Terrorism Addict

The Palestinians have been playing childish games, perpetually changing the rules and leaving the greatest think tanks of the world in a quandary. The Palestinian?s self-defeating variant of ?tag, you?re it? can be understood in the context of scientific principles.

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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The Palestinians have been playing childish games, perpetually changing the rules and leaving the greatest think tanks of the world in a quandary. The Palestinian?s self-defeating variant of ?tag, you?re it? can be understood in the context of scientific principles.

Scientists agree ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Just as higher organisms retain characteristics of lower ones, adulthood retains characteristics of childhood. Macro-organisms retain characteristics of microorganisms and social institutions such as governments retain characteristics of individuals. Pathologies of a people derive from pathologies of the individuals.

The pathological behavior of the Palestinian people parallels individual pathology. If the behaviors were an individual?s, what diagnosis would define the specific pathology?

At first blush, clinical sadism would be the initial diagnostic impression. The vicarious and direct thrill over the Ramallah lynching, the mutilation murders of the boys in Tekoa, and dozens of others, together with the frenzied dancing during the World Trade Center attacks, implies that the Palestinian people suffer from clinical sadism. In clinical sadism, inflicting pain elicits carnal arousal. Usually, without inflicting suffering, they are unable to be aroused. By implication, the promised seventy-two virgins for each shahid, replaces the inadequate satisfactions that they would have with their four wives. Is this the attraction?

Sadism (or ?Saddamism?) is not the entire picture. Where the behavior sabotages the individual?s best interest, it is a compulsion or addition. In a compulsion, regardless of the consequences, the individual is driven by the turmoil of torturous anxiety to repeat a certain behavior over and over. Where the compulsion drives the individual into a downward spiral of self-destruction, it is an addiction.

The addict is convincing. They wear their sincerity on their sleeve, and, at the drop of a hat, solicit compassion and readily propose plans and programs to curb their addiction. They set up people around them to play out a recurrent script. They first find a rescuer, usually after they hit rock bottom. They reward the rescuers with boundless praise for saving them. Once the rescuer is hooked, the rescuer is taken advantage of and becomes a patsy. By frustrating the rescuer?s efforts and then using the patsy to further their addiction, the patsy becomes the persecutor, which then justifies the addict?s falling off the wagon. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling, compulsive eating or sex addiction, the cycle is the same. With each failure, other reasonable plans for rehabilitation are offered and all fail. The only stopgap is social support with other addicts in AA, NA, GA, OA or SAA groups. As long as they remain in the group, the social support of like-minded individuals restrains their acting out the compulsive-addiction.

What is true about a person is partially true of ?a people.? The so-called Palestinian people are on a self-destructive downward spiral and cannot refrain from terrorism any more than a hard-core heroin addict will drop ?the habit.? The so-called Palestinians would by now have had their own country on 95% of biblical Judea, Samaria and Gaza. To compensate for the 5%, they would receive the same landmass adjacent to Gaza. They would have had joint control over Jerusalem. They would have been granted 30 billion dollars from the United States alone for development and for settling the refugees that fled this area since 1948. Instead of open sewers running through Shechem, they could have had a sewer treatment plant. Their citizens could enter Israel and earn a fortune. Instead, they compulsively pursue their relentless terrorism.

The so-called Palestinian liberation is from its inception based entirely upon addiction to terrorism. For decades, they kill schoolchildren, as in Maalot, highjack jumbo jets and luxury liners, kill Israeli Olympic athletes, shoot families on the road and blow up buses. They remain consistent. The Madrid Conference, Olso Agreement, Wye Memorandum, Camp David Interim Agreements, Tenet Plan, Mitchel Plan, Zinni Plan, Burns Plan, Saudi Plan and Roadmap are all variants on the same theme. In exchange for promises, they get their way. They are no different from other addicts that defer the negative consequences of their addiction by rehabilitation plans.

There are certain intractable addictions that reach a point of no return. The only remedy is to prevent physical access to the alcohol, drugs, etc.

Terrorism has become an intractable addiction for Palestinians. For the ecstasy of the adrenalin high that the family, friends and supporters feel after each bloody attack upon the infidels, children are molded to participate in suicide missions. The vicarious arousal of the defeat of the infidels is memorialized in hundreds of years of conquest and shahids are promised carnal pleasures not attainable in a lifetime.

