The Palestinian Arabs, the West's useful idiots

The Palestinian Arabs are being used and the proof is the non-existent publicity reporters gave to their protests these past weeks.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds More guns needed in Gaza
More guns needed in Gaza
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We are used to calling the Palestinian Arabs' Western supporters “useful idiots”, those voluntarily embarked in the sea of pro-Palestinian propaganda. We might do well to rethink the roles. It may be possible that the Palestinian Arabs are the West's useful idiots in its war against Israel.

The Palestinian Arabs are used only when Israel can fit the role of the “oppressor” and the “occupier”. The same screaming headlines didn't appear when in Gaza, for a couple of weeks, the population protested against Hamas in the biggest demonstrations in its twelve years of Islamic dictatorship, with thousands of Palestinian Arabs taking to the streets to protest against living conditions.

Hamas arrested dozens of protesters, beat activists and violently repressed local media covering the riots. The marches on the border with Israel were so “spontaneous”", as the media around the world have defined them, that during the rallies inside Gaza the border was deserted.

Hamas was busy repressing its own population. A symbol of protest was a woman, shot in a video that has become viral: “The children of Hamas' leaders have houses and jeeps and cars, they can get married, while ordinary people have nothing, not even a piece of bread," she said, with a fearlessness born of desperation.

One is the head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, and another is his deputy, Mousa Abu Marzouk, who also has a personal fortune.

Hamas has spent 120 million dollars on weapons and tunnels since 2014. It could have built 1,500 homes, 24,000 hospital beds, 6 medical clinics and 3 water plants instead. The only electricity that the Palestinian Arabs have in Gaza comes from Israel and the PA refuses to pay the bills.

Instead of the tunnels, the Palestinians could have dug wells to search for water. And instead of using electricity to make missiles to launch on Israel, they could have used it to build a desalination plant.

Unfortunately, the Western media didn't cover the Palestinian Arab protests against Hamas, as these media never write about Mahmoud Abbas' circle, its corruption and despotism, nor do they write about Hamas' reign of terror in Gaza against its own..

The Palestinian Arabs get the headlines when they attack Israel. The very Palestinian identity and mythology of victimhood was created, supported and fomented by the West to replace Israel and the Jews. 

I am waiting for the day when newspaper articles, street protests and flotillas will be launched against “the occupation of Hamas”. It will be a historic day.