Dear Israeli people,

Shukran! Shukran! Shukran! A million and one thanks and our most sincere appreciation for the enormous strides you are taking in implementing the one-sided 'roadmap to annihilation'.

Isaac Kohn,

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Dear Israeli people,

Shukran! Shukran! Shukran! A million and one thanks and our most sincere appreciation for the enormous strides you are taking in implementing the one-sided 'roadmap to annihilation'. Our gratefulness is beyond measure; the value we put on those gestures will be returned to you ten-fold in days to come. Shukran! How else can we express our overwhelming gratitude in response to your cabinet's vote approving and consequently releasing us and hundreds of our compatriots? Let bygones be bygones.

Shukran! We, Hamas and Jihad members in the city of Nablus and Ramallah and Gaza and Hebron, were incarcerated in your prisons for the last number of years on the false accusation that we participated in the hotel homicide-bombing on Passover night - a glorious night for a friend who committed the holy task of becoming a shahid. You also accused and convicted us for planning the bombing on Bus #15, the bombings in Netanya, Afula and that restaurant in Haifa; festive occasions all, as more compatriots joined our roster of martyrs. All in all, you have 'credited' us with twenty-two terrorist episodes, in which 342 of your wretched people met their justly deserved fate. A fluke of luck allowed you to capture us. Allah will never forgive you for arresting us during the evening prayers, nor will you be spared his wrath for killing three of those civilians we were hiding behind. You defiled the mosque you entered; the sin will haunt you forever. The killing of innocent Palestinian civilians is an offense that Islam will avenge. Forgiving is divine, but we never will.

But, today, we send you our sincere and unqualified, thanks! Shukran for the wise decision your cabinet has come to; the release of hundreds of 'falsely incarcerated freedom fighters' is a move in the right direction. The bumps on the path to implementing the 'roadmap to Israel's annihilation' must be smoothed out in order for us to proceed? No, not in the direction you, Israelis, are stupidly envisioning, but in the direction so clearly specified in our organization's charter. The release is a signal that our struggle is succeeding; step by step, inch by inch, the government of Israel is buckling under the pressure. Today, you are releasing those who 'only' maimed and hurt and wounded, tomorrow will witness the wholesale collapse of your obstinate refusal? and the release of those with 'Jewish blood on their hands' will be celebrated en masse.

Please, do continue laying on the tracks as the onrushing train that has left the station is thundering towards its final destination. As the State of Palestine is rising, your rogue nation is developing more cracks than a shattered pottery. Your resolve has dissolved; thanks again for allowing us back on the streets to plan the next homicide bombing, the next shooting or stabbing. We vow, once again, to turn your entire country into one large cemetery. We were on the way to achieving that goal. With the Quartet's explicit and vocal support, that goal is within grasp. Your Prime Minister, the one we hated, has changed his spots. Lately, in our prayers, we reverently mention his name, may Allah keep and preserve Ariel Sharon.

Shukran, once again. Today, we beat you at your own game; the game of unrelenting pressure to capitulate. Today, you relented; tomorrow, victory shall be ours. We knew that the bullheaded rejection of our demand to release our members will soon fall apart. Time and time again, you have succumbed to threats and today was no different.

Shukran, Mr. Prime Minister. How can we ever repay your infallible self-delusion, while we continue to trust our ability and determination to press on with our avowed mission? With the help of Allah, we will press on. Our purpose is now that much more vehement, our resolve that much more passionate in the pursuit of our aspirations. The lessons of the far and recent past, which seem to have made little impression in your collective consciousness, left an indelible impression in our psyche; the ghetto mentality is so deeply imbedded in Israeli mentality; strutting your imaginary supremacy and military power is illusory, at best. We shall meet again, we promise you. The blood-soaked earth begs for more and we shall quickly oblige with greater ferocity.

Sharon, the lion, mews like a cat.

Isaac Kohn writes from Brooklyn, New York. He can be reached at Isaackohn@aol.com.