Is Israel's democracy in danger because it banned Omar and Tlaib?

Tlaib and Omar flirt with the worst anti-Semitic tropes since they were elected. But that is seen as no scandal among the people who like to be liked.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds Scene of  ramming attack in Gush Etzion
Scene of ramming attack in Gush Etzion
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The two American congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, wanted to go to “Palestine”, the name by which they designate all of Israel, before and after 1967, all of it. They had not asked to meet a single Israeli official. They would not have hesitated to use the trip to promote Islamist and pro-Palestinian Arab propaganda. They were supported by shamelessly anti-Semitic organizations.

They had insulted the state and the Jewish people even before they got on the plane by denying their very existence. Why would Israel have to let them in? To please the Western progressive hypocrites? Israel did the right thing by banning them. 

These two American politicians, Tlaib and Omar, flirt with the worst anti-Semitic instincts since they were elected. Not a single week passes without some of their “incidents” on Jewish issues. But that is seen as no scandal among the people who like to be liked. Then, when Israel has legitimately decided to boycott the two Dems by not granting them an entry visa, the people who like to to be liked shouted at the scandal and said that Israel is not democratic but replete with fascism, racism and apartheid.

What hypocrites they are.

In the same 24 hours in which the Omar/Tlaib issue broke, Israeli policemen were stabbed in Jerusalem, Israeli boys were attacked in Gush Etzion and severely injured and then Israeli homes came again under missiles from Gaza. All in the same 24 hours.

But the headline, for the petty ones who decide the news and for the bad teachers of indignation, were again the two anti-Semitic American politicians rightly forbidden by Israel. What was that we read?  “Israeli democracy in danger”?

Did the European indignados when it comes to talking about Israel which forbade the entry of the two find some time to post something about three terror attacks in 24 hours? Or since? None.