A new reality - is it time to move to Israel?

Is it yet time to come home? Where are you...ayeka?

Chaya Gross

OpEds Aliyah (illustration)
Aliyah (illustration)

Third round of elections in Israel will be next week and obviously it has been sidelined by the very overwhelming “virus” that is spreading rapidly and globally. Suddenly we are finally all one. No place on the planet is exempt, as it knows no borders, races, religions or anything else that might separate us. In this, we are all One.

This is what we pray  in the Shma 3 times daily, Hashem our G-d and He is One. How it is being manifest may not be exactly as we had hoped, but clearly as believers we know everything is from Heaven other than fear of Heaven, and that this too must be His will. So what is the message to our fellow brothers and sisters, from our vantage point of the Holy City of Jerusalem?

Is it yet time to come home? Where are you...ayeka?

What keeps Jews in exile by choice after almost 2000 years?

I don’t pretend to have THE answers although I often wonder after recently spending over a year abroad, in the community in which I grew up. It’s been almost 40 years since I lived there and what was clear was that Israel was hardly on the radar, particularly amongst the rapidly assimilating younger generation. Even for free many, too many, did not want to visit and Birthright was struggling to fulfill its quotas.

At first it was shocking but then the “reality” sank in. For those Jews more involved and observant, there are shuls, restaurants, schools, and camps, for every sector of society, seemingly nothing missing. For hassidim and not hassidim, for Anglophones and Francophones, of which we are neither, but also for Israelis and newly involved...there is something for everyone and Shabbos lunch is usually included after services, which adds to the social fabric of the community. And the community I often visited, included a choir of the highest caliber, every Shabbos.

What could be better?

Better would be the fulfillment of prophesy, to return to our Land firstly, and to have a leadership to which the rebuilding of the nation and then its Temple, figuratively or tangibly, as a “House of Prayer for all people”. Isaiah 56:7, was a very high priority.

Is not that the mission statement for our people?
To bring G-dliness into every aspect of this physical world?
To BE a “Mishkan” within which G-d dwells? As in this week's Torah reading?
Is it time yet? Is it possible that this window of opportunity is closing?
Can we even imagine such a thought?

Great Sages of our time have said...come home now...but this call fell on deaf ears.  I understand all the rationalizations, many very legitimate, but now too?

I can pray, and speak, and advise when asked, but I know for me, after spending almost a year and a half abroad, mostly in Canada but also in the Jewish communities in Costa Rica and Mexico, I was totally thrilled to return to Eretz Yisrael realizing how blessed I and my children are, to call this place home.

In my humble opinion it is time to come home...while you can.

Blessings it should be easily, and consciously...and now!