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It's not "fair" that a gaggle of anti-Semites from all those wonderful bastions of democracy around the globe such as Cuba, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Organization of Islamic States, the League of Arab states etc. meet in a world court in The Hague. Gawd. Who cares?

Arlene Peck

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Recently, while unpacking some old boxes, I came across some treasures that had been bundled away for more decades than I care to remember. I had saved many old appointment books and love letters from many more men than I should recall. The reason I mention this now is because, until then, I had never realized what a terrible person I was.

After sitting down and reading these postcards from my past, I noticed something. It seemed the more I was unkind to these guys, the more they wanted me. Truly. I thought, what a bi*** I was. Yet, no one in all those little stacks of envelopes seemed to mind that I gave them a hard time. Most in fact, seemed to love it.

So, it got me to thinking. Israel has been too needy. The same goes for the woman who sits in a bar with the expectant look that says, "Pick me! Pick me!" She is never going to have a date for the prom. I think the same holds true for Israel. They want to be loved. They need to be appreciated.

Folks, there is another thing I learned a long time ago. There are four words that should be removed from the English language. They are: "ought"; "should"; "fair"; and "equitable". Because life ain't always the way it ought to be, should be, and for sure it's not fair or equitable.

It's not "fair" that a gaggle of anti-Semites from all those wonderful bastions of democracy around the globe such as Cuba, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Organization of Islamic States, the League of Arab states etc. meet in a world court in The Hague.

Gawd. Who cares?

The Jews are concerned that the Catholic Pope will give a good review for the Mel Gibson Passion Play? At this moment, the Pope might be too busy worrying about another problem in his church, i.e. the pedophiles crisis. At the rate they're going, soon the lawsuits will be a billion dollars. Wouldn't those funds have been better used in charitable endeavors than paying out lawsuits? Maybe Mel Gibson ought to choose that as the topic for his next 'religious' epic: How his own church ought to go about cleaning up its act.

How much energy has been wasted in downplaying Israel's aid to its enemies, so as not to antagonize the Arab world? Israel doesn't need to be loved that much.

Why should Israel give a diddly-squat that those very same folks who gave us the Holocaust decide to meet in the Hague to sit in judgement of Israel?

Israel has the power, but seems to have forgotten that fact. Maybe it's time to remember. My momma used to tell me, "Darlin', the best defense is a powerful offense!'

Some people aren't going to like the Jews no matter what. The Jews gave a conscience to the world. The Ten Commandments were a stunner! Until then, everyone was happy in their hedonistic ways. Hey, they could sleep with sheep and who would care? Moses had to do his 'thing' and it's been downhill ever since. The fact that the Jews are just tiny spot on the planet and the major recipients of the Nobel Prizes doesn't help either.

Here's an apt analogy. I think I have no problem with my identity. Until some young, tall, skinny blond wearing implants and hip-huggers walks past me. Do I like her? No! I think, "Bi***." She could have the personality of Lady Di. Or the goodness of Mother Theresa. It wouldn't matter. She's hated by me and most of the other women in the room.

The same goes for Israel. As for as her immediate neighbors, most of whom have the educational skills of an eggplant, they hate the Jewish State. It's a shame. It's tragic. But, folks, that's just the way it is. Their school books teach math this way: "If Abdul kills three Israelis and Mohammed bombs ten, how many are left?" This is not a mentality you can reason with.

The rest of the world? Well, to my thinking, it's pretty much the same thing. Israel tries too hard to be respected, loved or appreciated for all the truly wonderful things that she is.

So what to do? Treat the European Union like a scorned man and they'll come groveling.

I grew up in Georgia. It saddens me to say it, but the state was filled with men who, I seriously suspect, slept with their cousins. That's just the way it was. But, do you think that they would have cared for a moment or reacted by changing their ways if the general population of California decided to violate their 'states rights' by interfering in the habits of the local natives? L-rd, it almost caused a war when the state legislature decided to take down the Civil War flag from the courthouse.

Yet, just as soon as George Bush or any of our State Department civil servants - who have been on the payroll of the Saudis for many years - snap their fingers, the wayward, hungry leaders of the State of Israel say, "How high?"

Which brings me back to how Israel ought to treat her detractors; like a successful woman treats her men. Jealousy, in moderation, never hurts, either. The United States doesn't want to give that needed 2.2 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel? Hey, call Michael Eisner! He's a nice Jewish boy who has money to burn; he just turned down fifty-one billion dollars for a transfer of Disney to Comcast Cable Company.

So, the motto ought to be "It's a can't have, want world." The detractors of the Jews can't be the chosen people. The more they are rejected, the more they want it. As my mother used to tell me, "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?" Israel has to remember to make their so-called friends buy more cows.