US universities are committing suicide in the name of “diversity”

"Diversity" is the test for being hired to teach in universities and no matter how qualified and brilliant you are, you had better be convincing about your belief in spreading it.

Giulio Meotti

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UC Berkeley campus
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German volunteer in the First World War, nationalist enlisted in the far right Freikorps, anticommunist and scholar of the greatest of the medieval German emperors Frederick II of Swabia, the historian Ernst Kantorowicz had no choice but to leave Nazi Germany in the annus horribilis 1939. It was not enough that Nazi minister Goebbels liked his great biography of the emperor. Kantorowicz was Jewish and had to leave. 

He arrived in the United States, where he obtained the chair of medieval history at Berkeley. Ten years later, the university administration forced teachers to take an oath of anti-communism. Kantorowicz refused to sign it despite his famous anti-communism, because he had a horror of any type of intellectual yoke. He was fired and found a job in Princeton thanks to the intercession of the great physicist Robert Oppenheimer.

Seventy years later, Berkeley faces another type of oath called “diversity”, the powerful hegemonic ideology built to enforce all the canons and the trappings of the new anti-racism.

Berkeley rejected 76 percent of the qualified candidates without even considering their skills.
An investigation by Reason, the libertarian magazine, reveals that the University of California has asked potential faculty members to backup claims to support “diversity”. No candidate who fails the test can have his application considered.

A report on the Berkeley Diversity Initiative - released by biologist Jerry Coyne - shows that 8 different departments have used “diversity” to eliminate candidates. A group of 894 candidates was reduced to 214 based solely on how convincing they were in their job application on spreading “diversity”.

In practice, if those who apply for a job do not mention “diversity”, they are automatically rejected, however brilliant their resumes may be. Berkeley rejected 76 percent of the qualified candidates without even considering their skills. These candidates could have been the next Kantorowicz or Oppenheimer. It doesn't matter, “diversity” above all.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Abigail Thompson of the mathematics department at the University of California reported what is happening in Berkeley. She was invited to submit an essay to the “Notices” of the American Mathematical Society, the most widely read math journal. She expressed her opinion that these statements on “diversity” have become a political litmus test. On social media, Thompson's ideas have been called disgusting, she has been condemned and professors are being urged to remove their students from Thompson's faculty.

Kantorowicz had seen in Germany what happened when professors swore oaths. And to explain his refusal to sign at the cost of losing his job, the historian said: “There are three professions that have the right to wear a gown. They are the judge, the priest and the professor. This habit attests the wearer's mental maturity, his independence of judgment and his direct responsibility towards his conscience and his god. These are the last professions that should agree to act under duress”.

There was a time when US faculties of humanities gave birth to many geniuses. Now, it is the time of the “diversity” idiots. This is how universities commit suicide.