The Adar tree. Chodesh Tov!

A thought for Rosh Chodesh, heralding the joyous new Hebrew month of Adar in which we celebrate the festive holiday of Purim, as today is the last day of the month of Shvat. We wish you a Chodesh Tov - Have a good month!

Steven Genack

Judaism Purim  masks
Purim masks

In a world riddled by anxieties, disease, fear, failures, disappointments and tragedy, one positive phenomenon remains everlasting, that one can reach a serene and joyful state by studying the Torah.  

A key verse confirming this concept is, “Pikeudei Hashem yisharim meshamchei lev - The ordinances or Torah of Hashem are straight, they bring joy to the heart.”

A drash related to this idea comes by the way of my late relative, Rav Avrohom Genechovsky Zt”l, who brings down the Gemara that says, when Adar begins we increase in happiness. This goes in tandem with another Gemara that says, whoever plants a tree called Adar is guaranteed that it will endure.

Rav Avrohom beautifully said, whoever plants a tree called Adar - which symbolizes happiness - is guaranteed that it will endure; indeed planting happiness in one’s heart ensures a lasting effect. Now that we have the earlier verse of Pekuidei Hashem...we may further say that whoever plants the pekudim - G-ds Torah in his heart - is guaranteed a lasting endurance. 

This world has very few guarantees and is laced with disappointments, but just as G-d is a Rock so too is his Torah, a document that “assures” serenity, eternity and happiness anytime it is studied.