A growing nexus between US office-holders and Antisemitic incitement 

No "taint" of support for Jews seen in U.S governmental office holders who placate Jew-haters. Where is this going?

Barouch Levy

OpEds Capitol Hill Washington DC Congress America
Capitol Hill Washington DC Congress America

Recently, the Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, issued a statement that there is "No taint of antisemitism in the Democratic Party." 

In fact, the converse is much closer to the truth. The numerous many, affiliated  with the Democratic Party, who placate antisemitism, cannot be relied upon to protect Jews. They clearly do not believe in "liberty and justice for all" inclusive of Jews. All except the most politically obtuse, including unfortunately many politically obtuse American Jews, recognize the gross disingenuousness of the House Speaker's statement. In the recent past, particularly, during the last several months, not only is antisemitism establishing a home for itself in the Democratic Party, but the increasingly growing sinister nexus, between American antisemitism and government, of which Pelosi's whitewashing of antisemitism is a cogent example, has become more and more  apparent.

...the increasingly growing sinister nexus, between American antisemitism and government, of which Pelosi's whitewashing of antisemitism is a cogent example, has become more and more  apparent.
Perhaps the seminal event of the antisemitic governmental nexus in the United States, were former President Barak Obama's remarks about the State of Israel and its supporters, read: the Jews. In his Cairo address, delivered at the onset of his first term in office, Barak Obama attempted to morally discredit Israel, the nation, and its people in a series of bogus accusations. Israel was responsible for "daily humiliations" of the "occupation". It was Israel that was denying "legitimate aspirations for dignity and opportunity"  of the non-Jewish Arabs living under its authority. At the end of his tenure, former President Obama effected an US abstention instead of opposing a U.N. proposal which condemned expanding Jewish civilian presence in areas which, during the Jordanian conquest and occupation between 1948 until the Six Day War,  had been uprooted and denied.

The official message  President Obama projected, was clear. The Israeli policy of continuation and promotion of  an increase in the Jewish presence, past the limited confines of the boundaries set by the  1948 war of Israeli independence was not just politically injudicious,  but somehow inherently pernicious.. Barak Obama , by virtue of his position as the American President, was then, and is even now, a  powerful figure in the formation of American public opinion. His words, spoken from the podium of the highest office of the land, cut sharply into the seemingly ensconced position of American Jewish security. This, was a green light, given to antisemitism of various  forms and levels of power and influence, to resurface.

At the end of the Obama era, those desiring to utilize governmental linkage for their antisemitism, did not wait to ,lose the momentum set in place by the former President's precedents and other developments.

White Nationalists converged en masse on the college town of Charlottesville Virginia. Many of them, clearly Nazis, and  the others accompanying them, not much different due to their association  with them, were buoyed by hopes of acquiring governmental identification with their antisemitic and other socially reprehensible  agendas. When  the events of those days ended, it could not be said  that their hopes were unfounded. In a major blunder, President Trump  expressed his  view about this crowd, who at times paraded, yelling. "Jews will  not replace us", and  the counter demonstrators, by saying "There are good people on both sides."  Antisemities were heartened.

Last September, the status of Jews in American society sustained a major blow from the governmental antisemitic nexus. At the funeral of Aretha Franklin, the famous Black "soul" singer, stood none other than former President Bill Clinton, in the first row of honor, with the most vicious antisemite Louis Farrakhan, Farrakhan has a wide following amongst black and other antisemites, precisely because of his uttering words of hatred for Jews like, "Hitler was a great man.". None the less, the former President of the Unites States, Clinton did not deem it necessary to deprive Farrakhan of significant legitimacy in American society, which accrued to the dangerous antisemitic demagogue, by way of his unchallenged physical proximity to Clinton. Not surprisingly, Farrakhan, encouraged by this boost in public stature, felt secure enough to label Jews "termites,"  a month later.

Most recently another arch antisemite has been the beneficiary of American governmental support. This antisemite is Ilhan Omar, formerly of Somalia, and now representing a Congressional district in Minnesota.  The same Nancy Pelosi, mentioned above, appointed  Omar to an influential position as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. House Speaker Pelosi did not appoint the Somalia -Minnesota Democrat to that position of power, in spite of her known antisemitic disposition, but because of it!  At least  this is what representative Omar 's Congressional activity reveals. Like a boxer setting out against his opponent with a quick flurry of jabs to the head, right after the sound of the bell, Omar attacked the Jews  and Israel with a number of crass antisemitic and anti-Israeli smears.

Democratic Party leadership, far from admonishing Omar, largely acted to maintain their political asset, by refusing to condemn the Congresswoman specifically for her antisemitism and even expressing concern for her safety as a result of the  condemnation that she received, largely from outside of the Democratic Party. Ilan Omer, now having tried and tested her antisemitism on a national scale, can now be increasingly confident that quite a few in influential positions  will either acquiesce to her expressions of hatred for Jews, or in some cases even come to her defense when Jews or others push back..

Also occurring  recently, was the episode in which a New York City Jewish councilman was condemned and removed from his position on a council committee. The councilman's a twitter comments, the true statement that there is no Palestine, was considered an implied rejection of "so called" Palestinian nationalistic aspirations, and aroused the ire of his fellow council members.

Among those who chastised the Jewish councilman for moral deficiency, was New York City Mayor, William Deblasio. "Someone who has the ability to say that about the Palestinian People by definition…" claimed Deblasio, is worthy of such condemnation. The New York City Council quickly defrocked  the Jewish councilman of his position, publically embarrassing not only the council member, but the many Jews and probably most Israelis, who hold to much the very same view, as morally mandatory for the survival, defense, and fulfillment, of eternal vision of the Jewish People and all of humanity in the Land of Israel.

Utilization of an opportunity for moral Jewish discrediting at the level of the municipal government of one of the largest cities in the world, was the real impetus, together with amoral political expediency, for the Jewish councilman's sacking.

The French Jewish philosopher Henry Bernard Levy said last January that "antisemitism is back openly. Everywhere." In the United States, antisemitism  is becoming undeniably both more open and more ubiquitous.  Pittsburgh and Pomay are murderous examples, but the daubers of crude  anti Semitic graffiti, written after daylight hours, and Jew haters seeking acceptable public spotlights, are relentlessly  at work to normalize antisemitism.

In fact the adolescent antisemite with a can of spray pain, has a deeper and more profound  understanding of this matter, than most of the American Jewish  literati. He knows, as most Jews  do not, that as antisemitism in the United States becomes so open and prevalent, the forces of expedience and amorality in society and in the American Government, may well side with him.  This is happening, to a degree, right now. That is why the specter of the American governmental antisemitic nexus, poses such a significant threat to the future of American Jewry.