Jihad bombs Israel, Europe tries it at the UN

How many resolutions has the UN passed against Iran's murdering its protesting citizens? You guessed it.

Giulio Meotti

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The Palestinian Islamic Jihad last week used a new rocket with a 300-kilo warhead against Israel. Citing intelligence sources, Channel 12 reveals that the rocket, which left a huge sixteen-meter crater in southern Israel, was developed with the "help of Iranian engineers". The report states that Islamic Jihad has managed to supercede the technical capabilities of the Hamas terrorist group, equipping itself with missiles similar to those of Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

At the same time, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei returned to threaten the Jewish State with destruction. "The destruction of Israel means the destruction of that regime and criminals like Netanyahu, not Jews," said Ayatollah Khamenei. "The elimination of Israel means that the Palestinians, Muslims, Christians and Jews, who are the true owners of the Palestinian land, must be able to decide their destiny”. Iranians are smart and understand how to connect with the Western vision, in some ways not dissimilar from that of the ayatollah. 

While Iran's armed wing in Gaza was launching 450 missiles at Israel and the leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution spoke of "destroying Israel", the United Nations orchestrated a most intense diplomatic attack on Jerusalem.

On Friday, the fourth commission of the UN General Assembly voted on eight resolutions against Israel. None of them talk about Palestinian Islamic Jihad. "Assistance to Palestinian refugees", "refugees as a result of the 1967 war", "assistance to Palestinian refugees", "Palestinian property", "how Israeli actions affecting Palestinian human rights", "Israeli settlements", "Jerusalem occupied "and the" occupied Syrian Golan ". 

“An assault on peace, especially by many US allies”, said the American ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft. Among the Western countries, only Canada and Australia voted against the eight resolutions. It was not possible that this occurred. It could and should have been done. Italy, my country, voted in favor of all eight initiatives wanted by the bloc of Islamic countries. 

And how many resolutions has the UN voted on Iran that killed ten protesters and arrested a thousand in recent days? Zero.

And how many about China that continues to brutalize Hong Kong citizens? Zero.

Zero is also the credibility of the UN and the European countries that are now in a compact against the Jewish scapegoat in the "palaces" of humanitarianism. We are facing a catastrophe of civilization.