Democrat are leveraging antisemitic attacks for political gain

Left Democrats and their in-house Jew-haters are cynically leveraging antisemitic attacks for political gain.

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer

OpEds Rifles in gun shop
Rifles in gun shop
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I did not intend to write on the recent anti-Jewish machete-wielding attack at a hassidic Rabbi’s house in Monsey, New York. The dirtbag had a criminal past, yet was free on De Blasio’s streets. Even though the incident became a national news story, readers know that I prefer not whining about antisemitism.

My personal belief is that the proper answer to antisemitism is not to ask Mayor de Blasio to stop releasing violent convicted felons back onto the streets but to deal with them legally and directly. So if the guy comes into the rabbi’s house, the response should not be to complain about antisemitism but just to shoot the guy with a pistol, a rifle, a howitzer, a rocket-propelled grenade — whatever happens to be lying around the kitchen. And if the guy has come in with a machete, then the family even can obtain a souvenir for their den wall afterwards.

The reason that hassidic Jews have been attacked in random incidents is that some people who never will amount to anything in their lives have nothing else to do, and they perceive that hassidim are easy marks. Hassidim are easy enough to spot.

If the hassidic community would respond to the spate of attacks by organizing for television media coverage a “Hanukkah Family Day at the Shooting Range” or publicly organizing campaigns to buy guns legally, that would change perceptions quite rapidly. The kind of dirtbag and human slime who stops a car to get out and beat up a hassid he happens to see walking on a Brooklyn sidewalk will not do it if he thinks there is the slightest chance that he will get blown to shreds before he reaches his mark.

And that is the power, of course, of the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms is the best freedom to protect against those who bear arms anyway.  Gun laws or no gun laws, violent dirtbags know how to get guns. If all else fails, they can assume that Obama and Eric Holder will spread some around for the taking, fast and furious. New York is oh-so-liberal, as are all the inner-city Democrat strongholds that boast the two common traits of (i) strict gun laws, and (ii) out-of-control gun violence.

Interesting, isn’t it?  Chicago with its crazy-tough gun laws is a shooting gallery, especially on weekends. Baltimore the same. In De Blasio’s New York, guns are over-regulated, but street crime is rampant. I much prefer the response of the congregants at the Texas church where a dirtbag arose to shoot worshippers. The people in the congregation did not whine. They did not cry that there is too much anti-Christianism. They didn’t even bother to blame Nancy Pelosi. Rather, they got up, pulled out their guns, and the shooter was dead faster than a New York Minute.

In an America where every criminal gets so many rights that, even if he gets arrested, he does not get adequately punished for murder before he dies of old age anyway, there is no better deterrent than the instant justice of shooting the guy pronto.
In an America where every criminal gets so many rights that, even if he gets arrested, he does not get adequately punished for murder before he dies of old age anyway, there is no better deterrent than the instant justice of shooting the guy pronto. Even if liberal sociologists want to line up on MSNBC to argue that capital punishment does not deter crime, every fact that ever has existed documents that it sure deters the executed murderer from breaking any further laws.

One returns again to the classic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the Islamist on the Moroccan street starts threatening and twirling his huge sword, and Indiana Jones responds by pulling out his pistol and just blowing him away. Americans get that. Juries get that. No one is going to get in trouble for blowing away an antisemite who steps over the line into private property.

There are two serious forms of antisemitism: White Supremacist hate on the extreme right and the other kind from the other side of the spectrum. The Democrat left and their Corrupt Journalist Corps love to blame President Trump for everything, and they call him an “antisemite” every chance they get. Here is a phoney and liar who briefly was a spokesman for some joke that is despicably called the “Anne Frank Center,” solicited by CNN to call the President an antisemite.  These phoneys are all over the place.

