Stop the Leftist Occupation!

The Bolshevik dictatorship has struck once again. The directors of Arutz-7 (Israel National Radio) were convicted. The holy cannon of the leftist judicial system, which represents a minority of the people, is trying to gag the national camp, which speaks for the majority of the people.

Nadia Matar

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The Bolshevik dictatorship has struck once again. The directors of Arutz-7 (Israel National Radio) were convicted. The holy cannon of the leftist judicial system, which represents a minority of the people, is trying to gag the national camp, which speaks for the majority of the people. As a direct continuation of the Altalena affair - in which the shock troops of the Left shelled the Altalena ship with the "holy cannon," with the aim of silencing, killing, and eliminating the national camp - the conviction by the court is a direct shelling of the Arutz-7 ship, with the goal of sinking and silencing it.

And so it happens that Kol Yisrael and Galei Tzahal , that provide a free and sympathetic forum to the internal and external enemies of Israel, continue to broadcast, but Arutz-7, a proud, Jewish-Zionist radio station, which broadcasts programs of love and loyalty to the people of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the Land of Israel, is forced to cease its broadcasts. The "beautiful liberal people" who champion democracy and the basic right of freedom of expression are silent, because there is freedom of expression in Israel only for the Left.

Everything would undoubtedly appear differently in the State of Israel if the state media would represent the majority of the people, that is, if the media were in the spirit of Arutz-7: very Jewish, patriotic and national. Instead of promoting - 24 hours a day - affairs, topics and stories that serve the Left (that constitutes a minority among the people), it would place on its agenda national matters, which strengthen the spirit of the people.

Such a national media would, for example, downplay the carnival surrounding Vicki Knafo and her fellow single mothers, in light of the information that this entire protest was not at all spontaneous, but rather a well-organized production by Yoel Marshak, the secretary of the kibbutz movement, identified with the Labor Party and Meretz. This national media would reveal the fact that most of the women who came to Jerusalem, supposedly on foot, marched only when the television cameras appeared. They were driven most of the way in cars that transported them from one spot to another.

On the other hand, a march that would receive exposure and full coverage would be that by Moshe Keinan, the father of Avihu Keinan, may the Lord avenge him, a soldier in the Givati reconnaissance unit, who, some two weeks ago, fell in battle in Gaza, when he was sent, together with the other soldiers, on a foot patrol to seize a terrorist. Avihu would not have fallen in battle if the IDF had bombed from the air the building in which the terrorist was staying. But in order to save lives of the enemy's civilians, it was decided to send our soldiers on foot and endanger them.

During Hol ha-Moed of Sukkot, Moshe Keinan, together with additional bereaved parents of soldiers and dozens of supporters, really marched on foot, 43 kilometers, from Shilo, from the grave of Avihu Keinan, H.y.d., to the President's Residence in Jerusalem, where they erected a protest sukkah under the slogans: "We Want True Morality!"; "Why is the Life of Ahmad from Gaza More Important than the Life of My Son, an IDF Combat Soldier?"; "Where Was the Air Force, When One Missile Would Have Saved the Life of Avihu Keinan, H.y.d.?"

I am certain that Moshe would be happy to receive one tenth of the exposure that Vicki Knafo received. But the state media in Israel completely ignored the protest by Moshe and the other bereaved parents. Why? Because Moshe's message is contrary to the agenda of the Left.

And so, too, with other episodes. The petition by Ami Ayalon and Sari Nusseibeh in favor of the establishment of a Palestinian state in the territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza received massive media exposure, even though it was signed by only a few tens of thousands of Jews and Arabs. In contrast, the petition by Women in Green against the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, signed by more than a quarter of a million people, received no exposure at all. Why? Because the Women in Green petition is contrary to the agenda of the Left.

Instead of demanding that Uri Avneri, the head of Gush Shalom who collaborates with the arch-murderer Yasser Arafat, be arrested and tried on the charge of treason, he is depicted positively in our leftist media. On the other hand - and as different as day from night - the brave and heroic Jews of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and especially the Jews of Hebron, are cast in a negative light. Why? Because Uri Avneri advances the agenda of the Left.

And so, every week, another affair that serves the anti-Jewish and anti-national left emerges in the media. Two weeks ago, it was the letter by the pilots who refuse orders that received sympathetic and supportive exposure. This is something that would not have happened if our media were patriotic.

And last week, of course, the "Geneva Agreement." If we had a national media, everything would look different. A national media would have almost completely disregarded Yossi Beilin's machinations, portraying his actions as disloyal to Israel and thus would have prevented him from publicizing and advancing his dangerous plans.

Instead of giving him and his friends a sympathetic platform in every newspaper and before every camera, Beilin would be given short shrift, and derisive reports. Actually, exactly as our leftist media relates to the "Jordan is Palestine" plan or any other plan from the national camp. Our media arranges our agenda. Yossi Beilin's "Geneva plan" is talked about day and night. As regards the "Jordan is Palestine" program, or any other plan that is proposed by members of the national camp, the media is silent, or totally rejects it, in a well-orchestrated attack - a patently anti-democratic and Bolshevik manipulation.

In conclusion, the state media in Israel, backed by the leftist judicial system, furthers the agenda of the Left - against the will of a majority of the people - and thereby in effect collaborates with our internal and external enemies, and advances their aims. The silencing of Arutz-7 has a clear goal: the elimination of the sole rational Jewish voice in the arena.

We therefore must cry out: ?Dai la-kibush!? - ?Stop the occupation!? Stop the occupation of the state media in Israel by the Left! Stop the occupation of the judicial system in Israel by the Left!

The members of the national camp must organize and fight to save Arutz-7. The struggle for Arutz-7 actually is a struggle for our existence.