verse anywhere that mentions a "West Bank" as the land or nation of an Arab "Palestine" or Arab "Palestinians" and I will show you a moon made of blue or green cheese. In fact, Jordan, formerly known as Transjordan, is the area designated by Palestine Mandatory power as Arab "Palestine". Therefore, to give the "disputed territory" of Gaza, Judea and Samara over to Arab rule is actually to create a second Arab "Palestine."

But that's another story and a topic for another discussion. Enough factual information and historical truth for now. Let's go to the proposed unilateral withdrawal from Gaza by Israel in an effort to achieve peace with the Arab population living on Jewish land.

The so-called "Palestinians" would not perform according to all the international agreements they signed. Specifically, those that call for the renunciation of terrorism, for example. Israel decided on its own initiative, therefore, to leave this hotbed of hatred and hostility, as there is no serious peace partner.

The Arabs complain Israel "occupies" the land, yet when the Israelis try to leave, then the Arabs raise an international furor that Israel is doing so unilaterally.

The Arab "Palestinians" are ruled by a corrupt dictator and repressive ruler: Yasser Arafat. He is the one who is Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its main faction Fatah, as well its so-called "security forces" (subsidiary terrorist organizations) - such as the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Force 17 and Tanzim.

Chairman Arafat, Chairman of Arab-Palestinian Terrorism, was offered another Arab "Palestinian" statehood, which included an unprecedented offer of East Jerusalem as capital, 100% of Gaza, and 97% of Judea and Samaria. What did Chairman Arafat do?

He turned his back and walked away from statehood. Without even a counteroffer. Why?

Very simple. This way, Arafat maintains his ability to steal the humanitarian aid from the international community, rather than clothe, feed and shelter his people properly. Arafat's symbolism is much more important than peace (at least to him). Last, but not least, this really isn't about Gaza, Judea and Samaria, but the whole pie. The Arabs want all of what was formerly known as Palestine and the annihilation of the Jews from the land. If you don't believe me, just ask them, read their charters or check their numerous websites.

Getting back to Gaza?

Because of the demographics whereby Arabs out populate Jews in Gaza, under economic, military and political pressure, Israel's leaders (at least some of them) feel it is in Israel's interest to withdraw from Gaza. Those individuals feel that by evacuating the brave and courageous Israeli citizens - who risk their lives on a daily basis because they believe strongly in an a contiguous undivided and united Israel - they can defend and protect these citizens in a more powerful, stronger way. They also feel that the use of military personnel will be more effective and efficient outside of Gaza. Since Gaza is a hotbed for hatred, incitement, violence of the parent terrorist organization PA/PLO and sister terrorist organizations Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, that is another reason to isolate them entirely from the Jewish population.

The Arab population doesn't want the Jewish population to leave unilaterally. Why? Because they want to annihilate them instead. Before they leave voluntarily.

Much like the withdrawal from Lebanon, the Arabs view the evacuation or unilateral withdrawal as a military victory and surrender, which gives them cannon-fodder to perpetuate further acts of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence against Israel.

The Arabs believe they can win political concessions not through negotiations at the peace table, but through terrorism. Even the inkling of a unilateral withdrawal proves the Arab military strategy works more effectively. A clear message is sent and terrorism can and will only increase.

The land once "occupied" by Egypt should be given back. Make the Egyptians "babysitters" of their brethren and cousins. Egypt was already given a land mass three times the size of Israel in a "land for peace" deal, but Egypt didn't want Gaza. It knew what a headache it would be to keep these people. Jordan also refused to take in its own brethren, cousins and people. The Hashemite regime already experienced the rebelliousness and viciousness of Arafat and his henchmen during the attempted overthrow of the Hashemite rulers, and the subsequent suppression of "Black September" by the King of Jordan. In fact, every Arab nation where Arafat has been a guest throws him out, eventually. Jordan. Lebanon. Libya. Tunisia. All expel Arafat, Why can't Israel?

Gaza is the Egyptian "fifth column" to destroy Israel. That which it could not do through external wars, it now seeks to do internally, by use of a cancer. It needs to be removed once and for all.

Rather than unilaterally withdraw from Gaza, Israel must force the cold, alleged "peace partner" to take in its own people and/or remove the cancer by removing the extremist fanatical, fundamentalist terrorist groups. The sooner, the better.

Gaza: surrender or withdrawal? That is the question.