Republican Jews endorsement of Katz bad for Trump and America

In Queens, a YouTube video was created by three Rabbis to push Democratic Jewish Registration Drives.  Are they kidding?

Cindy Grosz

OpEds Supporting Queens Borough President Melinda Katz
Supporting Queens Borough President Melinda Katz

When asked to publicly support Melinda Katz last Tuesday for Queens District Attorney, I proudly said, I support my president, I proudly am an advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump 2020 and his policies and relationship with American Jews and Israel is so good, so no thanks.

Melinda Katz should have never run as District Attorney in the first place.  She never stepped foot in a court room as an attorney. And, I believe that Melinda Katz did not deserve so much attention and support from Jewish leadership.

She proudly supported Assemblyman Charles Barron. In July 2009, Barron stated that the Gaza Strip section of the Palestinian Territories was "a virtual death camp, the same kind of conditions the Nazis imposed on the Jews.  Eleven  months later he stated, "There's too many children and women and innocent men of Gaza dying because you're isolating them and not allowing anything in. It's like having a concentration death camp. It's horrible, and the whole world is and should be outraged.” 

She also partnered as Queens Borough President, and together with  the Queens District Attorney cohosted the Islamic Group tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, on  November 14, 2017, an event empowering hate crimes in Jewish neighborhoods in New York.  

Katz made up a fake news story about declining the Republican line.  As the Jewish Advisor to the Queens GOP Chair, Joann Ariola Shanks. I can promise you no such offer was ever made to decline.  It’s also the very first sign that Jews in Congressman Gregory Meeks’s District have a real chance to challenge his seat, as Democrats have put up a challenger for his primary in 2020.  Meeks is no friend of President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel or American Jewish interests, besides being under investigations for criminal activity.

So why would dozens of flyers and newspaper endorsements from local rabbis beg the Jewish community to go out and vote for her? Yes, she is Jewish-but so is Bernie Sanders. Yes, many felt she was the best of the worst, but that’s like saying Treblinka was a “better” concentration camp than Auschwitz.

Why didn’t others who regard themselves as Jewish and Trump leadership take my lead?

I was the first who saw the Jewish voice of power diminish drastically when Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich Of Queens ran in a special election for New York Public Advocate, as I wrote about in detail here:


Now, we have a situation much worse for Jews of all religious affiliations and parties.  

It was tracked and recorded that Jews did not come out and vote in the Democratic primary.  In the NORPAC June Newsletter, Dr. Ben Chouake, President, wrote, In Queens, there was a missed opportunity, there was a successful election of a 31 year old for progressive DA of the county who has as her associations and friends Linda Sarsour and AOC. She won by about 1000 votes in a low turnout primary. (about 31000 to 32000 in all of Queens County with a population of 2.4 million). The percentage of voters going to the polls in the Jewish communities in Queens was tragically low. The percentage of voting age young people in these communities that are either unregistered to vote or fail to vote is an embarrassment.

The Jewish community is not generally known for being lazy or stupid but our voting percentages in these elections would indicate we deserve these titles. Our diligence, especially with low turnout primary races, needs dramatic improvement or we will find ourselves under the foot of leaders antagonistic to our community. 

Casting your vote in a primary election is like purchasing Apple Stock at 15. You get over 10 times your proportionate value. Please make the effort to have everyone in your household registered, and to vote especially in these low turnout races.

Dr. Ben— your missed opportunity was keeping quiet and waiting for the actual elections in November when a Republican and Conservative Party endorsed candidate, Trump supporter, will be running. 

Brooklyn community leaders Chaskel Bennett and Josh Mehlman were asked by radio host Zev Brenner if Jews were helping progressives win.  Their response — that it was the Republican's fault that they were not reached out to to pick a good candidate.  But as in most cases, there was no Republican primary! The blind leading the blind!! Is that why Councilman Chaim Deutsch was so busy promoting his endorsement of Linda Sarsour supporter, Farah Louis, in her second and latest bid for Public Advocate?

And, In Queens, a YouTube video was created by three Rabbis to push Democratic Jewish Registration Drives.  Are they kidding? You just have to call a cell phone number and they will take care of the rest.

On another front, we have multiple Jewish Republican groups standing with Curtis Sliwa, an outspoken Never-Trumper.  They have also aligned themselves with scandal-ridden old timers, Robert Hornack, Dennis Saffran and Robert Capano, who have absolutely no influence in GOP politics.


I am coordinating a Registration Drive for Jews.  We have the best chance to say we are tired of the anti-Semitism in our schools, the hate crimes on our streets and the intolerance and silence by our New York Democratic leaders in City Hall and Albany!

I am formally announcing here and today that I will be initiating the New York State Jewish Republican Voter Registration Drive.  I will arrange with your local representatives to help you register as a Republican and get out to vote this November.

I was proud to stand and listen to the new New York State Republican Chairman, Nicholas Langworthy in Albany in his first address accepting the position.  Langworthy’s speech included this: I and the Republican Party of New York condemn the antisemitic rhetoric of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. We stand in support of Israel, and will fight for the safety and security of our Jewish neighbors across this nation.  And, in 2020, we will make sure that President Donald J. Trump gets the support he deserves from his home state.

Congratulations Chairman Langworthy and New York State Secretary Joann Ariola Shanks, the highest ranking woman in NYSGOP office.  She, unlike the many Jewish leaders in Queens, was my partner in fighting the anti-Trump, anti-Semitism and racism coming from the alt-right.  Every time Ariola Shanks called out the phony and not official Republican leaders on their hate, incompetence and misleading innocent, novice potential voters, she was stalked, attacked and threatened.  In fact, she went to court and won her cases on every level, state, county and district levels. She did this to ensure that the public felt confident that the Queens Republican Party does not tolerate any hate and violence. 

Jews, stop fooling yourself.  The Democratic Party does NOT want you.  Join us, where our leader, Donald J. Trump respects our freedom of religion, education and Israel.


Cindy Grosz is an advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump 2020 and on Twitter and Instagram at @cindyscorners.  She can be reached at

Chairman Nicholas Langworthy at his swearing in in Albany, New York