Deaf, Dumb & Blind: Spiritual Terrorism

The founder and ruler of spiritual terrorism is Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He is the spiritual inspiration for mass murder and mayhem, of the so-called "suicide bomber" phenomenon, which is the weapon of mass destruction designed to eliminate Israel and Jews internationally.

Gary Fitleberg

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Spiritual Terrorism is deaf, dumb and blind to morality, reality and truth.

The founder and ruler of spiritual terrorism is Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He is the spiritual inspiration for mass murder and mayhem, of the so-called "suicide bomber" phenomenon, which is the weapon of mass destruction designed to eliminate Israel and Jews internationally.

Fortunately, Israel has finally decided to send a clear message to all terrorists everywhere. Whether in the disputed territories of Gaza, Judea & Samaria or Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or even Argentina and Kenya, terrorism will never ever be tolerated. Striking at the heart of spiritual terrorism, Israel eliminated the inspiration by ending the life of an evil mass murderer who preached daily destruction, rather than the true teaching of the Holy Koran and Prophet Mohammed to recognize the Children of Israel and their prophet Moses.

The mainstream media is one example of morality that has taken a turn for the worse. One that perpetuates myths rather than facts and truth. One that perpetuates the political propaganda of those bent on the annihilation of the entire Western civilization by utilizing the concepts of democracy and freedom in an effort to destroy it forever.

Let's look at some examples in the untimely death of "spiritual ruler" Sheikh Ahmed Yassin of the "political wing" of Hamas. When I say untimely, I mean Israel should have done the deed much earlier, which would have saved many human lives. One must note that whether his media wings are "military" or "political" he certainly is no angel. Unless one means the Angel of Death.

Media myths characterize and describe Sheikh Ahmed falsely in a most sympathetic light. For example, some of the terminology utilized to soften the image of the mass murderer and to inspire sympathetic leanings include the following:

*Yassin, a quadriplegic who used a wheelchair, was on his way home from dawn prayers at a Gaza City mosque when the strike occurred.

Media reports fail to mention Yassin was praying for the annihilation of Israel and Jews rather than for peace.

* "Palestinians" lashed out at Israel for targeting a spiritual leader.

Media reports fail to mention Yassin was a spiritual ruler of terrorism and that his daily diatribes against Israel and the Jewish people are the cause of mass murder and mayhem.

*Many "Palestinians" viewed him as a moderating influence.

Media reports fail to mention that with this type of moderating influence by an extremist fanatical fundamentalist terrorist, one does not need enemies who are perhaps more hardline.

*In his wheelchair, Yassin cut a withered figure beneath his customary white head scarf.

In the image of the wild west, it was always the "good guy" who wore the white hat.

*The frail and ailing Yassin, although himself the picture of physical powerlessness, probably did more than any other figure to sear into the consciousness of these young "Palestinians" the notion that a death sought in order to inflict a bloody blow upon a hated enemy was a glorious one.

The media focuses on an image of an ailing, frail, withered man in a wheelchair.

The glory of cold-blooded murder is exemplified no better than by the media in this characterization and description. Although unintended, this is also a seething indictment of guilt and responsibility for mass murder. What about Arafat? Is the Sheikh's spiritual guidance much more influential than the PA/PLO ruler's?

*Yassin always denied any personal involvement in the planning and execution of so-called "suicide" (actually "homicide" attacks bent on the intent of as many murder victims as inhumanly possible) attacks.

But in mosque sermons and teachings, he repeatedly portrayed them as a divinely inspired means for the weak to strike at the powerful. He depicted such attacks not as a mere military strategy, but as a means for those who carried them out to automatically achieve oneness with G-d. The many innocent victims of "suicide bombings," mounting into the hundreds as the intifada dragged on, were never part of the equation.

The media surely distorts the truth by sugarcoating it with outright distortions and lies. Yassin never had any personal involvement in the planning and execution of the attacks as "spiritual leader" of the "political wing"? Is mass murder the way to achieve oneness with G-d? What about one of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shall not murder"? Yassin seems to have overlooked that one.

The mainstream media is guilty of perpetuating the myths of the perpetrators of mass murder and mayhem, making them the instruments for political propaganda. All the aforementioned characterizations were published in the Los Angeles Times newspaper. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a newspaper that is supposed to have won awards for honest reporting, accurate reporting. Give them a Pulitzer prize? Hardly.

Yassin is portayed as the "victim" of terrorism, rather than the perpetrator. The controversial "targeted killings" are the focus and topic for trial because terrorists are murdered. Yet the topic of "targeted killings" of human beings on buses, in cafes and discos, in shopping malls, in universities hardly stirs up a frenzy internationally. Why? Because it is Israel and Jews.

No one seems to want to be bothered that Jews are murdered and maimed. Not even at religious holiday celebrations such as Passover. Not even at life cycle events such as weddings. No international condemnation and outrage.

Is the whole world deaf, dumb, and blind?

The United Nations, which is controlled by Arab/Islamist nations, is yet another example of the bankrupt morality of the entire world. It has historically been an arch-enemy of Israel and its very existence. How can an honest and moral organization continue to pass resolutions in favor of the perpetrators of mass genocide and against its victims? Yet, it does so continually and daily. Arafat sought and received international protection from the U.N. despite the fact that he is one of the most corrupt dictators in the entire history of mankind. No nation will give Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein such an honor.

Rather than put terrorism on trial, the U.N. shows its lack of morality. Instead, it puts Israel on trial for building a moveable, temporary barrier and bridge to peace and security against terrorism. It is a fence. The media most often calls it a wall. It is compared to the Berlin Wall to evoke sympathy for the poor terrorists. The U.N. even went as far as to put Israel publicly on trial before the International Court of Justice (or more accurately International Court of Injustice ? or Kangaroo Court, for short). Israel has a right to protect its citizens from harm's way as a matter of internal security. The latest mockery is to try to pass a U.N. Security Council resolution against Israel for targeting a terrorist. Not just any terrorist; the founder and "spiritual ruler" of terrorism.

This is an expose, eulogy and obituary notice for Sheik Ahmed Yassin, "spiritual ruler" of Hamas and the Arab "Palestinian" people: Yassin was a bloodthirsty fanatic whose "leadership" resulted in the killing of 377 and the wounding of 2,076 Israeli citizens and soldiers since September 2000. Rather than bemoaning his departure from this world, a more appropriate response would be to say, "good riddance."

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin may have been nearly deaf and blind, but he surely was not dumb. Yassin was the mastermind and "spiritual ruler" of terrorism. Yassin was a political propaganda minister in a bloody campaign of hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence that had absolutely nothing to do with the oneness of G-d, but rather mass murder and mayhem.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. May he rest in pieces.