The Kahane <i>Shul</i> is Our <i>Shul</I>

Get that? The rabbi was overseeing the removal of a sefer Torah from a shul in Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel), and he was there to make sure it was in compliance with Jewish Law.

Aliza Karp

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Tuesday, January 20, in connection to the destruction of the Kahane shul (synagogue) in Tapuach West, Arutz Sheva reported: ?Military officials explain the rabbi was present to ensure the operation and required removal of the Torah scroll from the building was done in compliance with Jewish law.?

Get that? The rabbi was overseeing the removal of a sefer Torah from a shul in Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel), and he was there to make sure it was in compliance with Jewish Law.

I have to admit that I am not a rabbi. But I do know that ritual slaughtering does not make a pig kosher, nor a horse for that matter. It just doesn?t work, even with rabbinic supervision.

Destroying a place of Torah study and worship is not kosher, no matter how careful you are about the Torah scrolls and how many rabbis are standing there to watch. What about the treatment of the Jews who are there? Was there any rabbi to supervise that they were being treated properly?

And where are the thousands of people who were at the rally in Tel Aviv the other night? Well, at the rally, the Kahanists were subdued or thrown out, and the shul being demolished is for Kahanists, so? It?s sad, but they are extremists, so? Well, we are not extremists, so? This really has nothing to do with us. It?s just a Kahane shul.

We Jews have so many subdivisions and labels. This time it is a Kahane shul, but next time it might be a different shul, another hyphen and a label that we do not identify with. Are we going to ignore the destruction of that shul also? Look, it?s just one more shul, nothing to get violent about.

A shul with a sefer Torah that houses Jewish learning is not to be destroyed. If this would happen in any other country, with a Jewish shul being targeted while Arab illegal building accepted, Jews from around the world would be in an uproar. But here you have a shul, in Eretz Yisroel, being demolished and everyone seems to be going about their business as usual.

An email I received today, read: "Ezra Stein said 'The destruction of the Kahane synagogue on Tapuach West marks the first shot in Sharon?s "Kristalnacht" against Jewish property in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. A state that discriminates against Jews and Judaism is neither a Jewish state nor a democracy. How many times has Israel permitted wanted Arab terrorists to hide out in mosques and churches so as to not in any way damage the structures or offend religions?'" Good point. The email also gave an address for those who are interested in helping -

Needless to say, it is understood that the security of the entire Jewish population in Eretz Yisroel is dependant on the settlements and outposts that are regarded as the ?obstacles to peace? as defined by Oslo. Meaning, the settlements and outposts are the obstacles to the annihilation of Jews in their homeland.

Whether a shul is a Kahane shul or a Breslov shul or a Carlebach Minyan (is there such a thing as a neighborhood shul?), we have to drop our distinctions and pick up on what is going on here. Are we absolutely helpless or can something be done?

Public demonstrations and petitions are important, but the real power to halt the destruction lies with one group of people: The members of the Likud party, especially the Members of Knesset, especially the cabinet ministers. (I don?t like to, but I can actually excuse the smaller right wing parties for not resigning. It won?t make a difference unless the Likud members resign with them.) When the Likud members realize their cult mentality - following a leader who is taking them in a different direction than what they entrusted him for - and when they summon enough integrity to say, "Hey man, you have crossed the line and there is no going back, we can no longer give you our support," then there could be a change. If Likud members would put the security of their country ahead of loyalty to their party, there would be a lot of shuffling and scuffling, but the destruction of Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisroel would stop.

It has been pointed out time and again that many destructive measures have been instituted by Likud governments, because there is no strong opposition.

If a Likud member will say that he is afraid to resign because he fears who will take his place, let him/her learn from the Lubavticher Rebbe. In his answer to Menachem Begin at the time of the Camp David Accords, the Rebbe wrote, ?At the time you answered that you did not see another who could fit the role ? well, you should have returned your mandate to those who elected you, and let them choose another. And even if they were to agree to your actions ? their approval would have been worthless, because you know the truth? that it would bring insecurity.?

The next demonstration should not be to influence the big time cohorts of Ariel Sharon who are committed to him beyond rationality. The demonstration should be to get the Likudniks, many of whom sat on the dais at the recent giant rally, to admit the truth and step aside. And let them do it now.

A shul has been destroyed! Tapuach West is not a ?Kahane? enclave, it is a place of our People, on our Land, who follow our Torah.