Can?t Punish Aggression

One of the most bizarre experiments I witnessed as a student was a professor?s attempt to punish pain-elicited aggression.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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One of the most bizarre experiments I witnessed as a student was a professor?s attempt to punish pain-elicited aggression.

This was during a time that Konrad Lorenz?s The Naked Ape was a popular read. Lorenz?s thesis was that aggression was ingrained, genetically pre-programmed and therefore an indelible part of human nature. Supporting this thesis was research in pain-elicited aggression. When any two animals are in close proximity when experiencing painful electric shock, they attack each other. Similarly, an animal that was pressing a bar for food, when food was no longer delivered, attacked the other animal in the cage. As such, not just pain, but frustration elicits involuntary aggressive behavior.

My professor believed that pain-elicited aggression was learned and could be unlearned by punishment. He administered electric shock to two rats kept in a cage. The rats reared up and reflexively attacked each other. As soon as they attacked, he administered a stronger shock. If they did not attack, he did not administer a second shock.

No animal stopped attacking.

The professor increased the intensity of the second shock, but to no avail. The rats still attacked each other even though it elicited a second, more intense shock. The professor increased the second shock until it almost tetnized the rats, rendering them almost paralyzed, but they kept attacking. As this experiment did not confirm the professor?s expectation, it was never published.

Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I?m not sure that I would have believed it. There was no cost-benefit analysis that is the basis of even primitive animal behavior. There may be some facet of being pre-wired to react in this way that ensures survival of the species. Where an environment can only support a limited number of a given species, it is adaptive for the species to be culled so that the entire species does not become extinct.

In humans, the parallel research is in scapegoating. When a group is subjected to frustration or anxiety, one member of the group is selected as the target of their aggression. What may be adaptive for survival of an animal species may be maladaptive in human genetic preprogramming.

The life of a Palestinian is noxious. During the month of Ramadan, they have to fast every day. Their four wives are compelled to fabricate lies and illusions to maintain their husband?s interest and insure their children?s position in the clan. The child abuse, dehumanization of their wives and daughters as property, wives bought and daughters sold, and the agonizing tension that any illusory adolescent feeling in their daughters will warrant honor killing by their brothers or father creates an unbearable tension.

Their lifestyle is a self-perpetuating horror. The so-called Palestinians try to overpopulate the region to force out the Israelis, but they cannot support their progeny. They are forced to cull their own population by training their children to be suicide terrorists. They further cull their population by issuing death warrants against those who sell their property to Jews, and now, against those who try to emigrate. They create and perpetuate an unbearable noxious environment that unavoidably leads to pain-elicited aggression. Their aggression cannot be punished any more than my professor was able to extinguish pain-elicited aggression. They will forever keep attacking Jews, and Israel will never successfully contain Palestinian aggression.

Our obligation is to our children. We cannot permit them to inherit a world with ever increasing terrorism, with no end in sight. There is no alternative. The only way to prevent pain-elicited aggression is isolation of the animals and the only way to end terrorism is by transferring Palestinians to isolated areas. There is no room for a negotiated peace, and unless Israel plans to outlaw the Moslem religion, restructure Palestinian families, and dismantle the Palestinian Authority, the noxious stimulation will persist and pain-elicited or frustration-elicited aggression will forever prevail.

It may be difficult for lackadaisical, peace-loving leftists to fathom, while they sip their cappuccino in an outdoor cafe off Rabin Square, but this is the harsh reality of Palestinian life. The brainchild of Ehud Barak and the ultra-leftists, the lame security fence, is not only ineffectual, but unnecessarily elicits the wrath of most governments. No fence will provide adequate separation. They must be physically removed and socially isolated.

The world community must finally face the fact that the so-called Palestinians have no credibility. They have never kept their part of any agreement. Instead, revisions of the Oslo formula keep being rehashed not for peace, but in order to scapegoat the Jews. The Jews have been the Europeans? scapegoat for millennia. The real reason Europeans view Israel as the greatest danger is that the establishment of the Jewish State acts as a break on vicious anti-Semitism. It is a fact that any violent anti-Semitic act in the entire world sets in motion clandestine reactions in Israel and puts pressure on the governments to take care of it or Israel will help the Jews defend themselves. It sends shivers up the spine of latent anti-Semites.

The fiction of the Palestinians must end, and the Jordanians in the so-called West Bank and the Egyptians of Gaza either deported to their country or helped to find a satisfying life elsewhere. There are dozens of ghost towns in Canada. Entire so-called Palestinian villages could be given the option of moving together with their relatives and neighbors to these isolated ghost towns. There, they can quietly farm and find a pastoral lifestyle. There are many isolated, under-populated regions in the world that can quietly absorb three million people.

After all, it is a small price for the latent anti-Semitic countries to pay for having a place like Israel, in which they can dump their Jews.