To be or not to be Hollywood Jewish

We know Richard, the Israelis can be such a nuisance when once in a while they’ve had enough and go about defending themselves.

Jack Engelhard

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Richard Dreyfuss
צילום: מתוך האתר האישי

Another expert heard from, and this time it’s Richard Dreyfuss, the Hollywood actor who tells us to worry less about ourselves and more about the Palestinian Arabs.

According to the dispatch, “Dreyfuss told the Hollywood Reporter ahead of the release of his new movie, ‘Astronaut’, that Jews ‘sound very much like our own worst enemies in trying to protect Zionism and protect our own reputations. We really do need to explore what it means to be Jewish and not let it go away.’’

Global Anti-Semitism, he says, ought to be a secondary concern. He wants more compassion and less “oppression” of the Palestinian Arabs.

That sounds awfully sweet. Apparently, word has not yet reached Sunset Boulevard that Jews are being attacked in Europe every day, and that in Germany Jews are advised never to walk the streets wearing a yarmulke. It’s gotten like that hereabouts as well. Jews are getting harassed and beaten even in mostly Jewish Brooklyn.

Too true, sorry to say – what happens in Germany, does not stay in Germany. 

In this novel, yes, “Indecent Proposal,” since this is about Hollywood, she says to her husband, “The whole world isn’t Auschwitz.” He says, “Neither is it Beverly Hills.”

So far, so good, it seems, in Beverly Hills, so if you are Richard Dreyfuss, or any of the other self-styled elites – no worries. You can feel safe and comfortable enough to give the Israelis so much helpful advice, always appreciated, to be sure…except! Except that the Israelis are too busy ducking rocks, knives and bullets, and flaming terrorist balloons.

I know how it is. The Israelis can be such a nuisance when once in a while they’ve had enough and go about defending themselves.

Then, when someone gets retaliated for tossing a fireball kite into Jewish territory, experts like Dreyfuss need to explain to the rest of Hollywood, and the world, how the Israelis are simply not behaving properly, and there, over French dining at, say, Petit Trois, everyone can agree that the Israelis shouldn’t…as Dreyfuss says…
"We don’t need anti-Semites. We’ve got plenty coming from our own families and homes.”  
shouldn’t be so worried about themselves. Save that for the Palestinian Arabs.


Perhaps, we may suggest…it’s the wine talking?   

Or maybe the news is slow coming to Rodeo Drive that right now, even as we speak, every Israeli walks around with a price on his head.

News like that does not make a splash in the trades, Variety or the Hollywood Reporter, and that is how it should be. Nobody wants to spoil a good dinner.

But it is a fact that the Palestinian Authority pays its people to murder Israelis. It’s been going on for some time, many have gotten rich, and it is called “Pay to Slay.”  

There is more to it than that, but it is the general idea. 

You can read all about it from PMW, Palestinian Media Watch. The Spoiler Alert here is that it may spoil your appetite. 

Plus, this, from “The Bathsheba Deadline” about the making of “Munich,” in which we were taught that terrorists also have feelings: “This man Spielberg and that man (Tony) Kushner who wrote part of the screenplay, listen: they are okay with a Jewish State as long as it is not Jewish and not a state.”

Then: “We don’t need anti-Semites. We’ve got plenty coming from our own families and homes.”  

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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