Palestine, 2018

[June 20, 2018, El-Kuds Radio & Television Authority, Ramallah, Palestine. 4:05 PM DST]

This just in! The United Nations General Assembly, in a unanimous vote of 197-0, has voted today to expel the State of Israel from the United Nations and to impose severe economic and political sanctions.

Isaac Kohn,

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This just in! The United Nations General Assembly, in a unanimous vote of 197-0, has voted today to expel the State of Israel from the United Nations and to impose severe economic and political sanctions.

US Ambassador to the UN, James Carter III, who wrote the resolution's tough language, with us on the phone directly from UN headquarters in New York City, in order to elaborate and explain the dramatics that have occurred. Mr. Ambassador, please proceed.

Carter: ?Thank you. The American Government loudly and vigorously applauds the just concluded dramatic vote as 'the final step towards righting the wrong of the 1947 United Nations resolution' in which Palestine was wrongfully partitioned. With this vote, the world declares that the State of Israel was illegally established on Palestinian lands; thank heavens, today, saner heads prevailed as the final step towards the ultimate goal of returning all of the occupied lands to the rightful owners is on our doorsteps. We had no other choice, as every political nicety was already tried and exhausted; Israel rejected the ?Revised Road Map?, which was presented as a just and final solution to the never-ending conflict between Israel and the State of Palestine.?

Mr. Ambassador, would you please be so kind as to spell out for the listening and watching audience the main points of the ?Revised Road Map? in order to clarify to one and all what the so-called ?sticking points? were. Why was Israel so obstinate in refusing to accept the President's ?expanded vision for peace?, as you dubbed it?

Carter: ?With pleasure. The President has declared over and over that Israel has nothing to fear but fear itself. The United States was guaranteeing Israel's safety, should she accept the President's revised vision. I believe that the audience will agree (as we see from the amazing vote in the UN) that justice must prevail. Had Israel accepted these 'concessions for peace', this vote wouldn't have been necessary.

?The ?Revised Road Map? spelled out the following ?points towards a final peace?:

1) The following cities, towns and other areas, currently occupied by Jewish settlers, must be evacuated: Jaffa, an Arab populated suburb of Tel-Aviv, is to be conceded to the State of Palestine and all Jewish neighborhoods there are to be dismantled (these neighborhoods were built on occupied Arab lands). Acre, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Degania, Haifa, Herzliya, Holon, Naharia, Nahalal, Natanya, Rehovot, and the Jordan Valley - per PLO and Hamas charters, these cities are built on waqf lands and all of the Jewish residents are to be evacuated within six months of Israel's acceptance of the RRM.

2) Kiryat Shemona, Rosh Pina and Ma'alot are to be evacuated, dismantled and turned into a demilitarized, no-man?s land supervised by the multinational force. Since the majority of those populating the Galilee are Arabs, Tzfat and Tiberias are to be evacuated and all Jews transferred to B'nei B'rak (the Palestinians have no claims against this city). These steps are necessary in order to create a 'positive atmosphere' for negotiations with Hizbollah. This humanitarian organization has been demanding the return of this area for the last 20 years.

3) All of Israel's governmental buildings that were built on Greek Orthodox lands are to be evacuated as all leases are hereby canceled and the lands returned. Such a ?positive concession? towards the Orthodox Church will firmly establish Israel's desire to calm the clamor and demands of the Church for the return of its properties and re-establish the Church?s good will.

4) Jerusalem is to be turned over to the government of Palestine. Continuing to live with a wall in the center of the once-united eternal city has created tremendous logistical hardships for the Arab population of El-Quds. This ?confidence-building concession? will end the restrictions imposed on individuals attempting to cross over. The blockades, searches and general humiliation of the Arab populace will come to an end.

5) Three million Arab refugees waiting in UN-sponsored refugee camps must be allowed into Israel proper; the humanitarian gesture Israel conceded to during the implementation of the original ?Road Map?, by taking in one-and-one-half million refugees, has proven insufficient. Too many families remain to be united with their loved ones already in Israel.

6) Israel is to transfer immediately the entire sum of Arab tax money (estimated at $40 billion) it has been collecting and holding in trust for the State of Palestine. In order to begin rebuilding the infrastructures that Israel destroyed during the Oslo War, Palestine needs a tremendous infusion of money and the lack of these funds has delayed the rebuilding ?til this very day (unfortunately, the $350 billion contributed over the years by the US, UN and European Union have disappeared without trace).

7) On the Syrian front: Israel is to evacuate the entire area called the ?Golan Heights? and return it to the government of Syria. Unfortunately, Jews wishing to remain in their homes under Syrian jurisdiction, can not do so; Syria refuses to allow even one single Jew to remain. The Syrian government has been kind enough to offer twenty-two cargo boats ready and willing to ship the Jews to any country that will take them. Syria will forgo any compensation for her gesture.

8) Once the above points are accepted and realized within a the time allotted (six months from the date of introduction of the RRM), the State of Palestine will declare a hudna and all homicide bombings and other ?acts of violence? will halt.?

Mr. Ambassador, these points sound very fair. Why did Israel refuse to accept the Revised Road Map? Doesn't Israel want peace? How is she going to achieve peace and quiet coupled with security for its citizens? I believe that since the implementation of the original ?Road Map?, the acts of terror have been greatly reduced. There were only 17 bus-bombings in the last three years. Only 3,800 Jews were killed since 2003, compared to almost 1,000 in the three years of the Intifada. Hamas, Fatah, Tanzim and the other ?freedom fighters? have curtailed their violence only to those cities and areas mentioned in the above points. Palestinian President Dahlan is so forthcoming in demanding so little from Israel. Isn?t it time to finally end the occupation and allow the oppressed Palestinians to live in peace on their lands?

Carter: ?This is exactly why the UN voted as it did. The world is sick and tired of such a tiny, rotten little country creating so much trouble. Israel?s obstinate refusal to move forward towards an atmosphere for peace has forced our hand. As such, its very existence can no longer be tolerated; its place among the nations will end soon. The expulsion and sanctions are here to guarantee that the world will no longer have to contend with Middle East violence. Seventy years was mentioned as the end of the first Exile; seventy years of Jewish self-rule is long enough. A new era of peace and tranquillity is about to dawn.?

Thank you, Mr. Ambassador. This is Radio El-Quds, broadcasting from Ramallah.
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