In the Age of Leftism

Isn't life grand? Read this and see what you think.

Valerie Sobel

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Valerie Sobel

* Christopher Columbus is a war monger. 


* NFL players take the knee. 


* NBA players are loud sympathizers and profiteers of a communist regime notorious for re-education gulags and disappearances of millions. 


* Democratic 2020 candidates (Warren & Buttigieg) propose decriminalization of HIV non-disclosures. HIV patients would be free to engage in sex without ever disclosing their contagious condition to intercourse partner(s). Kind of like spiking someone’s drink with arsenic without facing any consequences. 


* In 2015, Canada elects a substitute drama teacher, a self-admitted drug-user, a failed student of Engineering with zero accomplishments in his 40+ head up the country. In 3 days from now, Ontario and Quebec will attempt to re-elect him again. 


* Third trimester abortions of fully formed babies with heart beats, hair and sucking reflexes are legalized. 


* Anyone calling an undocumented, border-storming, law-breaking person what he/she is, an “illegal alien” (a legal term), can be fined up to $250,000 in New York City.


* People are free to choose their own gender as they please. They are free to create their own pronoun for it, too. 


* There are currently 72 genders of social construct. 


* Climate change is a brand new phenomenon that will kill all of us in 12 years unless we kill all methods of our transportation, our animals, our way of sustenance, and the energy corporations that employ millions.


* A masked, black-clothed, dangerously violent, anarchism-promoting group is organized to burn flags, break windows with bats, and beat up anyone they disagree with. The world calls them “anti-Fascist”, “Antifa” for short. 


* Up to 100,000 plus people storm the American southern border monthly. Many by way of human trafficking. 1/3 Of all women are raped in the process. MS13 gang thugs and cartel narcotics penetrate the US/Mexico border daily. Democrats and media call this a “manufactured crisis.”


* Israel is an Apartheid State.


* Benjamin Netanyahu is Hitler. 


* Holocaust has two equally credible debate positions: 1) it happened 2) it didn’t happen 


* Teachers are required to present LGBTQ content to elementary (in some cases) and junior high school kids. Gay sex is part of required social curriculums in schools.


* Women march with vaginas on their heads through the streets of big cities. 


* Undocumented illegals can obtain driver’s licenses.


* A mentally-challenged sixteen year-old with medically diagnosed anxiety and compulsive disorders angrily screams at and lectures UN adults on billions-year-old climate fluctuations as a man-made phenomenon. 


* Prime Minister of Canada invents a new word: “peoplekind”.


* Not Greta, not Hollywood, not BBC or CNN, nor LeBron James will call out China as the dirtiest polluter on earth. But a Canadian Prime Minister slaps on a 20% Carbon tax on Canadian provinces for the crime of consuming Alberta oil, the cleanest, most ethical oil in the world. 


* Al Gore, the man who predicted there will be no icebergs by year 2013 in a video, is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Irena Sendler, a Polish nurse, who took immeasurable risks by saving the lives of 2500 Jewish children in the Holocaust is passed over in the same contest. 


* American Democrats perpetuate world’s greatest lie: the lawfully elected President of their country is a “Russian Spy”. All to the tune of $32 Million in cost to tax payers.


* Democrats attempt to remove a lawfully elected President of their country for looking into the corruption of a government official. Because the latter is their choice for next President. 


* Socialism, a failed and murderous ideology of USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, and China is at the forefront of American politics. A 78-year-old revolutionary for this calamitous ideology is one of 12 main Democratic Presidential candidates. 


* Bartenders are elected to government posts. Bartenders endorse 78 year-old socialist revolutionaries for presidency to the sound of thunderous Twitter applause. 


* Same bartenders, whose biggest achievement to date is accumulation of twitter followers, propose abolition of all prisons to end an “American apartheid”. 


* A Sharia Law Islamist who married her brother to circumvent American laws by committing immigration fraud, is now an American Congresswoman. 


* Prime Minister of Canada parades his costume fetish around the world as a great human accomplishment. This is complemented by another one of his great accomplishments: unhinged debt accumulation. Barak Obama endorses him for re-election. Foreign election interference…? 


* United States House of Representatives of democrat majority fails to pass a resolution against virulent antisemitism by its own members. Because those members are Muslim.


* Liberal American Jews and their Reform Rabbis write proclamations against a president who is raising Jewish grandchildren, committed $42 Billion to the security of Israel, defunded Iran, UNRWA and Abbas, and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

* Islam, a religion that has killed between 100 and 250,000,000 people since its inception in 700 CE, is called a “religion of peace”. 


* Elected government representative Islamists publicly call the President “Mother F*^#er”. Then sell T-shirts to the public with the same expletive. 


* Cultivated actors and enlightened politicians advocate punching faces, beheading Presidents and burning the White House to the ground. 

* Progressive fashion designers refuse to dress the First Lady on the basis that she’s not married to someone they like. 


* Prime Minister of Canada pays $10.5 Million to a notorious Taliban terrorist who killed and maimed American soldiers. He then repatriates him to Canadian shores. 


