I want my old troubles back

Doctors need to be admired and heeded during this period. Also heard. But I pray for the day they are back to being seen only by appointment and not every time you turn on the media.

Jack Engelhard

OpEds Israeli doctors in action (illustration)
Israeli doctors in action (illustration)
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I’m tired of doctors on TV

I miss the Impeachment Hearings. 

Those were the good old days, remember? 

Of course, I miss baseball and basketball and tennis and football and hockey, but I even miss Adam Schiff and the gang.

Disgusting as they were, they were perversely entertaining, and they were not doctors, and I do not mind seeing doctors, but only when I have to and only by appointment.

These days, flip on Fox News or any other channel, and it’s nothing but doctors, people you never saw before, with news you never heard before.

Who needs this?

We will bless the day when obnoxious politicians and sometimes creepy TV personalities are back full time on the small screen blathering away. 
We do. I know. We need to know the risks and how to take care of ourselves during this terrible time, though I do wish they’d quit calling out particular age groups as being particularly risky, harmful and contagious. One minute it’s “old people” and next minute it’s young people, millennials

Is this smart? This can only prompt suspicion and lead to friction, neighbor against neighbor. We are all in the same boat, seems to me.

But I am no doctor. On this they need to be admired and heeded…and they deserve our thanks for serving on the front lines for this pandemic.

They keep putting their own lives in danger. Bless them.

But we will bless the day when obnoxious politicians and sometimes creepy TV personalities are back full time on the small screen blathering away. 

Then we’ll know we’re over the worst…and them we got used to, like a familiar cozy old blanket.

Once upon a time (only months ago) it was all about Russia…Russia…Russia…and do you remember how important it seemed, at least to them, day by day, minute by minute?

Breathless urgency – about what?

Do you remember Ukraine, and how they kept telling us that nothing is more compelling to our safety as a nation than Ukraine?

So what happened to Ukraine? What was it all about? I’ve forgotten. What happened to the Mueller Report, and who is Mueller?

Do you remember Global Warming? That was the Panic/Hysteria from ages ago, which means last month.

Now every time we sneeze, we want to call the doctor.

It’s called perspective, summed up wonderfully by a Mom, a reader from Cincinnati, who writes. – “I want my old troubles back.”

Don’t we all. Pray for the sick. G-d bless us all.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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