Amalek is on our doorstep and he has a burning kite in his hands

Do we hear environmentalists all over the world howling about the incendiary kites from Gaza burning down trees and grasslands– not a word. There is complete silence!  

Leonie Ben-Simon

OpEds Sderot factory fire from rocket
Sderot factory fire from rocket

For years they fired rockets from Gaza. 

Then they prepared tunnels as they planned to abduct civilians.

Now they are destroying the environment by burning forests and farmland with incendiary balloons.

Do we hear the environmentalists all over the world howling – not a word. There is complete silence!  

This week they published a video of these balloons filled with poison to be sent to our civilian population.

A real threat or psychological warfare? Planned death horribly reminiscent of the Holocaust already being actioned not only on our doorstep but right inside Israel where our families live.

The clock is ticking. Last night they hit a yeshiva in the Negev town of Sderot.

It is just a matter of time before it is all stopped. It has to happen. We cannot wait for a disaster to galvanize our government.

No nation would allow these rockets and incendiary kites going into their sovereign territory. Nor would they agree to ruination of their environment.

When it comes to poisoning people or even the threat of attempting that, would any nation sit back and let it happen? The answer is, of course not – nations all over the world act and the collateral damage be damned, despite the death of innocents as the threat is neutralized.

Israel must respond while ignoring the usual criticism of our detractors who always blame the Jews anyway. We will not lie down and die allowing the deaths of our civilians, the burning our environment and now the threats to poison us.

These evil regimes and their sponsors are a modern form of Amakek and we have experience in how to deal with them.