An Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz

I am sure that your reading talents are at least as proficient as your writing skills. I suggest, therefore, that you begin to read - thoroughly, I may suggest - some of the written truths that you and other blind, liberal mannequins are so apt at pretending do not exist.

Isaac Kohn,

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Dear Mr. Dershowitz,

I read your article ("Bigotry Outside Faneuil Hall") describing the unbridled hatred you faced the other day. The sheer ecstasy exhibited by the virulent anti-Semitic human roaches shook your sensibilities. After all, in your own words, the political path you walk envisions a Palestinian State alongside that of Israel, dismantling of most settlements and the 'end of Israel's occupation.' How dare they! You voiced your outrage and consternation. How dare they attempt - and succeed - in silencing a voice of political reason and compromise? How dare they, indeed?

Mr. Dershowitz:

I will not attempt to joust with you. Your reputation precedes you as an eloquent writer, speaker and a 'no-nonsense-fighter' for equality. 'Truth and Justice' is the two-pronged saber you wield in your defense of the socially 'downtrodden.' Who am I to attempt to compete in the war of words with a champion of the written expression? Yet, my intestines are rebelling against the seething bitterness as the innards threaten to heave. I must therefore respond in form to what I conceive is stupidity spiced with an equal dosage of assumed ignorance. Please accept my apology in advance if you find my response offensive. But I can think of no other way to do so.

Mr. Dershowitz:

I am sure that your reading talents are at least as proficient as your writing skills. I suggest, therefore, that you begin to read - thoroughly, I may suggest - some of the written truths that you and other blind, liberal mannequins are so apt at pretending do not exist.

Read about Arab threats to eradicate any and every Jew in every inch of what they have coined "Palestine". Read, Mr. Dershowitz, read their schoolbooks, their indoctrination of their youth, the mission of the terror organizations. Tell me, Mr. Dershowitz, have you read even one line suggesting 'peaceful coexistence' with the State of Israel? Tell me, Mr. Dershowitz, when they vow to throw us into the sea, what exactly does that mean? How do you, liberal equality seeker, interpret the anti-Semitic speeches we hear thundering in mosques across the world? Is there something wrong with your liberal comprehension or have you turned on the selective-hearing mechanism? Which part of "kill the Jews" don't you understand? How long will you pretend that what you hear is not what is really meant? Wake up, Mr. Dershowitz. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Your liberalism offends my sensibilities because it assumes that everyone else on the other side of the political road is infected with gullibility; whereas, it is a sickness inherent to the Left. And gullibility does not become your persona. With the nurtured concept that hiding one's head in the sand of ignorance will eliminate the problem, your sense of liberalism insists that the rest march to the beat you set. But pretense can not replace truth. Welcome to the world of reality, Mr. Dershowitz. Perhaps it's time to acknowledge that the over-toasted liberalism is destructive.

My political feelings and leanings are the exact opposite of yours. I do not believe in compromising on our land. I do not believe in giving up an inch of our G-d-given territories. I resent and reject the idea of Jews being transferred against their will. I believe in the slogan 'Never Again.' And I do not consider it an 'occupation', but rather the 'liberation' of our ancestral inheritance. Yet, they hate you, Mr. Dershowitz, as much as they hate me, because creating another terrorist state is not the issue. Neither are the settlements or the supposed 'occupation.'

The issue, Mr. Dershowitz, is the mere fact that we, Jews, exist. The unfortunate fact that we have survived the Holocaust must be corrected, and the 'Final Solution' must come to its final conclusion. Anything less, Mr. Dershowitz, is seen as an affront to the Islamofacism of today. The Jew must be eradicated in order that Allah be properly sanctified. Perhaps the concept is new to you, but they kill us because we are Jews, Mr. Dershowitz, not because of settlements, fences or presumed and imagined atrocities.

Perhaps it's time to register for a refresher course, to be aptly titled, 'Reality and Facts for Dreamers,' a course designed to awaken those slumbering in self-induced sleep. The benefits derived from said course may become the catalysts needed in reviving Jewish self-worth and preservation. Historical facts coming unhinged in an attempt to rewrite the past do not change these certainties. And one of those certainties, Mr. Dershowitz, is the confirmation of the deeds to these lands, which are G-d-granted, signed, sealed and delivered. Any talk of abandoning any of these lands is blasphemy, sacrilegious and criminal. And uprooting the settlers, Mr. Dershowitz, in the lexicon of the well-read, is called 'transfer' or 'ethnic cleansing' - phraseology you abhor in the context of presumed Palestinian rights.

But how can one compare the transfer of Jews to the uprooting of members of the non-existent Palestinian people? We, Jews, after all, are quite experienced in the business of being transferred and uprooted. The world, in collusion with yellow-striped self-hating so-called 'liberal Jews' will understand and fully accept the expulsion of Jews. In fact, I can clearly envision the worldwide joy as the images of Jews being forcibly uprooted from their homes are beamed across TV screens.

You saw it, Mr. Dershowitz. You wrote how grateful you were that the police officer escorted you away lest a physical confrontation would have ensued. They refused to let you speak! You, an eloquent speaker for the rights of the Palestinians, were confronted with inexplicable hate. Your attempts to 'explain' your views were met with sarcasm and a solid wall of cynicism. The near-riot reminded you of the Nazi rallies seventy years ago in Berlin.

No kidding? Isn't it fabulous when the hot-air balloon of apparent imbecility is burst by the dagger of malevolence allowing all of the accumulated misconceptions to evaporate into thin air? Why doesn't it surprise those of us who have not been 'educated' in the art of self deception? Why are we not surprised, Mr. Dershowitz, that Jewish retreat in the face of adversity is understood for what it is, namely, cowardice? How is it that pompous, stuffed-suited liberals are surprised by what we, uneducated, unread 'radicals' take for granted? Has it anything to do, perhaps, with a mind so infected with self-importance that it refuses to see the in-coming storm?

Mr. Dershowitz:

Islamofascism is nothing new, but with time it grew and sprouted. Before 1948, there were no 'occupied territories', no 'settlements', no 'unwarranted hardships against the Palestinian population'. But I doubt the need to refresh your memory. I'm sure that the historical facts are deeply ingrained in your educated memory.

Our enemies hate us because? I guess we can fill in the gap with quite a few reasons. But the only one that makes real sense and is as old as Judaism itself, is the simple fact that one is a Jew. Everything else is simply another wrapping to disguise the truth beneath. Yet, I do not fear my enemies. They will not succeed. What I fear most, Mr. Dershowitz, is the illusion being built by wayward liberals amongst us. The smokescreen you create in order to blind the rest of us from seeing the bitter truth is far more dangerous than the ovens in Dachau. They, our enemies, are tampering with the physical. The liberals, on the other hand, are playing with our minds and lulling us into a stupor of illusory well-being. Many of us, perhaps, are fools, Mr. Dershowitz, to accept the picture of future tranquillity the liberals are painting. But G-d, in his infinite wisdom, sends us a somber reminder.

Purim was one. Perhaps Faneuil Hall was just another.