Chaos on the political front

The chaos we are witnessing in the Israeli government may be the price of democracy, but that, too, must have its limits. People are furiious.

Leonie Ben-Simon

OpEds Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz

How strange. Chaos and personal vendettas rather than cooperation seems to be the modus operandi for those who we chose to rule Israel. It seems now that a unity government was almost reached but scuttled at the end by Blue and White leaders. In the meantime the people are furious.  

That is precisely the main disadvantage and the failing of a democracy as well as its greatest strength.  A large percentage of voters who are almost half of Israelis do constitute a vocal force that will not accept the rule of a party backed by Arabs who believe in the destruction of the Jewish State. They are furious that those who vowed never to let that happen have changed their tune.

We can see the chaotic behavior of US Democrats who are trying to topple the successful and duly elected Republican president by all means, many of which are distasteful, throughout the four years of Trump’s and his party’s rule. 

What can be alternatives?  Part of the Right, the Likud, or part of the left, Gantz without Lapid and Ya'alon, could swing over in a deal. Then there is the distinct possibility that Gantz will not be able to get the numbers in the end and that Netanyahu will have another chance to form a government. There could be a minority government and even more instability with the probability that such a government will fall after a short time. Chaos? Possibly. Deals? Probably. Alternative? Maybe.   

This is the Middle East where anything can and does happen.  TV presenters sit in a row in Israel, arguing and yelling over each other’s heads unlike the cool and collected CNN or the Fox News presenters. The Knesset is not a calm venue. True, there are no executions and no mass imprisonment of one party by the other as in some of the surrounding countries.  However, Israelis are not looking forward to more disruptions even though they are used to them.

In many countries there are simple solutions.  Authoritarianism rather than democratic rule. No expensive multiple elections.  In the case of the current pandemic many freedoms are now being overruled due to the terrible choice that other countries make, choosing who will live and who will die. Will we have to see this type of decision-making?

The people have had enough of infighting from politicians. Services need to run smoothly. Prime Minister Netanyahu is leading the battle against the coronavirus nationally with the help of the Health Ministry, while Blue and White continues to make coalition demands. There must be control. If Israel is in dire straits for whatever reason, will we go down the road of military rule as has happened in many other countries such as Thailand until there is stability again?

Essential  services such as the importation of COVID-19 test kits, purchase of ventilators and use of Air Force planes to supplement the supply chain have been handed over to the Mossad and the IDF. There is the distinct possibility that such a strong hand will be needed in the short-term.  

In these days it is obvious that the One Above is in control, despite the people in power making a mess of the political system election after election and still going.

Expect anything.