Terror Does Pay

Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Ramallah to hear Yasser Arafat speak out for the first time in many months. Raising their fists into the air, the crowd shouted in frenzied expectation of seeing their triumphant ra'is.

Isaac Kohn,

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[The following is a fictional representation.]

Hundreds of thousands have gathered in Ramallah to hear Yasser Arafat speak out for the first time in many months. Raising their fists into the air, the crowd shouted in frenzied expectation of seeing their triumphant ra'is.

"Kill the Jews!", "From River To Sea!", the banners proclaimed as reporters from all over the world recorded the scene. One child was holding a large picture of long cattle cars on the way to Auschwitz. "With Blood We Shall Liberate You, O' Palestine!" the huge banner fluttered above the semi-destroyed Mukata, in full view of the soldiers on the hill. Ecstasy ran rampant through the frenzied crowd. And then...

"Allahu Akbar!" Resplendent in a new keffiya, his ever-present army uniform crisply starched, a broad ear-to-ear smile across his face, the ra'is stepped out into the sunlight. A tremendous roar rose from the throats of the victory-drunken multitudes.

"Allahu Akbar!" they responded in unison. The earth shook from thousands of stomping feet.

"Allahu Akbar!" He raised his hand and waived to the crowd; bathed in the glory of the moment, Yasser Arafat stood there, waiting for the crowd to calm down. Slowly, the noise abated as all eyes turned towards him. He began to speak.

"Praise our jihad. Bless the Hamas, the Hizbullah, holy Jihad, Tanzim, Fatah, PFLP and all other great freedom organizations whose unflinching struggle against the infidel Jews is bearing wonderful fruit.

"Inshallah, my brothers and sisters. The future is ours. The fight to regain our stolen lands is finally cracking the Jews' resolve to remain in the lands they illegally usurped. The Nakba of 1948 and the aggression of 1967 is about to be reversed; the retreat from Gaza is but a tiny step on the road towards total liberation. The sun is beginning to shine once again. Palestine is ours. We are marching forward as the enemy continues to retreat. Our just struggle, coupled with our unrelenting onslaught, has sent a clear message to the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad. They are crumbling, falling apart, unable to sustain the immense pressure brought to bear by our glorious fighters. Our flag shall soon rise above every minaret in occupied Palestine. From the border of Syria to the port of Akkaba and from the Jordan River to the blue Mediterranean Sea, we shall sweep away the Jews from every inch of the land. Justice is here at last."

"Hear! Hear!" an ear-splitting roar from the crowd rolled across the nearby hills and valleys; the frenzy of joy was all consuming. The rat-tat-tat of sub-machine guns being fired in the air added to the tumultuous cacophony of thunderous noise.

"Brothers! I want to address my former bitter antagonist-turned friend, the esteemed prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon."

The crowd hissed and booed loudly at the mention of the hated name. Arafat raised his hand and the crowd fell silent once again. The arch-terrorist continued:

"My dear Ariel. Today, I wish to address you not as an enemy, nor an antagonist. I want to address you as a compatriot, a friend, a believer in the Palestinian cause. Your sharp turn around is a welcome step. An ally such as you is something we never dared hope for. In joining our struggle, your place in our hearts is guaranteed. With the prominent triumvirate-gang of Peres-Beilin-Sharon, the creation of Palestine on Israel's grave has received a tremendous shot-in-the-arm.

"Our set course of terrorism does pay a handsome dividend; a reward for the bloodshed we visited on you has been achieved. The wait was worthwhile. The galloping horses can no longer be restrained as the race towards the finish-line will now gain momentum. The winner is assured. The winning horse is out of the gate in a gallop.

"My dear Ariel, you have reconfirmed my deep belief in the ultimate goodness of mankind. You have reasserted Islam's supremacy in the struggle against Judaism. By abandoning the Jewish creed and tenets, by rejecting your G-d, you have literally embraced our Allah. By succumbing to world pressure, you have taken the lead in nurturing Islam's intentions against your own people. Had I forseen your debacle, I would have applied much more pressure, killed many more of your women and children. Had I done so, your retreat in the face of terror would have been accomplished much sooner.

"How right Nasrallah was! When the Israeli army ran away from Lebanon, his admonition was clear: Israel understands only force. Who could have possibly prophecied that the hero of Israel will crumble like wet sand in face of our onslaught?

"We admire your heroic defection from the camp you lead to the one I am leading. Bless you.

"However, dear Ariel, let it be understood: Gaza is but a small step in the overall scheme and plans. Our Charter will not change, nor be modified. We, the people of Palestine, will continue the march forward in order to obliterate every vestige of Judaism in these lands. Listen, if you will, and hear the chugging of the cattle-cars, the goose-stepping click of the boots.The 'Final Solution' wasn't finalized. We will accomplish what they had failed to do. We will pursue the ultimate goal of sending you all back to the countries you came from.

"Or, if you choose, Ariel, you may begin to learn how to swim."