Declare War!

The so-called Palestinians have killed over a thousand Israelis. How many do they have to kill before Israel declares war and fights back? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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Bush declared at a Rose Garden news conference last Tuesday: ?We are at war. Iraq is the frontline of the war on terror.?

The so-called Palestinians have killed over a thousand Israelis. How many do they have to kill before Israel declares war and fights back? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?

Before it reaches the proportions of mega-attacks, where tens or hundreds of thousands are killed, Israel must declare war.

Bush may naively believe that Iraq is the frontline of the war on terror. Actually, the nest of overt terrorist states is Syria and Iran and, covertly, Egypt and Jordan. They finance, train and execute terrorism, not just in Israel, but worldwide. They try to deflect responsibility by distancing themselves from their commando units, calling them Hizbollah, Hamas, Jihad Islami, etc. These evil regimes are the enemy. Focusing on Iraq is like trimming the weeds. They must be rooted out.

Declare War

Egypt supplies the Egyptians living in Gaza with arms and intelligence in order to attack Israel. Jordan supports and supplies the Jordanians living in Judea and Samaria. Israel does not need another Six-Day War. Israel needs a one-day war. Israel must adopt Powell?s military strategy, go in fast, hit them hard, and make it total.

Israel must liberate the camps, the refugee camps, and free those interred there to build a productive life, elsewhere.

Israel must annex Jordan, restoring Israel to the original borders that existed for millennia. All ?Jordanians? must move to east of the Jordan River, as all Jews from Middle Eastern countries were compelled to move to west of the Jordan River. All Egyptians who live in Gaza must be returned to Egypt. Israel must also annex those portions of Syria and Lebanon that fall within the borders of Biblical Israel.

Israel cannot build a Jewish state with an enemy within.

I propose a several state solution. East of the Jordan River will be a state of Israel in which Arabs may live. West of the Jordan River will be exclusively Jewish states. For over a century, Zionists were buying up tracts of land to one day have a Jewish homeland. Their dreams can only come true if Jews agree to exclusively occupy the Jewish homeland. Israel cannot build a society with Jewish values, one that will make it against the law to embarrass someone in public or to spread a rumor. Israel cannot be a light unto the nations with an enemy within.

It is intolerable that Bedouin and Druze Israelis serve in the Israeli army, but Israeli Arabs do not. Both Israel and the Israeli Arabs must decide if they want Arabs to be full-fledged citizens or not. If yes, their boys and girls must serve, just as all citizens are obligated to serve. If not, they must not be permitted to vote, receive child subsidies, housing grants, free education and free healthcare. They must be required to obtain a renewable temporary visa, which every six months must be renewed. Those who participate in attempts to overthrow the Israeli government must be deported. Those who participate in violent demonstrations against the Jews visiting Temple Mount must be deported.

It is time that Jews stopped seeing themselves through eyes of others. For centuries, Jews were viewed as losers who can be expelled, beaten and killed with impunity by individuals, pogrom gangs, or by countries. Certainly, a people subjected to the Inquisition, to Crusades, forbidden to own land throughout the Middle Ages, and subjected to the Holocaust are world-class losers. Jews have been victimized for millennia. Those that killed Jews, killed with impunity.


Declare War

America?s insistence that Israel be restricted to proportional response is ludicrous. Did they only kill as many Afghani and Iraqi civilians as American soldiers were killed? War is war and there are conventions of warfare. Let us do nothing worse than Dresden or Hiroshima, but let?s do it.

Saddam's biological and chemical weapons are stored somewhere in Syria, Jordan or Northern Lebanon. They must be found and destroyed, or Israel is leaving her children vulnerable to annihilation by horrific diseases. Israel cannot live with the Sword of Damocles hanging over them in the form of some highly contagious bio-engineered strain of Ebola waiting to be released.

If America truly wants to put an end to worldwide terrorism, they will join Israel. Together, they must not only destroy the architects of terrorism, Arafat and his accomplices, but make an example of them, in order to discourage others from attacking innocent civilian women and children to advance a political cause.

There will be civilian casualties, but, for the first time, it will be their civilians. And their civilians are not innocent. Mothers that boast proudly at the achievement of their children blowing themselves up to kill Jews are accomplices to the murder and are not ?innocent? civilians.

The so-called Palestinians are incapable of complying with a negotiated peace. They are like the scorpion in Aesop's fable of ?The Scorpion and the Turtle?:

A scorpion once came to the bank of a stream and wanted to get to the other side. He called out to a turtle, "Please let me ride on your back to the other side." The turtle said, "If I let you on my back you will sting me and kill me." The scorpion promised that he wouldn't and even signed a written agreement. The turtle, worrying what the other creatures of the forest would say, took the scorpion to the other side. As soon as they reached the other side, the scorpion impaled the turtle with his poisonous stinger. As the turtle was dying, he said, "But you promised not to kill me." The scorpion smiled ingeniously, "It's not my fault. It's my nature."

No one can fault us for not trying to make peace. But they violated every single ratified agreement. Israel has to face the bitter reality that the so-called Palestinians are so steeped in hatred that they are incapable of living in peace with us. That leaves us no alternative but to...

Declare War

Our postwar efforts must include a homestead act that promotes Jewish farms from one end of Biblical Israel to the other. Not only will Israel become economically prosperous, but also Israel can be a model of ethical principals that are today only theoretical ideals. Only after a war can Israel be a true light to the nations.

Israel has no alternative but to...

Declare War