Just as in the case of the downward spiral alcoholic or drug addict, whose convincing plan after plan for their rehabilitation fails, peace plan after peace plan fails and will continue to fail. There is no remedy for the intractable addict. The only remedy is containment and preventing access to the object of their addiction.

US President George Bush must now realize that there is no fighting terrorism. How many years did it take the United States to realize that Saddam Hussein was playing them for a patsy? The United States is now the Iraqi persecutor that the terrorism addict uses to justify their incessant attacks. The only way to eliminate terrorism is by eliminating the opportunity to attack. They must be contained.

There must be buffer zones to prevent the possibility of attack. Certainly around every Jewish holy site and tomb there must be a two-kilometer buffer zone, to prevent Jews from being within range of snipers and bombers. Around each Jewish community and along the roads in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, there must also be a two-kilometer buffer zone. Any Arabs that have houses and farms within these buffer zones that can prove ownership with papers defining the chain of title from the Ottoman, British and Jordanian records should be compensated. Others are squatters that have no rights to this land.

There is no political or military solution. Negotiating with the so-called Palestinians is as fruitful as family members negotiating with the addict. The Palestinian Authority?s empty promises, never to be fulfilled intention statements and manipulations force those around them into the never-ending cycle of the classic script. It starts with Palestinians pityingly finding rescuers who they use and who become patsies. When the patsy realizes they have been had, they become the persecutors. The existence of a persecutor then justifies the terrorism to the Palestinian terrorism addict. The tragic flaw in the terrorism addict, as well as in the State Department and Israeli Left enablers, unfolds in the Greek tragedy, ?Let the Games Begin.?

Rather than the PA, they need TA (Terrorists Anonymous). At the start of each meeting, each one introduces themselves, ?Ahalan, my name is Achmed and I am a terrorist addict. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. One day at a time.? Conversely, the PA promulgates, ?Ahalan, my name is Achmed and I am a terrorist. Today is the last day of my life.?

The day after the Roadmap goes up in smoke, we have to accept the bitter reality that talk is useless and we have no alternative but to act. The lawlessness in the Arab cities and towns must end. Israeli law must be equally applied to all residents. Their identity must be restored. They are Jordanians or Egyptians that now are permanent residents of Israel. Those that are unhappy here must be given the opportunity to emigrate. Those that are security risks must be deported. Most importantly, there must be buffer zones.

If the government won?t do it, we must. We must pool our resources to purchase all property in these buffer zones from the so-called Palestinians. Yesha Homestead, a network of investors, lawyers, real estate agents, and farmers has initiated reclaiming the Land in these areas. Besides acquiring the ownership of land within a stone?s-throw or sniper range of all Jewish communities and byways, we can end the conflict simply by investing. By buying out just 1% of the Arab population in Judea and Samaria, Jews can reclaim 58% of the Land, because 99% of the Arabs live in concentrated areas on the other 42%. With so-called Palestinians confined to Cantons, the option remains open for them to sell and find a better life elsewhere. The United Nations Charter gives them this right. Their right to emigrate is an inalienable basic human right.

From the standpoint of Israeli security, there will be no need for the security fence, but rather there will be sufficient buffer zones between populations. In the long run, the cost to the government in providing security to its citizens will be markedly reduced.

From the standpoint of aliya, the affluent accomplished Jews of the world will be attracted to the scenic open space in this newly reclaimed land. Jeremiah (32:15) proclaimed, "So says Hashem, God of Israel, 'Houses, fields, and vineyards will again be bought in this land!'" We have an obligation and the opportunity to buy their land and homes. The answer to our mournful prayer of the Shabbat Mussaf service, ?May it be Your will that we will return to our land and plant within our borders,? is within reach. Your investment can bring about the fulfillment of the prophecy, ?You will again plant vineyards in the mountains of Shomron.? (Jeremiah 31:4) Jewish farmers are prepared to rejuvenate this area. Together, we can realize Jeremiah?s prophecy.

Like children, we have been playing tag, and now it is ?No last licks.?