* The leader of the Fatah party calls for street stabbings and car-rammings of Israeli citizens and pays a lifetime $2500US/month stipend to the terrorists’ families as a reward. European Union foots the bill to sustain this murderer to the tune of $250,000,000 annually. 


* The Pope washes the feet of Muslims. 


* A Sharia law follower heads up 21st century feminism. 


* LGBTQ has locked hands with the throw-gays-off-rooftops Islam. 


* Online Media oligarchy routinely suppresses and removes content, facts and people it doesn’t agree with. 


* Hammer & Sickle Communist flags are proudly and prominently flown at public protests on American soil. American flags of Stars and Stripes are proudly and prominently flown at pro-Democracy rallies in Hong Kong.


* Ivy League universities, like Harvard, curtail the enrollment of Asian-American students. 


* A new gender, “X”, appears on a Canadian passport. 


* The head of the biggest intelligence organization in the world, the CIA, purposely leaks information to the press. He admits it under oath and gets away with it.


* A Secretary of State of the most powerful country on earth has no idea that “C” stands for classified, uses an unsecured personal server to conduct her communication, destroys her electronic devices with a hammer, and deletes 33,000 emails. She admits under oath and gets away with all of it.  


* The same woman goes on to become the Democratic Candidate for Presidency of the United States.


* The #metoo movement is born to give women a platform against male assault. At about the same time, a woman who defended her husband against dozens of documented crimes against him announces her candidacy to run for President. Her husband, whom she proudly defended against rape and assault charges and to whom she’s married to this day, was impeached on the basis of lying and taking sexual advantage of a 19-year-old female White House intern. The woman goes on to aid her husband in the settling of sexual assault lawsuits against him to the tune of $850K each. Back in time, the same woman provided legal defense to a heinous criminal who raped a disabled 12-year-old child. She got him off. The #metoo enthusiasts and supporters enthusiastically endorse this woman to run for Presidency of the United States. 


* Biological men with higher testosterone levels and higher muscle to fat distribution declare themselves female. They enter and win Martial Arts, Track and Field, swimming and weightlifting competitions in female categories. 


* Israel is called aggressor when it defends its borders against Hamas terrorists who set miles of her farmland ablaze. UN passes the umpteenth resolution against the Jewish State.  


* A Muslim mayor of London announces that terror is part of living in a big city.


* Europe inundates itself with Islam forcing a significant migration of what’s-left-of European Jewry to Israel. Antisemitic crime rates skyrocket while Europe continues to mumble “Never Again”.

* Men wear lipsticks and bras and have access to women’s bathrooms. They also demand Brazilian wax jobs of salons’ female employees and sue them if denied service. 


* Democratic banner for 2016 read “Love Trumps Hate”. The Democrats have suckled on the teat of rabid hate of a man named Trump for the last 3 years. Their banner for 2020 will undoubtedly read “Love to Hate Trump”. 


* UK police is not allowed to identify grooming gang and hate crime criminals they arrest as Muslim. The media calls them “Asian”. 


* Affluent California, with more democratic-voting millionaires and billionaires than any other state in the US, cannot crawl out from underneath incessant poverty, homelessness, welfare dependence, soup kitchens, syringes and feces on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. 


* Violent crime and murder of innocents at Christmas markets and nightclubs is attributed to white vans and self-wielding knives. On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, the New York Times headlines this: “Planes took aim, brought down Twin Towers”. Language and thought control personified. Islam protected. 


* Democrats want to do away with the 2nd Amendment of the American constitution. 


* The UK Parliament prefers to undo and throw out the will of the people, the democratically voted for Brexit. 


* A character-free woman who lied about her fabricated ancestry to get into an elite educational institution and openly lied about being fired from a job for the crime of at the top of the Democratic Presidential candidacy polls. 


* A man who honeymooned in the USSR, endorsed the American communist party and once famously said that women dream of being raped by three men at the same time... is running for President of the United States. As a Democrat, of course. 


* A man who on his way out of political office awards $150 Billion to the Mullahs of Iran (world’s biggest traffickers of narcotics and sponsors of terror, a country of horrific oppression of women’s rights and an open call for annihilation of America’s number one ally, Israel) is given a Nobel Peace Prize. 


* With nuclear North Korea, Islamist nuclear Iran and over one billion living in nuclear communist China, Texas-economy-sized Russia is the worst evil on earth. 


* American liberal Jewry overwhelmingly votes for a man who calls for Israel’s 1967 borders and single-handedly orchestrates UN resolution #2334 by beckoning most of Israel illegitimate in Jewish hands. Twice! 


* In a time of surging stock indices, record employment, record female work participation, unprecedented economic prosperity and highest living standards in the most capitalist country in the world, capitalism is called a crime. 


In the age of unhinged leftism, tell me again how Trump offends you..

Now, just imagine this world if Israel falls into the hands of Gantz’s Blue & White in coalition with two extreme left parties and the Joint Arab List...