Poor women, between lashes in Iran and a Women's March in the West

Another International Women's Day has passed. In Iran and the Muslim world, they were too busy whipping girls who went out without veils to notice.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds Women's March Chicago, January 20th 2018
Women's March Chicago, January 20th 2018
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The whip is one meter long and after a dozen lashes the woman usually collapses to the ground. 

Iran has just sentenced Nasrin Sotoudeh, a brave lawyer, to 146 lashes and 38 years of prison. She dared to defend the Iranian girls who have taken off their veils.

Once, the “culprits” were whipped in the public square. Now they are punished inside the police stations where no one sees. The threat of this torture hangs over all the Iranian people. Nasrin Sotoudeh's back will be lashed for having protected the girls who wanted to raise their heads out of that walking cage that is the Islamic veil.

After she finished investigating Italy for “racism” and Israel for defending itself against Hamas' rockets and infiltrations, will the UN human rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet say something about this torture of women?

Where is the EU's Foreign minister Federica Mogherini, who tried on all those Iranian veils when she visited Teheran to please her friends in the Iranian diplomatic corps?

Where are the Western feminists who just walked nude in the European streets?

Where is the Women's March? Linda Sarsour?

Where is the UN Council of inhuman rights, what does it do apart from welcoming Iranian mullahs at Geneva airport and indicting Israel in its Palace of the Nations?

Where are the nice people who just want to be invited to the right dinner so they can condemn racism?

Another Women's Day, another 8th of March, has passed. The UN says the world will achieve global gender parity in 2030. It is true, it will be the ultimate equality. Yes, but with the Islamic world.

We will know that a change is taking place when we see Iranian girls without mandatory veils as they were  able to go outside forty years ago, when the UN sends its troops to free sex slaves instead of harassing girls in Haiti, when we see feminist demonstrations in Paris and London in solidarity with Muslim women, when our politicians visit the Islamic world and refuse the chador as Oriana Fallaci did in front of Ayatollah Khomeini.

We will know a change is taking place when Europe declares war on honor crimes and genital mutilation, when men stop being daffodils and return to being men protecting their women, when televisions interview Ayaan Hirsi Ali and talk about Asia Bibi, who is still a prisoner as a woman and a Christian in Pakistan, and drowning  in global indifference.

Until then, lashes for all!