There could not be a more pro-Israel President, a better friend of the American Jewish community, and actually a Presidential father and grandfather of Orthodox Jews than President Trump. That reality needs no more elaboration or proof than does the assertion that the earth is not flat. When the Democrat Left and their Corrupt Journalist Corps blame President Trump cynically and falsely for antisemitism, the lie speaks for itself. In fact, it is that very lie that is the Rosetta Stone, the key to translating and exposing all other Democrat Left lies about Trump:
  • Trump colluded with Putin?  Yeah, right — just like he’s an antisemite.
  • Trump’s economic policies will cause a recession?  Yeah, right — just like he’s an antisemite.
  • Trump will provoke North Korea into a nuclear war?  Yeah, right — just like he’s an antisemite.
  • By Trump leaving the Paris Climate Thing, the world will end in twelve years?  Yeah, right — just like he’s an antisemite.
  • Trump’s showdown with China over their trade cheating will bankrupt American farmers?  Yeah, right — just like he’s an antisemite.
  • Trump’s Wall will have no impact on stemming illegal immigration, sex trafficking, and the opioid crisis?  Yeah, right — just like he’s an antisemite.

For several weeks now, hassidic Jews have been getting attacked on New York streets.  In almost every incident, the attack has been caught on video from some store’s street security system. Each and every video has proven undeniably that the attacker is not a White Supremacist.  Cameras are interesting in that way.  Usually, when you see something on film, you cannot read the minds of the performers, and you cannot tell what they believe. But these New York videos have been magical — they reveal innermost philosophies.  Each and every video has revealed that the attack was perpetrated by someone who is not a White nationalist. Amazing what modern technology can do!

In the face of a spate of such attacks, invariably from the same non-White Supremacist group of attackers, what has been the response of Left Democrats and the Corrupt Journalist Corps?

Eric Smallwell, the meaningless California Congressman who got run out of the Presidential-nomination race in fewer than ten minutes, once again expelled a load of gas. In a tweet soon after the machete attack, he blamed President Trump for antisemitism.

The next one racing to speak up for the Jews? Jew-hater  Rashida Tlaib herself, the one who experiences the calming feeling when thinking about the Holocaust. Tlaib, who previously wrote a column for a Louis Farrakhan publication, tweeted her agreement that President Trump inspires anti-Jewish violence. Having that Jew-hater responding to antisemitism is like Yasser Arafat coming to defend Israel at the U.N. And when one of the two primo Jew-haters in Congress comes out of her hole, the other one cannot be far behind. So Ilhan Omar, queen of the Hitler Nazi-style anti-Semitic tropes, retweeted Smallwell’s moronic burp. If Tlaib is to be compared to Arafat in aspirations, though not in achievement, to whom shall Omar be compared? The pro-Hitler Grand Mufti of Jerusalem?

These are the cynical Jew-haters who seek to leverage a Jewish tragedy in Monsey to attack President Trump.

And then come the Jewish apostates. Ariel Gold of Code Pink, an apostate so anti-Israel that she is formally is banned from that country as are other Jew-haters like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, blamed President Trump for the Monsey attack. The Apostate problem on the Jewish Left is a serious condition that merits its own forthcoming separate discussion. In similar fashion, an extreme-Left Israeli-American freelancer who regularly attacks Israel, Mairav Zonszein, also jumped in to blame Trump for the Monsey machete attack. “Just to be clear, I hold the Trump White House directly responsible for the increasing violent attacks on Orthodox Jewish people in America,” she said. This same apostate earlier published an article in the Washington Post, titled: “Why I’d Rather My Son Didn’t Wave the Israeli Flag for [Israeli] Independence Day.”

It’s practically a psychological sickness. And “Orthodox Jewish people in America” do not want her suggestions, her help . . . or her.

And so it goes. Cynics racing to take advantage of other people’s misery to win brief minuscule political points. It is the same when tragedy hits other people in other demographic communities who are victims of hate, such as the cynical manipulation of Black voters and Hispanic voters at election time to keep them locked up, as Candace Owens has said, on the Democrat plantation.

It is despicable, watching the political vultures swooping in for prey and for points to score. Let them go speak out for someone else. The hassidic victims of violence in De Blasio’s New York do not want that kind of disgusting “support,” and they do not need and do not want such people.