How I learned to love the ICC on just one pill

ICC’s Israel probe – what can possibly go wrong?

Jack Engelhard

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Fatou Bensouda
צילום: מתוך האתר האישי

First this fact, that the State of Israel does not commit war crimes…unless defending yourself is now a war crime.

That settled, we can now move on. So it seems that I rankled the good people at The Times of Israel, or some of them at that fine publication, or just one of them. 

That would be reporter Joshua Davidovich. What did I do? Seems I was too tough on the International Criminal Court altogether, and upon Fatou Bensouda in particular. She is the prosecutor slated to investigate Israel for alleged “war crimes,” no doubt at the urging of Mahmoud Abbas, who, if you ask some people, may also be a terrific guy.

Don’t you dare find flaws in Ms. Bensouda, which I did, here in this column, and which Davidovich, in this column, finds my thinking objectionable against his better taste. 

So far as The Times of Israel is concerned, people like Ms. Bensouda get the benefit of the doubt. 
In other words, Ms. Bensouda may judge me, but I may not judge her.

It has been running that way against Jews for quite some time, and so far as The Times of Israel is concerned, people like Ms. Bensouda get the benefit of the doubt. 

Or maybe it’s just that one critical reporter who feels that way.

Actually, he names and scoffs others who were equally harsh towards Ms. Bensouda, in turn cleansing her of any political dandruff. 

For instance, in telling about some nasty doings back in her home country, the reporter explains, “It’s unlikely Bensouda had more than a passing role in the atrocities.” 

Well, that is always a relief, “only passing roles” when it comes to atrocities. And "unlikely."

But as for me, The Times of Israel article ridicules my assertion, which is that places like the ICC, and people like Bensouda, pure and lovely as she is, ought to mind their own business. They have enough human rights demerits in their own homes, and should be taking out that garbage first, before casting evil eyes upon Israel.

Judging Israel is the world’s recreational pastime, and some of us are tired of the game, and of being the game.

What did I say exactly? I said that Gambia, where Bensouda comes from…well, in Gambia, almost all girls and women are forced into FGM…female genital mutilation.

In my opinion, that is a war crime.

But that’s just me. According to my critic, I was wrong to blame Ms. Bensouda for that widespread practice. Well no, I did not blame her.

I did suggest that, starting with our own Scriptures, a prosecutor, meaning a judge, ought to be of clean hands and beyond reproach.

That can not be said for Ms. Bensouda, nor frankly for the rest of them in that court at The Hague. Where a person comes from, counts. 

Truly, since we only know what we read in the papers, in real life, and on a personal leveI, Ms. Bensouda may indeed be a loving and wonderful person. But I must admit that unlike some other Jewish writers, I get a case of the willies whenever the UN or associate agencies, or their staff, are mentioned. I know what came and what’s coming. 

They do pass resolutions that deny Israel the rights to any and all parts of the Holy Land, don’t they? Resolution 2334, for instance.

But there I go being harsh again.

I need to learn some of that Zen, which teaches calmness, and which may get you to love even the United Nations, after all. But I am not there yet. 

For the bright side of the ICC, and its probe, and its prosecutor, and the world altogether, suhrely I need to become more sedate…or sedated…take a pill.

True, the ICC is not part of the UN, or so it says, but trust me, they are the same people. You don’t trust me? Then you trust The Times of Israel’s reporter.

That is perfectly all right…particularly if you are that kind of Jewish person, or otherwise, for whom it is an article of faith that our enemies have justified claims, always. 

Our task to take it, and keep taking it, from anyone with a grudge and a gripe. 

BDS is one example, and the New Israel Fund, as Ronn Torossian points out, is another.

Rest assured that with the ICC and Ms. Bensouda on the case, Israel is in good hands. But first take a Valium.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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