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I?m not a political or military pundit, but some things are just so basic that I marvel that everyone doesn?t see what?s facing us.

Arlene Peck

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I?m not a political or military pundit, but some things are just so basic that I marvel that everyone doesn?t see what?s facing us.

Sadly, I watched events surrounding the two-year anniversary of 9/11 and our entire country mourned. The talking heads on television spoke about the danger of al-Qaeda and how they are still a sinister force lying in wait to wreak more havoc. We speak of terrorists who want to pay a return visit to our shores and sometimes in the same breath, in the interest of being politically correct, the politician or newscaster will say how most of the Arab world is really made up of peaceful people and we?re just being tormented by the ?bad ones?.

Frankly, I disagree. I?ve realized for years that we, in the United States, Israel and the rest of the civilized world, have a common enemy. The Islamic culture is a violent and barbaric one whose one goal is to bring an end to all that we hold dear ? freedom being amongst those items. It nauseates me when I hear morons who pass themselves off as leaders and, speaking before national audiences, gleefully report how Israel, in being one-half of the two-states-living-side-by-side solution, goes off into the sunset and lives happily ever after. It is also radical liberal Jews who have let this terrorism occur, because of their pushing Israel to ?hold-back, give up and negotiate? policies. Let them live with that now.

There is no partner for us to negotiate with and the same holds ten-fold for Israel. Nobody in our State Department is going to do any differently than they have in the past, which was to do nothing when Palestinian hoodlums invaded the Church of Nativity. Remember the world-wide headlines then? Again, when Joseph?s Tomb was being systemically destroyed by these same thugs, the State Department and the rest of the world remained mum.

Two American citizens, (a doctor and his daughter) were brutality slaughtered just days ago. Imagine if this had happened in the United States. The outcry would have been ear-shattering. But since these victims and others were in Israel at the time of their murders, everyone just shrugs. Incidentally, this isn't just a war against Israelis. It is a war against Americans as well; 48 Americans murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorist since 1993.

Yet, if I were a betting person, I'd wager that the terrorists who planned the latest carnage will be left to roam free unless Israel kills them first. The State Department web site only refers to the terror gangs as "groups opposed to Middle East negotiations."

At the risk of repetition in my columns, I would like to say once again: the Palestinians have tunnel vision because they have one cause only. That is, the complete and utter destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. What part of ?destroy? don?t the self-haters get? Many of my readers have written me asking how I would prevent such an occurrence.

I know the enemy is illiterate and has little conception of reality. Yet, they do, I believe, understand power. They also comprehend that the constant flow of checks to the families of the "martyred" homicide bombers is all the more reason to continue their policy of targeting innocent Israeli civilians and picking them off at will. That can and should be stopped immediately. The government seems to be attempting to do so by stemming the flow of funds into the so-called "charities" that support these terrorist groups. But more has to be done. Far more. And this is the time. The United States and the rest of the world do not, and probably never will, accept as genuine the Arab vows to destroy the Jewish state. In fact, however, we have a common enemy. Islamic terrorists have the same plans for the rest of the Western world.

I think the Jewish state finally realizes that they could negotiate and give until there is absolutely nothing left to give and their Palestinian neighbors still would not be happy, as the ultimate goal is to drive every last Jew into the sea. So, knowing that, maybe now is the time to speak in a language that they understand. No more bombing of the leaders' houses. The entire neighborhood will be told that every "homicide" bombing will result in 10% of the land that Israel had given them under the imbecilic Oslo Accords being taken back.

No more of the house-to-house warnings that result in the needless deaths of Israeli soldiers. This time, flyers should be dropped and the residents will be told that, unless they revolt against and eliminate their evil and corrupt leadership, who have been banking the millions sent to them by the world, Israel will let all hell break loose.

The residents will have a week to decide and rid their areas of terrorists and physically deliver them to Israel, or Israel will do it for them, en masse. Notify them that they have already lost 10% of the land that has been turned over. Then send every F-16 in the Israeli air force loaded with bombs to take out every public facility - like radio, television, and newspaper offices; all electric and water pumping stations, phones, all those little tunnels that they like to build for arms-smuggling and the warehouses they keep them in. You know, all those things that we in the United States did to win our war in Iraq.

Remember, while we were destroying the infrastructure in Iraq, we dropped them food and blankets. I?m sure the Israeli government would do no less. Notify the PA that 10% will be cleared with or without their approval and/or negotiations, and that no cease fire they arrange at the United Nations will change Israeli minds. Tell them that they have 22 other Arab brother nations who would surely love to accommodate them, but they will have to be out or lose the lives of their children (who they harvest to be martyrs anyway). The choice is theirs. They have a week to eliminate Arafat and his harbored terrorists or they will get their wish and become dead martyrs with seventy-two virgins waiting for them. However, let it be known that the physical bodies of these terrorists will be wrapped in pigskin and buried.

This repossession, they should be told, will occur in 10% increments every time Israeli civilians are targeted by homicide bombers. Then, the same thing can be repeated with each occurrence. There will be violent protests from Israel?s enemies around the world, but that is business as usual. The time has come to have immediate talks with other world leaders and remind them that 86% of these so-called Palestinians reside in Jordan.

The time is overdue to sit down with the king of Jordan and remind him of that fact and offer to work with all those billions of dollars that have been sent by the EU and Arab nations and the United Nations to help the Palestinians, which never saw the light of day and went immediately into the coffers of Arafat and his thugs. Remind the Hashemite king that this could be a dawning of a new day if there would be a city built in Jordan from all these wasted billions of dollars, as was done in Brasilia - now the capital of Brazil. It could be done with Israeli technology and by employing all those unemployed Arabs in building this beautiful city.

The world should be reminded over and over of the facts.

And that Israel has experienced 9/11 one time too many.