Europe's future: Between Islam and post-Christian grotesque decadence

Europe as we know it is on the verge of being confined to a hospice for the as yet incurable disease of decadence.

Giulio Meotti

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Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn just hosted a pro-LGBT benefit concert in Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Catholic Cathedral. 

Austria’s drag queen “Conchita Wurst”, who won worldwide fame when he represented his nation at the 2014 Eurovision contest, has been the main performer scheduled to appear at the “Believe Together” fundraiser in Vienna’s 14th-century mother church. The organizer of the event, homosexual activist Gery Keszler, said: “We are very grateful for the trust placed in us by Cardinal Schönborn”.

French writer Michel Houellebecq was right when he recently wrote: “The Catholic Church is committing suicide”.

Europe's future will be a battlefield between Islam and these post-Christian decadent leftovers. The image provided by leaders of Western churches is that of a ridicolous religion, no longer to be taken seriously.

Cardinal archbishop of Vienna Schönborn, who just allowed this blasphemous event to take place, feared the possibility of “an Islamic conquest of Europe”, calling it “the third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe”. Schönborn said those words speaking to the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vienna, noting: “The Muslims would like to take advantage of our weakness, but they are not responsible for our weakness.”

Then, in a long interview with Der Standard, the cardinal said: “Take a look at the Viennese schools and see how the demographic developments of Christian children and Muslim children are divergent. This is a serious topic. There is no lack of Islamic voices that say that Europe is a mature fruit for Islam.”

In the report “Religions in Vienna in the past, present and future”  by the Wirel, the researchers of the Wittgenstein Center for Demography and Global Human Capital and by the Vienna Institute of Demography, we read that in 2011, 19 percent of the population under the age of 15 was Muslim, that from 1984 to 2011 the population born of Catholic parents decreased from 72 to 33 percent and that in 2046 the average age of
In 1971, Islam was only 0.4 percent of the Viennese population, 4.3 percent in 1991, 8.2 percent in 2001, 11.6 percent in 2011 and will reach over 20 percent in a few years.
Muslims will be 34 years while that of those “without religion” will be 58 years.

In 1971, Islam was only 0.4 percent of the Viennese population, 4.3 percent in 1991, 8.2 percent in 2001, 11.6 percent in 2011 and will reach over 20 percent in a few years.

In 1977, French philosopher Raymond Aron wrote “Plaidoyer pour l'Europe décadente” (In defense of a decadent Europe), in which he denounced a sort of self-indulgence that distinguishes Western societies. “The civilization of self-centered pleasure - wrote Aron - condemns himself to death the moment it loses interest in the future”.

It was then that Western culture contracted an autoimmune disease, one for which there seems to be no solution. In fact, we entered “an era of tiredness”, as Joshua Mitchell called it in an essay. The era in which people are happy to play with gadgets and have lost interest in Western culture.

The age of tiredness is the hospice phase where Western culture is now. Europe's death will be anesthetized by drops of morphine of entertainment and “diversity”. Then Islam will take over.