Evacuate Gaza

There is a small section of southern Gaza that falls outside the borders of Biblical Israel, as does Ariel Sharon's farm in the Negev. The architect of history is manipulating contingencies to implement Biblical prophesies.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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There is a small section of southern Gaza that falls outside the borders of Biblical Israel, as does Ariel Sharon's farm in the Negev. The architect of history is manipulating contingencies to implement Biblical prophesies.

While removing Jews from outside Biblical Israel is less laudable than removing non-Jews from within Biblical Israel, in an unbelievable twist of fate, the anti-religious left-wing Shinui minister openly advocates removing Arab communities in land that will fall under Israeli sovereignty. We must lend our support to his suggestion.

Sharon's order to plan the evacuation of Jews is racist and illegal, but it has a silver lining. This action openly recognizes that we have no more rights to the southern tip of Gaza than do all the churches have the right of ownership of church property that derived from the invasion of the Crusades. Similarly, the Moslem Waqf has no right of ownership of any property that was never purchased, but were the spoils of invasion.

By unilaterally canceling our ownership of the southern tip of Gaza, Sharon theoretically cancels ownership of all property held by non-Jews. Even better, by removing Jews, he has implemented the dirty word: Transfer. It is now advocated even by the left-wing Shinui party, which advocates moving Arab communities that remain under Israel sovereignty.

So, as there is no one to talk to, it is like a child playing monopoly by himself. In trading properties, I advocate trading the six Jewish communities in the southern tip of Gaza for Jenin, Shechem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah, Kalkilya, Tul Karem and the rest of Gaza. Certainly, those so-called Palestinians who want to return to Jordan or Egypt should be permitted the final exodus.

The windfall of housing in these cities should be offered to olim from the Western world. They should be permitted to have a second home without obligating themselves to pay crushing taxes and imposing military service upon their children. In time, those who become ready to be full partners with the rest of Israeli citizens will make Aliyah.

We may debate among ourselves whether the very existence of the State of Israel heralds the process of the Messiah, whether the Messiah is something we should passively wait for or actively bring about, and whether it is even in our power bring the Messiah before it is time; however, regardless of our theological position, we are forced to act as if separation from the Arabs is a matter of life and death. In the rare instances that Jews can agree on any one thing, there is one thing we all agree upon: We cannot live with this crazily fanatical people, the so-called Palestinians. If some of us must be removed, then they must also. As one Jew is worth many hundreds of Arabs in prisoner swaps, one Jewish settler is worth several thousands in population swaps.

When the Messiah comes, the borders of Israel will extend at least from the Nile to the Euphrates, including the holy land in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. In the interim, we should be content with the minimum borders of Biblical Israel, which includes all land north of the latitude of Be'er Sheva.

It is only by implementing the Divine plan, detailed in Biblical prophesies, that we will have a hiatus of open hostilities. But we have to have realistic expectations.

True peace cannot be achieved until the Messiah comes. And the Messiah will not come until either all Jews observe two Sabbaths or at the end of days. In the former case, it will be painless, and in the latter case, more painful than childbirth.

My Peace Plan: If you are Jewish, observe Shabbos, as well as other Biblical commandments; and if you are not, help a Jew observe the Sabbath. If you are his/her employer, do not permit him/her to work on Friday after dark or on Saturday. If you are a Jew, have a second home in the Holy Land, and if you are not, help a Jew acquire ownership of a house in Israel. Whether or not you are Jewish, help a Palestinian out. Facilitate their emigration. Circulate the proofs from the Torah and Koran that they are obligated to return the holy land to the Jews.

This is no more naive than Moses ordering his adoptive family to transfer Jews from Egypt to Israel. In my parody of the final exodus:

"Let my people go!" raged the Egyptian Arafat. "For if you do not let my people go, I will bring upon you the plague of stones. No car will be safe from rock throwers, no child safe from head concussions."

The citizens suffered the plague of rocks, until Pharaoh Begin proposed autonomy to stop the plague. Autonomy became Oslo, and after ten years....

"Let my people go!" raged the Egyptian Arafat. "For if you do not let my people go, I will bring upon you the plague of bus and cafe bombings. No child will be safe from explosions."

The citizens suffered the plague of homicide bombings, until Pharaoh Bush proposed the Roadmap.

"No!" stormed the apoplexic Arafat, "I was born in Egypt. My compatriots in Gaza are bona fide Egyptian citizens, yet we are barricaded in the ancient land of the Philistines. We want to return to our homeland that the Lord promised my forefathers. Let us return to Egypt."

As a compromise, Pharaoh Sharon showed good faith by making one-sided "gestures" and "painful compromises". He released prisoners and destroyed several of his own people's communities. True to his word, Arafat arranged for several of these released prisoners to blow up crowded buses and cafes.

The citizens secretly felt guilty and deserving of these plagues. Rather than repenting, getting forgiveness from their Creator and changing their ways, they defiantly created an anti-religious political party and began dismantling religious institutions. Because of their collective guilt, they did not exercise readily available military solutions, but rather, passively scraped up the remains of their citizens, went to funerals and clucked their tongue about the "situation."

And so it went for another eight plagues.

Finally, a new Pharaoh arose that realized that he had no choice, and like the Pharaoh of old, who had no alternative left but to release a people from 210 years of slavery, the new Pharaoh permitted the Egyptian Arafat 12 hours to get his people out.

Just as the Jews left Egypt within a day, the Egyptians finally left Gaza within a day. The Jordanians living in the so-called West Bank of the Jordan River found their way back home within three hours.

And Jews settled the entire Holy Land.

And Peace finally reigned.