The Morning After

The morning after the Roadmap evaporates in smoke, amid the inferno of bus bombs, the maelstrom of Qassam rocket barrages, the mutilation-murders of our children and adolescents, and the drive by shootings on our roads, then what?

Prof. Shmuel Neumann

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The morning after the Roadmap evaporates in smoke, amid the inferno of bus bombs, the maelstrom of Qassam rocket barrages, the mutilation-murders of our children and adolescents, and the drive by shootings on our roads, then what?

?Always use your disadvantages to your advantage,? my cantankerous great, great uncle used to tell me. He came to the US with one dollar and built up an estate in excess of a hundred million dollars. Israel has its head in the vise as international bullies incessantly insist upon removing illegal settlements. This international pressure gives Israel an unprecedented opportunity.

Just as every Jew that lives in Yehuda and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) must prove ownership of their property, every single Arab living in Yehuda and Shomron must be made to show that they have similarly registered their land, proving their ownership through the Ottoman, British and pre-1967 Jordanian records. If they cannot prove ownership, they must be removed from those properties.

Area C, 58% of the West Bank, is legally inhabited by Jews and illegally inhabited by Arab squatters. By fining these squatters and forcing them to move, the entire area can be either purchased by Jews or is Israeli government land and, therefore, de facto annexed to Israel. Of the remaining 42% of the West Bank, Arabs in Area B must prove ownership. Those Arabs in illegal possession of land around the villages in Area B must be compelled to evacuate. This land, together with land in Area B that was purchased by Jews, will also be de facto annexed to Israel.

?Always use your disadvantages to your advantage.? The international furor over Israel?s decision to prevent granting instant Israeli citizenship to Palestinians that marry Israeli-Arabs should be exploited. The Arabs want equality and should have equality. As all Israeli citizens, men and women, are obligated to serve in the armed forces, Arab-Israelis, both the men and women, must be required to serve the full three years.

We must insist upon equality under the law. Jews must be guaranteed the right to directly purchase homes and land from Arabs. In the event that Moslem clerics threaten the Arab seller, they must be prosecuted for terrorist threat in addition to civil rights violations. In the event any Palestinian group impedes fair trade practices, then they must be held accountable and fined and those actively involved, imprisoned. If any Palestinian group kills an Arab that sells to Jews, then Israel must be legally compelled to process this act of terrorism in the same way that they respond to terrorism against Jewish Israelis.

?Always use your disadvantages to your advantage.? When the Roadmap evaporates, we need to repair our relationship with our ?friend? whose audacity knows no bounds. Our ?friend? insists that we build the security fence within the Green Line and not in ?occupied territory.? I challenge our ?friend? to find one square inch of their country that is not ?occupied territory?.

Our ?friend? reinforces the patently illegal, racist prohibition against Jewish tourists entering the Temple Mount. Until Jews can visit Mecca and tour their exquisite architecture, all gentiles should be barred from Jewish holy places, including Temple Mount, Mearat Hamachpelah, and the tombs of all the prophets, including the Tomb of Joseph in Shechem.

Our ?friend? insists that Palestinians be permitted entry to Israel. Until Jews can freely stroll in the Casbah in Shechem, no Palestinian should be granted entry to Israel.

If our ?friend? insists that we let bygones be bygones and that we free those who committed a crime for nationalistic motives, then Jews as well as Arabs must be released, including Ami Popper and those currently detained for planning an attack upon Arabs.

We have to stop being obsessed with what is in our enemy?s best interest. We can restore calm, reignite our considerable human resources to restore economic prosperity and facilitate tourism. The best think tanks of the world failed to find a venue for self-government for the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza. The Roadmap is their last chance. The hudna is only a three-month cease-fire. It is quickly eroding. We can end the conflict once and for all with no bloodshed. We need only to stop deluding ourselves.

The fiction of the Palestinians must be brought to an end. The so-called Palestinians are not Palestinian. They are Egyptian citizens residing in Gaza or Jordanian citizens residing in the West Bank. Just as a Bulgarian citizen who wishes to remain in Israel can acquire permanent residency status if qualified, Egyptian citizens that want to remain in Gaza and Jordanian citizens that want to remain in Yehuda and Shomron can apply for a permanent residency visa.

In this way, the fiction of the Palestinian evaporates.

The Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs who seek to emigrate from the West Bank should be permitted to freely emigrate. The Israeli authorities frequently deny these Arabs a pass to leave. Ironically, we have become like the Soviet Union that for decades withheld exit visas of three million Soviet Jews who sought to exercise their basic human right of emigration. We must insist upon equality under the law. Those Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs that wish to emigrate should be categorically permitted the equivalent of an exit visa.

Furthermore, anyone who is either a security risk or participates in the violent overthrow of a government is routinely deported in every democratic country. Just as a Jewish, non-Israeli malcontent who foments racism or is guilty of incitement is deported to his country of origin, Arab malcontents must similarly be deported. Deporting the entire terrorist infrastructure from top to bottom makes it someone else?s problem.

The ?world? wants closure to the Palestinian problem. When the hudna comes to a violent end, we can give the ?world? closure by ending the conflict in a very simple way:

1. All of Biblical Israel must be annexed;
2. Just as the Sharon, Upper Galilee, Lower Galilee and Negev are separate jurisdictions within Israel, which could be defined as ?states?, such separate states in the West Bank and in Gaza must be established;
3. Egyptian citizens living in Gaza and Jordanian citizens residing in the West Bank may be granted permanent resident visas;
4. Permanent residents can vote in local municipal, county and state elections; and
5. Permanent residents that join a terror organization must have their visas revoked and get deported.

The lawlessness of the Palestinian Authority must be brought to an end. Israeli law must apply to the permanent residents who live in Area A and B. They are free to pass additional municipal ordinances just as any other municipality within Israel has that prerogative.

This solution is so simple it is elegant.

We have no alternative. After all, we survivors are resilient.