How Much is Enough?

I'm tired of political correctness. Islam is an entity gone mad and, in my belief, a violent culture. If I'm wrong, let?s see Islam protest the terrorism of their Arab brothers. Not surprisingly, virtually all of the current wars around the globe have their origin in Islamic fundamentalism.

Arlene Peck

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At what point do the beleaguered Israelis call a halt? When do they finally sit down and say, "I'm mad as hell and I won't take it anymore?" They are dealing with animals, soulless vermin who don't deserve negotiations. Israel is in a war and the only road they?ve been on is the road to hell, not peace. When do the Israelis finally accept the fact that they are in a war and conduct themselves accordingly? This is the First World War of the Twenty-First Century.

Maybe when it spreads to every Bloomingdale?s or Starbucks, and not just to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or the Baghdad United Nations office, it might make us, here in the United States, realize that we have the same enemy. The same Arabs who are bombing the embassies are the same vicious people who are boarding Israeli buses and murdering the children of Israel.

I'm tired of political correctness. Islam is an entity gone mad and, in my belief, a violent culture. If I'm wrong, let?s see Islam protest the terrorism of their Arab brothers. Not surprisingly, virtually all of the current wars around the globe have their origin in Islamic fundamentalism.

What does it take to realize that these are violent people, most of whom have the IQ of eggplants, and who have been raised on hate, death and destruction? You cannot negotiate with them. There is no peace, nor will there be. What part of the word ?terrorists? don?t people understand? Their goal in life is not to live peacefully with Israel, or anyone else for that matter. The only thing on their agenda is the complete and utter destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, as well as Western civilization.

I'm outraged when my home paper, the Los Angeles Times, distorts the fact with a headline that says Israeli retaliation shattered the truce. I'll bet your home paper said pretty much the same thing. I'm also outraged when immediately after the violent deaths and maiming of over a hundred Israelis on a bus, I hear the talking heads on television discussing how "this cannot detour the peace process." What peace?!

How long are the Israelis going to hold back? They have the means, although, apparently, not the will. War is never a pleasant alternative.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how Israel continues to listen to George W. Bush about anything. He is a spoiled fraternity boy who has never seen war nor knows how to attain peace. Israel does not have the luxury to play the restraint game to satisfy payback promises. Let Bush stay on the golf course and play war games with other countries. His policies, and before him, Clinton's, are failures. I find the double standard that applies to Israel totally unacceptable. It has made Israel's situation far more precarious.

I am disgusted when I read the Iraq bombing being reported as a horrific attack on peaceful people by "terrorists". Yet, these same murderers are identified in the press as being the usual "militants" and "activists" when it comes to Jewish victims in Israel. Not one paper described the terrorists for what they are: murderers!

Enough of standing like a deer in the headlights and acceding to the wishes of others, while world opinion tries to force Israel to "show restraint". We in the United States wouldn't stand for the thought of courting terrorists to negotiate a peaceful settlement, not for a minute.

These are murderers who have never hidden their agenda of a master plan, which is the destruction of Israel. In fact, the Arabs want to get rid of all Western influence. Israel is in the midst of an area that the Arabs regard as their own preserve. Israel's existence is unacceptable to them. Always has been, always will be.

The "vision" of two states living side-by-side exists only in the news media and in the State Department. Despite years of promises from the enemy, the Palestinians still glorify the homicide bombers and name streets, summer camps and schools after them. They may publicly deplore each individual bombing in the hopes of holding back Israeli retaliation, but their failure to renounce terrorism is unacceptable. They can't do that, because their hatred is the fodder that feeds their very existence.

War is not going to cost the Israelis anything. They have nothing to give up. They are being picked off daily in terrorist and ambush attacks. Every "peace" road that Israel has been forced to travel has done nothing to ensure its greater security. Its citizens live in fear and the Arab enemies, like dogs, smell weakness. However, I believe, the Israelis fear public opinion and what will be said about them throughout the world more than war. It doesn?t matter. They will have their United Nations emergency meetings anyway; with or without Israel defending its people.

Peace? If there are people out there who still harbor thoughts that a negotiated peace is possible with neighbors possessed of an Eighth Century mentality, then, in my view, that is equivalent to the morons who still look at a pack of cigarettes and believe the propaganda from the tobacco industry. Unless the world also accepts Israel as a Jewish state and stops equating retaliation of a people defending themselves with the terrorist acts of the Palestinians, the situation will not change.

It's going to take more than the United States sending another memo or even sending hatchet man Colin Powell over to tell what's-his-name Abbas, otherwise known as, etc. etc., that he has to dismantle the terrorist organizations. He doesn't have the will, and he is a Holocaust denier and a terrorist also. It is up to Israel to disarm the Palestinians and destroy their infrastructure. Israel must not only retaliate with force, but also prevent the enemy from using any lull in hostilities to regroup and rearm. When you have a cancer, you cut it out. The enemy is a cancer and transfer is the answer.